Tuesday, April 22, 2008


just when u think u have finished all the homework, a whole new batch comes...
now left with maths poisson tutorial and the revision topic assignments, econs topic summary for whatever we learnt and geog case study. doesn't sound much now but wait till u start doing haiz...

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Doomsday Trailer

the weekend

went to watch the EL's drama nite performance "the decendants of the eunuch" and "wall" with the guys team on fri. we met at clark quay for dinner. had long john's lol. damn long time nv eat fried food le. haha makes me sounds so deprived...

decendants was very chim lah. no wonder it is for lit students. all i really rmb was all the painful methods they used to castrate a eunuch and that there is a special room where they leave their "bao bei" hanging, where the higher it is hung, the higher ur importance, and also something bout fried.... u know what i mean. urgh. utterly painful lol. all the db guys were like squirming in their seats lah. yet we were clueless bout what the hell was going on till we read the synopsis at the end of the show -.-"

turns out that its bout the sacrifices this guy gotta make to climb up the corporate ladder to meet his mom's high expectation in his family's company where his mother is the CEO. how in the world it has any links with being a eunuch i'll nv know. all i can relate to is the sacrifice part rofl... the 2nd play called "the wall" made more sense... bout juvenile delinquiency and acceptance. both plays were quite nice i suppose and was worth the 10 bucks i guess.

the show ended like 9 plus. as the saying goes " the nite is still young", we decided not to go home and went to watch "doomsday" at cathay. not for the fainthearted. super gory lah. they showed almost everything explode as in guts flying type of explode... even the poor bunny aint spared.

the trailer seems so mild...
the effects was so much that we ended up laughing at how stupid the show. but frankly speaking the show was all bout human's inate nature to discriminate and how fear tkes over.

after the movie, we went paradiz to lan till like 4 plus. and realised there was no more niterider left... and tht cabbing was like not worth coz the first bus is like 1h later or something... in the end i took 1st train with shel home... just to get 5h of sleep b4 going for college day at 1plus zzz...

sian. now left all the homework to do. and got maths extra lessons tmr... bb

Thursday, April 17, 2008


i hate thursdays. triple maths lessons and double GP. all consecutive with 2 half an hr breaks... utterly sian and a mental killer. i think the class maths standard really damn sad lah. terrence say mrs wong told them 0728's maths is the 35 or 36th position in the level... mind u there is like i tink 36 or 37 classes in total. ie WE ARE LIKE THE BOTTOM FEW CLASSES IN THE LEVEL.
and today mrs lim the maths HOD came and indirectly confirmed it... when asked on what problems we faced in maths, we more or less blurted out everything in front of poor mr leong, who was hearing this for the 1st time.

then he ask why we nv tell him b4, dina's ans was the best lol.
she said: i think coz girl-girl liddat easier to talk...
mr leong: so then i shld swap classes with mrs lim lah. liddat the whole class other than the 2 guys can pass. coz can talk to each other better mah.

rofl... her whole day was spent "offending" teachers lah.
GP lesson she called mr ng a sucker lah. coz he said that he was gullible and also that gullible= sucker. so implying...

well at least it made thurs slightly more bearable... if not lesson sure sleep de lor.

Bless you.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

A div

last race over so fast.
our best set ever. yet not good enough to clinch the gold. had to be satisfied with silver.

but the results doesn't matter.
what matter was more of the past year's experience with the team.
it is not 21 individuals. but it was one team. one band of brothers.
brothers who cried for each other.
brothers who suffered together.
brothers who laughed together.
brothers who encourage one another, facing all adversities.
it was NYDB 07/08.

yesterday signified the day that we were one year and one day old since we first officially joined this family. yet it was also the last day that we could row as a team. however it is not the end of our journey. but instead the start of a better friendship and brotherhood forged together over the past year...

kk enough bout all that emo talk.

after the race we had post race dinner at sakura downtown east...
celebrated yy and bran's bdae too. oh yeah, we gave ah hee a new adidas cap and havas slippers as a farewell gift. not to mention this huge card that was done by mich and cher. didn't really eat much but laugh talk and took loads of pics instead. what a waste of 30 bucks lol. had an ice cream competition to compete who can eat one cup of ice cream the fastest. that one was scary. one j1 wolfed down the whole ice cream cup in one single mouth, totally owning the whole thing. hard to describe now. but will update when i get the pics

the ups and downs.

life sure is harsh and cruel. when the things u desire and love is within ur grasp, it torn straight away from u.

dorcas' dad passed away tragically last wed. met with a motorbike accident on the way to the uni talks on fri evening and suffered severe injuries... this incident let me to think about how fragile life is and not to take little things for granted. simple things like saying how much u love ur parents or even simply saying goodbye to them before u leave ur house. for u never know when will be the last time u say it. some things will never return after it has left u. that's reality. do it before its too late. to dorcas: take care of urself ok? remember the good times u had with him and he'll always be there with u, watching over u like a guardian angel...

Monday, April 7, 2008

some thoughts

the last kallang sunrise of the 07/08 batch.
it will never be the same. the next time we see this beautiful sight will be when we come back as an alumni...

just for laughs - baby blues

now i know how to answer the block test questions on "parenting is a nightmare. DYA?" lol

Sunday, April 6, 2008


master series
such a disappointment. got 3rd in minor finals. lost by 0.4s to the 2nd placing.

nxt week A div liao. must psyche up. jia you!

just came back from the 06/07 batch of db team outing lol. went to prata house at thomson there to eat. sadded sia. didn't eat much there coz of A div, cant disappoint the rest by doing so... then we went thomson plaza walk awhile and hang out. but frankly speaking nothing much there as it is usually very ulu de and close damn early...

hiaz no mood to talk much liao
God bless

Saturday, April 5, 2008

the past week.

update on block test results.
geo -57
maths- 47
econs- 35
physics- 65

outcome: sure die... got pass. but damn suck compared to promos. 1st U in a major exam since i was j1. bad sign liao. but that's the last of my worries lately. my life has really been revolving round db and nothing else. the rest is on stand still at least till after april 12th. the day of glory.

frankly speaking the whole of the past week was in fact just db lol. mon- endurance gym which almost become a 2h comedy where we kb ppl, wed- sea trng naturally, thurs- initiation, fri- went out with db guys.

initiation on thurs was really !@#$... the j1s this year got it off easier coz it was raining lor. yet there were even some guys who cried lah. lol. we also nv really torture them that bad anyway :P
but there are some ppl which are really ----ed, slack like siao and feign injured then nxt day see them playing bball like nothing ever happened. coz of this type of ppl, make me shout till i no voice liao... hopefully this batch can do us proud nxt yr man... if not i'll personally come back and kill them lol. they need to buck up man if not no hope liao.

the last saturday sea trng of the entire db journey today. sad.
as of tmr 2nd last race of our career. 6 days left. nothing to lose. everything to prove.

Men Heat 3 Event 3 Time: 9.40 am

1 Nanyang Junior College
2 Nanyang Technological university
3 Ngee Ann Polytechnic
4 Temasek Polytechnic
5 Canadian Association of Singapore

strong heats. strong competitors. but we are also a strong team.


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

april fool's day

maths out of the 780 people that took the block test, 300 plus got U. mind you, it aint just a fail but U as in the range from 0-39 marks. lol. anddddd.... the best thing bout it is that i managed to scrape a pass out of it. 47/100. not to my satisfaction but hey who am i to complain when the rest of the class failed zzz... but then again i lost 37 marks due to careless mistakes lah. and it is those super obvious or really stupid mistakes can... if not i could get 84 lor... from A to E, sadded.

GP compre was not bad. 34/50. lol highest i've gotten so far lol.
but then again now the whole class is like damn kb can... coz i got 'decent' grades for my block test so far as compared to them...

lol. nvm block test so far is ok in terms of result as i nv really did study thoroughly as compared to in promos. but i'm so gonna prove people like william yeo that this aint my standard man. kb me in his comments on my script say he expect only a 'C' for my geo in mid yrs !@#$%^&*

tmr gonna get back phy from gilbert, that one got no regrets coz i nv study at all so whatever i get will be whatever i deserve lol.

AND TRNG! woohoo! last 5 trngs. all or nothing. it is time nj finally eat our backwash. the day that we stand strong as one team. and also the day we perform our best show.

the water is our stage.
that's all folks. God bless.