Friday, April 23, 2010

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

the world without k-drama, youtube and of course sports...

wld not be my life now.

LOL. finished watching "you are my destiny", so now moved on to "brilliant legacy" cast by Han Hyo-joo (quite cute lol) and Lee Seung-Ki.

the plot's nt bad. though bit typical of love hate r/s... whatever... yea who had imagine i wld be watching dramas and liking them. well at least i wldnt. esp when i was in sch. i guess too much time in ur hands is one of the factors lol.

then im watching this reality show called we got married and hello baby too. hahaha quite funny esp when u see hw the celebrities handle each other and (for hello baby) how they interact with the baby.

and of course there must be movies. caught percy jackson and the lightning thieves, clash of the titans and how to train a dragon (from worst to best)

one look at my life nw, all i can say is tt im simply rotting my ass off doing nth productive everyday other than the mon, wed, fri gym/run sessions. lol dun get jealous yo... hahaha esp those studying. oh and rumors say i wld be posted to clementi camp by june??? total madness ask me to stay in camp frm mon to fri after almost a year? some more there so far and ulu, got nights out also pointless, no where to go too.

lol. anw grats to stanley who ords today. soon it'll b mine. good luck to all taking exams nw haha. take care and keep smart :D