Monday, March 29, 2010


hahaha 7 more months to go!

im starting to enjoy total slackness (apologise to the RPs /STs)
even more time awaits when the new system kicks in.
freedom of having no one to give u work, exercise or read or slack whatever... the whole day lolz
furthermore u get 840 a month to do so. how great is that? :D

hahaha gotten my shades on sunday, uber cool, will be getting e snsd albums + poster this week or next week, spent time with my parents either watching drama or driving them arnd, celebrated birthdays almost every alt sat for the whole year so far since feb. in march being jeremiah's, yi he's (prev sat) and elvis (last sun). the whole 21st birthday year is so fun/ expensive hahaha. all must find nice gift :D well happy birthday! the year has been rather great this yr i guess. loads of time to catch up with frens, have fun, buy stuff, do stuff lol. but must save for overseas trip end of the yr and nxt yr :P

smashing first quarter. hopefully it last all the way yo :)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Saturday, March 13, 2010

black is hot

black soshi snsd hahaha
4 more to go :D

damn i tink im going crazy alr... went to the extend of watching drama with yoona in it hahaha.

PS: 21st birthdays are making me broke lol. way too many ppl's birthday.... this month got 3 consecutive weekends all made of parties. well grats and happy 21st birthday to miah, yihe and elvis!