Thursday, December 31, 2009

new year eve!!!!!

omg finally 2009 has come to an end!

time for new year resolutions! this time i swear im gonna get it done. so i guess short and simple will be good.

1. exercise more. mon wed fri - run (this camp is so gonna make me die young - stress and unhealthy)
2. save up for a long holiday to either europe or arnd asia when i ORD in nov.
3. ok read more newspapers and books to prevent brain deterioration lol.

done. 4 simple wish for a not so simple year ahead. body, mind and soul (:


oh no, no where is safe... there are spies all around!!! informants to tell the boss if we are not doing our job well... totally crazy man. nw he even uses video cams and stuff as evidence to show us we din do our job well enough. if thats not bad enough there is like 4 phases of development when he scolds. preemptive strike, Nagasaki bomb, D-day strike and finally post invasion. ok in normal words... first call me say outside nv do properly, then come down blast the person, then he call me and scold me as im e ic, then leave the place t his office or out of camp for other stuff and then call me agn to be lectured. madness man....

Monday, December 21, 2009

monday problems

whoever said people usually get monday blues on monday can nw change it to monday problems zzz...

life is so full of fucking irony and people who makes the word "plastic" seem so real... ugh...

oh heck, i tried typing out the entire story but i think its bit on the sensitive side... so shant bother. anw its just bout a case of hell or the deep blue sea. either someone cough out $780 to pay for the thing by fri, or the ppl involved will go to DB (detention barrack aka army jail). and one of the 2 people involved is one of my men... fucked up. of all the ppl in the world it had to be him... the one who is amongst the better few yet is quite blur and careless about stuff at times.

so now we try to get the other people indirectly to chip in so as to prevent them from being indirectly sent to the gallows... sounds simple? fat hope man. with a fucking retard who always acts up-there when bosses are arnd who wants to make life freaking difficult for the rest and just insist on being the bastard who is willing to see a nsf LCP who is earning 470 at max to pay for something that is twice his salary or go to DB. fucking hell. well, all i can say is that he has totally lost all my respect. when i first came in, i placed him in high regards... but nw all i can say is just stfu and get lost. if u wanna say no that badly, then just do it, dun need to go freaking round the bush and try to blow matters worse than it already is.

phew, with that off my chest till tmr morn, i can talk bout other stuff...

1) i saw yi zhe (my platoon mate at bslc) just nw at yishun interchange on the way home.... and he was still a CPL. i was like staring at him for quite a while coz i distinctly rmbed his face but tot he wld have became a PC or 3SG at the very least. i mean he was the freaking platoon best in bslc who got selected to crossover to OCS!!! wtf man... and now here i am as a spec and he as men level when he cld have became a 2LT or something... apparently he OOCed as he failed his JCC FFI then he got posted t sembawang camp as a tpt sup trainee... wth man.. life's totally made a mockery out of him lor...

2) i tink im totally feeling jealous... of xxxxxxxxx. i cant believe till now i cant swallow my ego over a matter which i tot had already passed... fucking hell, its totally horrible. weird dreams and sometimes even fb totally aint helping. gggggggggggggggggggaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh i need time out man...

Sunday, December 20, 2009

pre-xmas shopping for myself ? or has the shopaholic side of me taken over?

went for retail therapy with clayton on fri. was at lucky plaza first for dinner at the indo store there. taste-wise not bad, however bit too dry for my liking. then we went to shop for men's perfume/cologne (depends how u see it). omg we spent like half an hr in the shop testing so many kinds of perfume... it was like the test paper they give was almost a stack haha. so much so that the lady kinda got pissed with us being unable to make up our mind. lol. " i let u all try so many scents alr, and its impossible for me to know what u like. so u all must make up ur mind on what type u like before i can help u all and let u try new scents." haha so finally, after like millions of sniffs ( i felt like a sniffer dog looking for drugs haha) then we finally made up both our minds and made our purchase. (mont blonc starwalker for me and hugo boss for clayton). hmm i can imagine the face of the lady if we had just thanked her and walked away without buying anything muahahahaha :D

then part 2 was my turn again. got 2 pairs of jeans from levis as i wanted to trade in my 2 super baggy pair of jeans and i had a discount card haha. very nice (: luv levis material n cutting. just my type. nw left a couple more items on my shopping list till my nxt retail therapy which wld prob b a sony ericsson satio and a laptop... omg im totally spending like crazy these days haha. need to save for a post ORD holiday! damn... earning more just meant spending more too not saving more :P

note to self: get a seperate bank account for spending. so i dun see the other one. and can save that amount seperately... oh wells wait till end of dec then talk hahahahaha
my life has totally been turning topsy turvy lately with quite a bit of changes in camp, lifestyle and stuff.

rsm changed from crazy chinese ex-gangster who picked on totally ridiculous things to fuck ur life upside down with u actually wondering wtf u did wrong to a super efficient indian work machine whose idea of regimentation and work can drive u totally up the wall, and one small mistake can risk signing the punishment book like its an autograph book. there i tot with the old man gone, life wld b slightly breathable, but guess not, this new old man is totally imba... i've totally had enough ext security spot checks this week to last me till i ORD lol. 4 in 3 days??? wtf man. made the old man squeeze me till i got nothing left in my guts zzzz

another thing is the fact that i went from fit to fat in a matter of 3 months. way too much junk food way too lil exercise. im like eating mac almost 2-3 times a week? and exercising mayb once in 3 weeks or a month?? totally flab-ulous. not to mention the occasional drinks and stuff during the weekend... how to maintain my ippt gold??? 200 bucks leh...

then of course there is my driving licence which i have yet to get. TP is on the 5th and i only have 1 more lesson... sian din manage to plan for the other lessons as i tot cld have booked it earlier. hopefully its a simple one time pass thing. im def not gonna waste my money learning in school.

then there is the issue of basically losing contact with way too many people simply coz of everyone hving their own timetable, own schedule in camp... everyone has their own life to live. so naturally meeting up and finding time to do so is totally difficult. yea well as they all say, time flies and a year has passed, but so did a lot of people. be it bmt, sispec, nyjc, cat high... whatever man. it just goes...

ok something totally random here... have u ever tried going to a dark area at nite and looking up into the sky and see all that shiny stars? i tink its a pity that with all that light pollution from the city, such simple natural beauty just fades away too. haha something i realised everytym i walk through the neighbourhood playground late at night.

shit im always typing the same old crap lately... ok nxt post will b bout more recent stuff

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Life is a/an

challenge. meet it.
gift. accept it.
adventure. dare it.
sorrow. overcome it.
tragedy. face it.
duty. perform it.
game. play it.
mystery. unfold it.
song. sing it.
opportunity. take it.
journey. complete it.
promise. fulfill it.
love. enjoy it.
beauty. praise it.
struggle. fight it.
spirit. realise it
puzzle. solve it.
goal. achieve it.

then there is one last one which i like best.

Life is a bitch. fuck it.


Saturday, November 14, 2009


shit ORD season is here and i gotta wait for another 4 FREAKING LONG seasons before its my turn. 1 more yr to go and all i see and hear these days be it on fb, msn or in camp is ppl talking bout them getting back their pink ic and freedom...

a lot of things happened recently... my bro just finished his IB exams and now waits for his turn to have his brain turned off to hibernation for the nxt 2 yrs, im half way through my driving lessons. left bout the last 10 subj, i became from a GP tutor to an econs tutor... just had the first lesson tdy... was a srjc gal called fonteyn (err as for the other 2 ex students... yea one just embarked on his A's the other stop for hol break), as for in camp stuff, been thinking of how to implement new ideas for the RPs... oh and i almost died running the NB 15km real run. (guard room syndrome: grow fat, slack, eat and just rot till CSM aka slurpy comes by), new RSM coming tmr for a visit before he takes over on the 25th.

haha anw tdy my DL was a total failure lol. it was the first lesson i only passed one subj for one lesson... stupid u-turn. i think i was half asleep by the time i finished the first hr. zzzzzzz. gosh to think i slept at 10 last nite and woke up at 7 yet i still feel so tired... haha. i cant last pass 10 these days lol.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

the weather...

is a bitch... make up ur mind. either u remain nice and sunny or u just pour all the way. dun have this half fucked mind of oh lets rain, then change ur mind and say nvm lets bake the ppl on Earth. hot, cold, hot, cold, humid, whatever... all it does is breed the flu bug and piss ppl off zzz


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Flash Mob at Raffles Place 23.10.09

omg i so dun believe its happening in SG! hahaha things like this def brighten up the days of the busy working people in the area (: haha and i wld say its well done and brave :D

Friday, October 23, 2009

i srsly have nothing much to blog bout these days other than army stuff... man im in camp like a good 75% of my life with the rest of it is spent sleeping or loafing arnd somewhere.

recently someone showed me a video bout guys having a brain made of many different separate compartments that work individually and cant mix while girls brains are made like a wired sponge where each and everything connects to everything else which also includes emotions... anw the guy giving the talk also mentioned bout the nothing box which guys have and girls will never understand. its just a space in our mind that has absolutely nothing, explaining the fact that we can stare into space doing absolutely not thinking of anything aka stoning... hahaha. well that explains a fair bit bout what i do in camp some days when its more relax.


stone and rot away for a while till someone bothers u with more work lol.

haiz in camp every single problem becomes ur problem. it really taught me skills that i dun tink i can learn elsewhere. its not the hard skills but the soft skills. the people management skills. MSG henry and a few of the nicer BOSs taught me a whole load of stuff bout everything all through their past experiences. and i guess it helps in the working world next tym... srsly. at least im glad i find something good out of this entire ns life. but then agn its prolly coz of my vocation which entitles me to do admin work rather than typical warfare trng...

damn it, scold the RPs... then they start crying or scolding u behind their back. treat them nice, they may climb over ur head... fucked up sometimes.

ok that aside, dad just got a new car. nissan something cant rmb the name lol. haha seems just in time for my driving lessons which start on tues :) just kidding. woo excited! haha i pray i can get the whole course/driving test done before xmas... pretty pleaseeee :D

then there is the upcoming new balance real run and the SCM 42.195km run in dec and nov respectively. i tink im dead. haven been srsly training the whole while ive been in this camp. last time i can still say its a breeze. now i tink its a life threatening hazard lol.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

been surfing the net just now checking out the lonely planets website (click here).

yea, u can say this is a follow up for my last post. but well, it doesnt harm to check it out. haha one other idea popped up as i was browsing... overseas internship. that wld be something nice... and an experience of a lifetime. imagine going overseas to study/work for a short stint and still be able to explore the place like a tourist lol. and it has another big plus point. it adds to ur working resume in the future. okok admittedly when i first thought bout it, i din tink of the resume part... but well it came eventually.

BUT... (YES, SADLY I GOTTA ADD THIS BIG BUT ) its mostly only for undergrads and grads only zzz... so it means i cant do it before uni starts... sian.

shit too many ppl ORD-ing now or soon. get me thinking of the endless poss i can do if i wont in the army now :D

haha nvm. we alr have a ORD trip awaiting nxt yr or the yr after where sx and wy will be my tour guide round china since they both are from there haha! comon 1 year 1 month to go!!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

if i had the cash now...

i wld ...

get a car? (yea rite not for another 5-6 years later haha)
get a macbook? (to replace my current relic of a laptop)

go on a long vacation round the world? (after ORD! inspired by my mum's cousin hehe)


china - promised to go there tgt with wy and sx after ord haha they be my tour guide (:


angkor wat


when i heard this, i almost fell out of my seat. all thanks to aaron for posting it on FB lol. wtf... MJC imba...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Kiss [Because I'm A Girl]

beautifully touching video. dun cry over it

control time and not be controlled by it.

Friday, October 2, 2009

9 months in the army

its been bout a month in sembawang camp alr. and say 9 months in army?

i tink i finally understand how they say army can change a person. in a way im quite glad that im in sembawang camp. yes i know ive been complaining bout all the problems it has and the crappy rsm. but... on the other hand this short month taught me a lot. i learnt a lot from all the different duty BOS, and duty personnel about the army, the camp, leadership and dealing with people. this is especially from the BOS, as they are all regulars who have seen the world longer than u, and handled diff sort of people and situations and coz they treat u as equals, its much easier for me to talk to them and hear bout their diff exp. i learnt to do things independently and think maturely in some sense i guess. but the best thing bout the camp is that at least most people i work with are SUPER NICE. haha at least it makes the place bearable. work is less painful yea... although a lot but there are a couple of ppl u can talk to and laugh tgt (:

its just like working life just that we have no motivation for promotion and pay rise...

Thursday, October 1, 2009


gee... im tired and now totally confused.

one side a very good student, on the other side is well simply put it... cash.

so what happened was that the agency told the parent that 04x 1.5h =$100, or 08x 1.5h= $200.what i was told is $200 for 04 x 1.5h. so what happened to the other $100? fuck. the agency even sent me an sms to tell me that its $200 a month for 1.5h each. so who am i suppose to believe? now on the other side the parent showed me a receipt issued by the agency saying her story is true. fuck. i wanna teach that guy coz of his good attitude towards learning and he's nice to talk to. BUT. now with this situation i dunno what to do. what if she says my price is too steep, so let him go or shld i carry on? money or the heart. life sucks.

im a victim of the case where the heart is willing but the mind is not.

the other occasion where this happen but im on the other side of the story is... in camp.
csm whole day give off to all his men at s4 and hq branch like free liddat. then when it comes to his MPs (aka me and shaun) well all i can say is that the heart is willing but the mind is not. he damn stingy when it comes to us coz all our offs must apparently seek approval from rsm (equals impossible) dun understand why its even so. he's the guardrm ic leh.... so now the only source of off is by doing duty which is like wtf sia

sian. GG. someone. any advice?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

tuition not enough?

omg i tink enough is enough... my past 2 days had been burnt simply giving tuition zzz...

talk about wang zi chen long... more like kan cheong parents... all at first say wan 1 lesson a week. then come exam period tell me they wan double for this period, then ltr say they wan it permanently... wth... now i understand the meaning of opportunity cost. on one side is income from the tuition and on the other side is my weekend!!! zzz whats the point of earning so much yet having no time/no one to spend it (with) lol. 5 lessons in one weekend. nono...

haha oh yea talk about coincidence, one of the tuition kids is from nyjc! and guess what? he's my junior from db haha. chong yan. what a joke :D

now im srsly considering whether i shld let bing hao (the china kid who came in a month ago and needs to pass his test on fri) have his wish of double lessons. ytd with 3 lessons in a row i almost died teaching travelling frm bishan to hougang then to admiralty. it was like the whole day from 11am all the way till almost 5 plus in the afternoon. totally shag. at least managed to meet up with the db guys and carol in the evening. makes the day so much better (:

nvm wait till after all the sec school kids finish their exam first then we shall review it agn. gah tmr gotta go work (camp) agn... zzz

Saturday, September 19, 2009

lol family tree

just came back from a family dinner at this authentic hokkien restaurant at balestier road. ok fine maybe it aint so much of a family dinner but rather an annual clan dinner. its basically a day where our "ang" family clan gathers and have dinner tgt. so everyone in the restaurant there is related to each other someway or another through this long line of family tree. this is to the extent that the clan is planning to organise a trip to our ancestral home town in fuzhou, china, end of the year. btw i found out that we are somehow related to this qing dynasty official who helped fight the british during the opium war... his name was lin something... cant quite rmb. frnakly speaking i cant see the link but according to my parents and uncles they said that its all stated in the family tree record... haha seems rather interesting

anw so i met a couple of people whom i nv seen before in my life who are my distant relatives of sort. e.g. my granduncles (who strangely were arnd the same age as my dad)... and a whole bunch of other people who were easily 60 and above. geez, i felt like a toddler in the midst of the whole group of grandpas and grandmas lol. the only 2 other people who were not in their 50s and above were some guys kids who are still at least in their late 20s...

lols so thats basically it for the day...

PS: at least tdy's tuition was not bad, everyone was in a good mood and willing to learn. hopefully tmr will be another good day (:
PPS: anyone wanna watch G-force? lol the gineau pig show.. (haha cant rmb how to spell) :D

Friday, September 18, 2009

omg i cant believe that my weekend is gone before it even started. furthermore its suppose to b a LONG weekend. tuition on sat afternoon, dinner at nite. tuition on sunday morn and then another one in the afternoon. crap. i need to find a soln to make it all tgt on the same day or closer tgt...

november will be worst all thanks to driving lessons. zzz.

~PS: i think some horoscopes are strangely very accurate. i dread tues...

Monday, September 7, 2009

monday blues... leading to cravings-satisfying day

the more i try to ignore my feelings, the harder it hits the next time when it comes back.

shit monday blues? crap. i think its coz of the morn sinus thingy. def need to exercise more these days. i realise once i dun do that, my nose wld become like a running tap... ok tmr will start with the trng for the RPs and myself. so lets ignore the fact that i specially alighted from 169 which was a direct bus frm camp to home specially to buy junk food that i was strangely craving over the past week. choc, coke, ice-cream, chips. hahahaha.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

(B6G - ben) meet up

its really amazing how we managed to meet after so long! as in everyone including myself and marcus. clement has been teasing me bout it the whole day that i haven been coming for like the meet ups for the past year or so maybe even longer haha. kk my fault, i lost my phone that time zzz. and the tonnes of trng we had back in nyjc. its been like almost 4 years now? since all 6 of us (weilin, yihui, clement, ben, marcus and i)(fine the no. mayb slightly diff depending on who's in sch that day) last sat in that room... err crap cant rmb the name of the place. anw its the one we have our human geog and physics papers near the chem labs there... yea whole day pon lessons during 1st 3 months then play cards or go walk arnd sch. got one time uncle kwek caught us playing and we got scolded by him :D

to think back, it din feel that long ago yet, its alr 3yrs plus. we were all talking bout uni and ns stuff, then did i realise actually yea we are freaking old... lol. 20yrs old now. plus 1-2yrs of ns + 3 yrs of uni.= 24/25yrs old till we start work gahhh...

putting that aside, yeap we had a good long chat at ion orchard. took some photos and basically relaxed and walked arnd for the whole afternoon. mmm nxt week will have another one before weilin goes back to UK...

at least my week ended well. as for whatever things that happen in camp during the week, well i decided to forget it. no point getting worked up over it anw. furthermore as long as everyone else is on ur side, life will be easier to live by haha :)

cheers :D

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Coldplay - Strawberry Swing

nice animation. (:

Thursday, September 3, 2009

life's been a total joke this week. its like everything that can go wrong basically went wrong

lack of manpower, investigation of personnel, upperstudy's mc = i take over everything being fresh and new to the system, then GSOC called, being target board for rsm for the past 3 days... and the list goes on even to the extent of having my tution assignment held pending coz the parent thinks im irresponsible for changing it last min ytd as i was held up in a meeting ytd at camp and cldnt make it. some more i tot that since i supposedly have the 8-5 job, i wld b free at night to run or go out and stuff... hoho i was wrong bout that...

all i can look forward to is still the weekends these days. meet ppl, have fun, catch up, dun have to see rsm face... thats the true life.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

u know when they give u a half day off. work till 12.30 ( fine maybe it was just 5h before we gotta go for the battalion dinner), u think u got so much tym to do the stuff u need to do... BUT i found out thats utterly rubbish. at first i was thinking how much tym did u need to register for driving lessons and collect ur a level cert then go home and put down ur stuff and head to safra jurong haha? 2h? mayb 3h max? yea rite... din expect the queue at ssdc to be so freaking long... waited for like an hr plus to get the pdl and ltr to reg... btw i tink the lessons are so gonna burn a hole in my pocket. 25 x 80bucks = 2k O.0... at least i got till mid october to start full gear, so before that must start saving...

yea after that long reg, it was like 3.30 alr... then i straight away rushed to ny via circle line. first time i took it haha. the bishan interchange look just as huge as the one at the airport haha. ok, its been open for so long alr, i know a bit sua gu... anw the train seems to b flooded with only ny and rj ppl all the way haha. hmm when i went to ny, it felt so strange. like a foreign place alr which i have nv been before. no, its not that the place changed a lot... i din get to walk arnd due to the tight schedule but i din see much changes anw... 9 months away from sch and it makes u a stranger when a yr ago its like ur 2nd home.

ok then last of all was ytd's battalion dinner. had fun with the rp section throughout the night, their performances were also quite attention grabbing too lol. got one part was quite funny. involved 3 err babes lap dancing with some of the "volunteers" from the floor to the music of wondergirls-nobody. and then there is this magician show that involved quick change of costumes and some other illusions. well the entire night was quite nice (:

as for the pics, gotta wait till cheng yi uploads it on facebook

Thursday, August 27, 2009

grr dunno whats wrong with the whole blogger system and my internet... so cant put up the photos. ah heck its all on facebook haha. anyway ... ive finally POP lo! from SCT rudi ang to 3SG rudi ang haha. got posted to semabawang camp ie 1 tpt battalion as an mp spec. i wld say the job scope is seriously err... mundane? meaningless? or just to put it plainly its boring. im basically paid to sit in the guard room from 730-6 just to watch over the rps when they need to draw ammo and send ammo, check arms and at times do a bit of work here and there. thats considered the bright side since i haven really taken up full responsibilities yet. on the downside, this camp is messed up. ppl coming in and out like free, lack of manpower both rp wise and spec wise hence we gotta do loads of sk... then every single small issue is brought up to the mp's to do ie camp pass issueing, car parking, pt for the rp etc...

i have utterly no idea how much my brain will rot over the nxt yr haha.

oh yea, i finally went to take and pass my BTT. now its to find 2.5k or so just for driving lessons in the school or to find a private tutor. man i def need to provide more tuition to support my driving lessons. haha.

tmr half day! battalion dinner at 530, so we are released early (: can finally collect the a level cert which is lying in the office for ages haha...

Friday, August 21, 2009

err... im 20? and 3 days shy of a 3SG...

first and foremost, a great THANK YOU for all the sms and well wishes on my 20th birthday. seriously, it really made my day. otherwise, it can be considered one of the dullest birthdays i had lol. srly. its like those years when my birthday was during my exam period. oh wells, at least we managed to get to go out to northpoint for nights out/ ojt. irony that i cant go home even though its so close. lol.

ok anw now that im 20, i srsly feel old haha. there is a big starting digit 2 in front... no more 1 :(
lolol enough nonsense. yep, so im 3 days away from POP-ing. finally after 7 months of being a trainee, we are finally going to b a full fledge junior commander. yea posting is also out. im going to sembawang camp with a job working hours of 730-1800h, leaving me to be free to do what i wanna do for the rest of my ns liability. which brings me to the nxt point of giving tuition haha (:

tmr will be my first tuition assignment. teaching science to a p4 china student who came into SG only 6 mths ago. challenging thing is the language barrier and his understanding... 15% for p4 sci seems quite a feat to overcome lol. nvm we'll see how tmr eh.

so many things that i wanna do now. learn to play a guitar, train for SCM, learn driving, teach tuition esp econs or maybe maths. haha. anything seems poss now (:

ok really tired now. goodnite! looking forward to tmr's gathering at timbre @substation.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Chen Wei Lian~ Chu Mo MV

err saw chen wei lian at sembawang shopping center just now. yep so basically reminded me of this song...

Marie Digby - Avalanche

Friday, August 14, 2009

Every Avenue - Think of You Later (Empty Room) Music Video

This might be my last chance,
So maybe I should take it.
I just hope your listening,
To everything I’m saying.
I miss the long drives, the car rides,
The bad fights, the good times.
The way you make me feel
will never leave my mind.

Think of you later in my empty room,
Where I, I will fall asleep alone.
Think of you later in my empty room,
Where I, I will fall asleep alone.

So, quit your crying
And wipe the tears from your eyes.
‘Cause this is “see you later,”
I’m not into goodbyes.
Watch the brake lights
as I leave your drive-way,
The warm nights, will stay beside me,
No matter where I go! (no matter where i go)

Think of you later in my empty room,
Where I, I will fall asleep alone.
Think of you later in my empty room,
Where I, I will fall asleep alone.

So this might be my last chance.
So wipe the tears from your eyes.
'Cause this is "see you later"
I'm not in to goodbyes
Watch the brake lights
as I leave your drive-way,
The warm nights, will stay beside me,
No matter where I go!

Think of you later in my empty room,
Where I, I will fall asleep alone.
Think of you later in my empty room,
Where I, I will fall asleep alone.
Think of you later in my empty room,
Where I, I will fall asleep alone.
Think of you later in my empty room,
Where I, I will fall asleep alone.

tdy is totally one of those days where u can say " u've gotta be kidding me... " . on the way back home after booking out, i took the wrong bus zzz. instead of taking the usual 169, i took 969. so at first i was just 15min away from home, then the next thing u know it, i was all the way up a highway with no stops till the end .... which leads to tampines. blame it on my usual habit of either playing with my ipod games or sleeping on the bus even during short trips, missed the stops just before the expressway, din realise i was even on the wrong bus till i felt that the trip was way too long and looked up to find myself entering SLE... can u believe it, i was lucky my grp booked out way earlier than the DB (detention barrack not dragonboat lol) attachment yet i caught the wrong bus and end up reaching home bout the same time as i wld if i booked out ltr.

bah, bout the last couple of days, it was basically on job training at the DB and MPEU (mp enforcement unit) where we were attached to the units for exposure sake. firstly for DB, all i can say is that its claustrophobic. cages everywhere and the overpowering smell of soap mixed with sweat and whatever crap... it gives u the feeling of an animal in the zoo and also the feeling of a cemetry ie. i felt like dying in there within half an hr of entering lol. lets not talk bout the detainees eh... with some staying up to 2yrs. and JW 3yr3mths... anything goes. it was a real eye opener for people like us who have proper homes and families.

as for MPEU, tdy was the first day, where we raided sispec and some ammo supply base. sispec ppl quite sad lah, tdy POP, pack finish everything, then gotta empty all their stuff to be checked... no wonder some ppl hate MPs lol. cant elaborate more in here. but the week was otherwise quite interesting (:

1 more week till we all POP lo! to become 3SG haha. anyone interested in coming? camp's at yew tee btw (:

Sunday, August 9, 2009

smashing awesome 080809

first and foremost...
biing yih,
jun wei,
fang kang.

whose birthdays were ytd.

happy birthday to

and of course,

yep ok so now that's done, we'll go on to the highlights of last week.
finally ex. moonlight marshall is over! no more field camp, no more FBO,SBO or whatever outfield shit. haha. the BASIC men were fucked up, making the whole mission damn shag for the specs. as clayton mentioned, he say we can watch x-men during moonlight marshall - u'll see cyclops, xavier, magneto, nightcrawler and juggernaut. (the first 3 all share the similarity of either staring and not doing any work done)while the last one can be used to described those that bother to chiong. oh and we shld all get CSB badge, where CSB aint combat skills badge, but instead carry sandbags badge... stupid MG post. now all we are left is to wait till 240809 then POP lo! [anyone interested to come? haha]

so naturally after a really crappy week eating combat rations and doing loads of SK with fucked up ppl who complain and whine yet do nothing but slack, we gotta FEAST and PARTY! feast coz ytd was my dad's birthday so we went to shangri la hotel for their buffet promotion where one gets a discount of the person's age on his/her brithday, eligible for up to 8ppl. ie. ytd was my dad's 51 bdae so we get 51% off from the bill, meaning we pay arnd 27 bucks for a buffet which usually cost 60 bucks haha. cool rite :D

then party was the night part, where some of the platoon guys went to zouk and party our asses off. met up with them ( sam, sandeep, yihe, shawn, guan hua, charn, clayton, zhi lun, wei xiang ) arnd 1030 liddat... yep so we basically partied the entire night away. half way a couple of shawn's frens also joined in lol. 6 full hours of partying :)

a more or less perfect day to end the not so perfect week haha.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

TIME FLIES... not like hawk or like a plane, but more like a rocket

its a funny thing how time works eh...

it was just not too long ago that we were all in j1 1st 3 months and during then i was still wearing the catholic high uniform. during then there was still the gang of clement, marcus, benjamin, weilin, and yihui. then that short and worry-free days were over, when sch really starts after PAE, then of course there is the whole 0622 class, where we had all our nonsensical days and also the mugging period before promos and the dreaded PW...

now fast forward a couple of months and i've retained, quit from kayaking in an abrupt manner, joined dragonboat for god knows what reason, went into a class with 21 girls and only one other guy. now that whole period of the nxt 2 years wld then be caught up in dragonboat training, classroom, library and the food court outside sch... not much of a life huh...maybe it explains why almost all my frens then were DB ppl and not the class. BUT strangely although it was tough work, but it was also gratifying. some points mayb i regret not interacting with the class a bit, ah but well those days are alr long over... *note that its already been 9 months since the A levels* now lets fast-forward a lil more.

so there we are, when i entered BMT on 080109, got my head cleanly shaven and into gryphon plt 3 section 2. made a couple more frens there and chased the common dream of entering OCS then. went through field camp, sitest. POP-ed 9 weeks later. told i was to b posted to SISPEC. couple of us had our dreams flushed down the toilet, others cldn't care less either way. then came SISPEC where by life was totally different from BMT, this 8 weeks again flew by rapidly, where new friendship was forged.however as time goes by, we start to forget or at least stop talking to ur other frens frm BMT or even frm sch... then come MP spec course, another new course with new ppl to meet and befriend. spent so much time in the auditorium listening to lectures after lectures on law, enforcement, war time ops, leadership roles, sect commanders responsibilities etc. so there goes another 10 weeks and before u know it, its AUGUST. calissa left for aussie to further her studies while the girls are all starting sch soon as in this week or the week after. as for the 0622 ppl, about the same just that the guys are left 5 more months to ORD...

yep, now who says time is crawling? oh and the big digit 2 is gonna b on my age real soon too...

all these coz i met clement at north point just now and we talked bout the good old days and how i have been uncontactable due to the change in hp no. and how i ran past him at ecp every sat without noticing him run past in the opp direction. strange how frens can turn to passer-bys with one agent called time.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

21km time trial.

finally hit under 2h today. 1h53min for 21km. haha PB for me. but can be better due to the whole mess up at the osim triathlon area before our actual turning point. but then as usual im still considered slow amongst the rest. aaron ran like 1h23min (din exactly do the full run down, missed bedok jetty to come back earlier, but even so its at most another 1-2km plus) while heider and prejeet were around 1h45-48. damn... i'll always feel slow running with these ppl lol. oh wells, still good run. must try to be able to hold my pace even after 18km... (:

Friday, July 31, 2009

random recollections/thoughts or whatever grrr....

not really looking forward to the next 6 days or so. whats up coming is a 21km time trial tmr, trifactor 21km on sunday, tues-thurs back to back ex. thunderbolt and ex. moonlight marshall... basically one word can describe it all - shagged.

ok lets change topic, basically for the past 3 weeks or so in camp the only song ive been hearing over and over again is wondergirls-nobody. if u dun hear it after area cleaning every morning, u will hear it in the corridors where ppl wld b singing it OR dancing/clapping to the beat -.-" cant really escape from it, now on facebook i even found out tommy lee is listening to it 0.o
well if it aint that song then it wld b taylor swift's love story... lol.

i srly dunno what the hell im writing bout, loads of random things happen lately so the post is really incoherent. everyone shld go try read a book by haruki murakami. its a jap author who writes in a very compelling manner that manages to glue ppl to the book even though the plot is not exactly one of a kind. currently reading 'norwegian wood' now. its bout this love story between 2 college students whose relationship were forged in an intriging manner... the girl is the ex girlfriend of the guy's dead best friend. yeap so its basically that. still half way through the book though (: highly recommended esp if u have loads of time to burn on reading novels like me.

gah i need a time and place where i can sit down and recollect all my thoughts together. tmr at ecp seems to b one good suggestion...

Saturday, July 25, 2009


went around orchard area tdy with stanley. ate at astons cathay first (oh yah met ben and wei lun from bmt @ ps) then walked down through heeren, taka all the way till we reach the brand new ION ORCHARD. really not bad. super big and extravagant. but all i can say is that the price gradient increases rapidly as u go up to the higher floors. B4 being the cheapest, L6 being the most expensive...

anyway we later went on down to ms in an attempt to catch the fireworks display at the ndp parade. alas, due to misinformation we reached there slightly late and missed half of the show lol... though thats bout 30s or so, but its still half... yep but the part that we did caught was really quite nice. pity i brought my non cam phone so din get the pics :( oh wells there are a one more rehearsal left and the actual parade itself so if u are interested still can go see.

thats bout it tdy cya (:

ytd was his birthday. anw this week was "hard to earn" in staff terry's term. so much work for the same amount of pay lol. drills for 3/5 of the morn... with runs before that on some days or if not drills the whole day. then ytd war time ops prac which include the freaking loads of sandbags for the MG post, and the con wires that minced my otherwise perfect boots. then coz COA was coming on monday for god knows what reasons then we had to clear the whole trng bag of spoilt sandbags and change them to new ones and later hide it away... taking up almost the whole day and delaying book out. well that made yan long's birthday a total disaster in that sense.

PS: speaking of which, there are way too many july and aug babies. i think easily 1/2 of us have bdaes in jul or aug haha. this week itself have i think 4 ppl's bdae in the course itself, excluding my other frens haha

Sunday, July 19, 2009


there are somethings u wish u can forget and wash away.
but u know it can never go away...

"pain is inevitable but suffering is chosen"

harry potter

watched hp with the db ppl tdy. was not bad in terms of how they portray it against the storybook. u cld say its just like i imagined. but its more focused this time on the love life between hermione vs ron and harry vs ginny. not much action sequence. but nonetheless still quite nice.

well it gave us an opportunity all meet up again. been a month or so since everyone met up in such a big grp. haha. after the movie, we went to cartel for lunch and then walked round orchard for books and magazines to bring in to camp ltr...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

bad things never come to an end this week

oh man... how can so many bad things happen in just one week. not to me personally but around the world and my family...

first i heard that my cousin is suffering from severe depression and post-natal blues. she was crying on the phone while talking to my mum. the sickening thing bout the whole situation is that her house is in a total mess so much so that there is no space for them to buy even a proper bed for my dear niece, cass, and she is still sleeping on the baby cot with her two legs still dangling out. and note its not that they have no money, its just that my cousin's husband can spend on 6 latest cams at one go and not b bothered bout his own daughter's welfare... urgh. no wonder my mum and sis loves calling him OG... obnoxious guy lol.

second thing was the jakarta marriot and ritz carlton bomb blast. just when u tot it was all safe and sound... then a whole grp of f-uped terrorist must spoil the whole scene. its coz of ppl like them that peace can never be totally achieved, hence the army is needed... my heart goes out to all those victims and their families that is involved in these acts of atrocity.

thirdly, some middle age guy died of h1n1 in singapore, hence becoming the first infected personnel to die. this is gonna push our med condition level up hence giving us much more trouble back in camp, with so many of the trainees getting infected with the virus... urgh. i smell nothing but trouble. bad things never just end where it shld. it always spreads and cause repercussions...

timor-barat run at seletar hill camp

ytd, we had the 16km competitive run at seletar hill camp. my timing was alright personally... but in the team it was the 2nd last zzz. mine 1h23min. fastesr runner- 1h2min... imba. at least managed to keep more or less constant throughout. the worst part was the whole sand trail when we first enter the timor barat island. totally slowed down and shagged for that 6-9km mark portion.

met a couple of CE frens along the way, ben, mark, oliver, lao chen, hong qing, hyrum and a couple more whom i cant remember. this brings me to my second point... i tink i have real poor memory when it comes to remembering names... esp those ppl whom i have little contact with for a long time. on tues at the cookhouse, some guy called me by name, and the thing is... i have totally no impression who he is or where i met him from. mind you, this aint the first time it happened to me. loads of time when im walking down the street it happens, and its rather awkward that the person rmbs u, and tries to spark a mini convo with u, while u try to recall who the hell he/she is... zzz

hopefully this only ends till jc frens lol. im totally suffering from poor memory these days...

Sunday, July 12, 2009


whose birthday is tdy and ytd respectively

Saturday, July 11, 2009

running stuff...

oh shit... the 16km timor-barat run at seletar camp is this fri.


im still not performing up to par with the rest of the team... crap, thats the reason why i hate running team events. when the whole team run so fast, im considered the slow one, hence my timing will pull down the team performance. with AHM in another 30 odd days, my legs are under tremendous stress... how to run at 1h40min pacing???? it means to keep constant at a pace of less than 5min per km?!?! now im prepared to return them the 32bucks that MP command will fork out for the race reg if u can clock under 2h6min for the race. i call it blackmail. first sign u up for it letting u assume its free, then tell u a whole list of terms and conditions. lol. stresssss

PS: this yr's SCM will be sponsored by new balance instead of the usual adidas. and stan chart is considering if they shld cap the qty of ppl participating and only allow ppl who can meet a certain timing to enter. early bird 16th july. race on 6th dec. wonder if i shld go hmm...

H1N1 (a.k.a pig flu lol) scare

1745h: han shin and sandeep who were both on att c confirmed tested positive with H1N1.

1800h: course cohesion at causeway point canceled as directive was to be quarantined in camp to prevent further spread of infection.
contact tracing was done and close contact personnel to the respective ppl were placed in a quarantined bunk to prevent further spread of infection.
naturally everyone else was cursing and swearing coz we were just mins away from booking out. and now we end up eating our so called swenson's dinner in the bunk.
unsure whether we can book out on 100709

WHO announced that H1N1 is just a highly infectious flu and is not serious...
aka. we just lost a precious nights out for nothing lol
tamiflu was later provided.

hadrian who att c on 080709 was later confirmed to be the 3rd case of H1N1 positive. all the 3 case all from the same bunk...
oh wells we got to book out in the end thanks to WHO directive (:

take care.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

the weekend so far

ytd was out at settler's cafe @smu for some food and games haha. i tink its considered not bad that quite a decent no. of our class went down, though some left early for various reasons lol. jj, rk, lester, anna, melody, mp, loyi, bourne, yuan wen, myself and kenneth (who although aint our class nor school mate... but heck we all know him so it counts too)

yep the games and food was like mind's cafe style of doing things except that its run and owned by students in smu, which was why we managed to get so many discounts and freebies due to lester's fren being a co-owner in the shop. was really quite fun and its worth a try for anyone of all ages haha.

as for tdy, it was the usual ecp run in the morn, this time 12km- 1:00:12 h.
as for the rest of the day, i went out with yy and zhe jun to watch ice age 3, which was totally hilarious and is def worth the time watching (: supposed to watch transformers but in the end change of mind i guess but still good choice haha

Saturday, June 27, 2009

ahm prac run

another morning spent at ecp, this time for a 21km run.

sian... 2h 12min. super slow can... how to reach 1h40min in 1.5mths zzz
anw at least the beach and sea tdy was really beautiful, different shades of green and the sand was a pale yellow in the morn sun. some times u wont believe its in singapore haha. sounds bit exaggerated but i tell u it really is quite serene (:

Friday, June 26, 2009

ppl reality

scenario 1. im on close terms with both A and B. but the thing is that B dun like A, while A who has no idea bout it, A thinks B is his fren... u think third parties are fun, wait till u see a whole section of such thing or even platoon. this whole thing is super weird and awkward.

scenario 2. i do not really like B, but dun dislike B either. i see A who do not like B, just totally hints sarcasm all over B, and B has no clue bout it. in fact takes the sarcasm as well wishes instead. so keep watching or say something?

gah then of course there is the usual whole grp of SCB's around, wayang(act) like mad just for best trainee... urgh. life sure gets complicated with so many types of ppl arnd. u cant even tell who is actually ur real fren at times lol.

"Come on Get Higher"

nice song. srly. not a joke this time haha

relaxing car ad. nice background music too (:

i know u will like it.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

without knowing it, half a yr has almost past. 6 months into ns, 8 months out of school...

changed a way of life, lost contact with a few ppl here and dere, maintained with a couple, gain and lose loads almost every couple of months ...

months. week. days. passing by. just as people fade and appear. we all just need to make a lil effort to keep that contact. but whats holding us back?

excuses like work, ns, studies... whatever. well at least only melvin has gone to the extent of dreaming bout everyone in such a weird manner haha. def need to meet again i agree. life here is too monotonous haha. too much time to reflect haha

Saturday, June 20, 2009


sadly her new album aint really nice other than for the hit song 花蝴蝶 which was only ok... sian


ecp run tdy. 18km in 1h46min!
my leg is dying and yet its still not fast enough... need to reach 1h30 for 21km?!?!?!
anw need new shoes and running stuff, mine is so gone haha

in 2 more months time we shall see how (:
best of all is that it falls on the weekend before my bdae/pop week. lets make it a good AHM.

after that went for a swim at bishan with jj, and later met stanley for lunch at astons. so now im really shagged... run swim window shopping on one day is def a no go nxt time haha.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

omg anymore of teddy bear's lessons im gonna die of laughter...

whole day kb ppl, if not say super lame/random stuff's... can fight with yy liao. except its funny lol, not cold haha. pumpkin, cheese bun, lunch box, famous w/o the amos, pulau briyani, tom hanks castaway... way too many haha but basically internal jokes. not to mention acronyms.. SIB, SCB, IBM, BSB lol these are the more common ones... still got too many. i tink im gonna get wrinkles from all that laughing for the whole week hahahaha

9 more weeks to go haha (: cya
u will never believe what a group of 10 ns guys wld watch on their nites out

ok a hint... it starts with 'H' and is made up of 2 words.

if u haven guessed it by now... its


LOL err well coz some ppl watched girlfriends past while no one wanna watch land of the lost. so that leaves us with... hannah montanna. yes, its a chick flick. but well a grp of 10 ns guys watching it is indeed an exp that u dun get often hahaha

oh yea and ntu accepted my accountancy appeal so there i go (: off to boonlay in 2 yrs time

Saturday, June 13, 2009

the week

the past week was not bad in terms of lessons, though the mid week fever dampened the mood slightly... urgh highest temp at 38.1 degrees and yet i cant get att c coz p226 is a req to pass the course. was the first time in 6 mths i had to see the MO... of all places in mpts where the course is the slackest lol. anw at least p226 was super fun to shoot haha, its pretty cool to be using something seen so often in the movies haha. budden agn its always after such weapons handling that makes u feel movies are purely rubbish lol. they exaggerate things way too much, not just the range and "unlimited" rounds part, but also the weight recoil and accuracy part haha. this seens esp in "wanted".

as for the weekend so far, fri was spent with yy and zl at changi airport straight after both zl and i booked out. made use of the 16dollar voucher at waraku so the individual meal was much cheaper than usual haha. after that we were still unsatified so we went for icecream at swenson's (:

as for today, we celebrated feng yi ma's bdae at this chinese ala carte buffet called "zhou juang" in far east square... ate till our hearts content again haha. btw i tink that was the first time i went to far east square in easily 10 yrs lol. luckily it renovated recently and was rather nice. got the "xin tian di" feeling just like in shang hai...

yep thats bout it so far. nxt time i guess

Saturday, June 6, 2009

amusingly, i heard this exact sentence twice in the same week by 2 diff ppl. 

" only single people go out in grp outings."

lol. ns guys are desperate. nothing else to be said esp since what u see ppl bring into bunk every week or what they do to photos with any hints of estrogen in it  haha. jj and mel so happened to point out that almost everyone in the gang is attached, with the newest one being mp haha. oh wells~~ life's like that...


school in ns???

the feeling of being in sch yet in camp at the same time.

8-5 lessons in the auditorium.
after that usually up to u what u wanna do... ie sleep, gym, study.
(lol i've been quite a pig this week having a record of sleeping at 8pm on wed and on most other days max 930pm. )

so thats school part. in camp part is just simply not being able to go home everyday and whatever regimentation they have. GAH CANT THEY MAKE IT AN 8-5 COURSE!!! lol.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

not just complete, but survived haha

i survived.

a 42.195 full marathon in 6h 22 min.
frankly speaking the timing is crap due to the 2nd half which took me almost 4h to complete due to the massive run and cramp period starting from 26km onwards. so it was run then stop/walk for till the end... zzz well i deserved it since i din really trained for such a long dist at all... at least i did it before the sun really rise.

thanks solo, for running with me all the way haha. oh and kaiyu for playing the cat and mouse game with us from the 21km mark onwards haha. all in all, its a mental and physical challenge to complete the whole thing i guess. timing wise hopefully will improve by the time it reach SCM if im going. (:

Friday, May 29, 2009

run run run

i tink its fated for me to start running again...
my PS is some crazy guy who ran every single running event there is... SCM, AHM, aviva, OSIM tri, not to mention sundown 84km (mind u, its 84 = 2 x full marathon of 42.195km, which so happens to be the one that im going for tmr.) utter madness... and i went to his table that day and happened to see all his certs and medals... way too many to count and their timings were really good too haha.

well yah, so yihe who is also in my platoon ( whole course only 49 mp spec trainees so one platoon only) so happily told my PS that i was running on sat... this well sort of got me roped into the whole running for AHM prolly as a competitive runner thing. so im basically gonna have to train harder than most ppl which to me aint such a bad thing either as it helps build for SCM in dec too haha.

well thats bout it for the day i guess, back to 12 more weeks of tonnes of lectures and nothing else (1 outfield and more running at most) haha. best of luck for tmr's sundown

pride. discipline. honor.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

better stop lazing around too much

time to pick up my running shoes and start exercising decently.
cut out all the unnecessary junk food and kick up a proper trng routine... i haven been really doing much for the past 5 months in the army in terms of physical fitness i guess. true that my running and chin ups are still maintained some what at a decent level but i feel totally unhealthy and sickly these days.

ok sat's sundown will kickstart the whole program lol. and i will prolly go for SCM at the end of the yr [most likely it'll be on 061209] and see how far i improved ( i hope... and if i can survive saturday's race first haha)


PS: twilight still suck. usually the book will b better than the movie. but then to me, its still bad. too draggy and no motivating factor for u to continue reading... mayb coz ive only read till page 170+ ... and its barely starting to show that bella finds out edward is a vamp. and way too many unecessary bella tinks of edward and is head over heels bout him. aka girl's book

and house of night really rocks way better. very harry potter feel. but still nice. may buy the nxt book haha. cant say the same bout twilight.

err really long post. but well a rather eventful day too haha

 this week though was absolutely boring even though i din have to go to camp due to the one week leave. even if u wanna go out, there was no one available as most ppl are in camp or at work lol. anw yea went to watch "night of the museum 2" today at cine.

before i forget, i realised today that a long bus trip to and fro town and home may not b that boring after all haha. ok first i was on 167, then this really ancient old man boarded. and mind u, when i say ancient i do mean ancient. its like those fantasy books where they say talk about this old hermit that stays in some secluded side off town, where he has silver hair, wrinkled all over, totally pale and well to me, he looked like a person off the grave ( srly no insults meant, but u get what i mean).

yea then when the bus reached novena that area (near this hotel, forgotten the name), a really erm... pretty/gorgeous girl boarded. (think magazine cover girl type) srly almost everyone turned and looked at her as she walked by ( i do mean everyone, not just guys but also the ladies and aunties too haha). furthermore she was dressed so elegantly, prolly for a wedding event or something. too bad she alighted off at far east... where i saw she made a few more heads turned too as she alighted lol.

i tot thats enough bout the ppl, but i also happen to see the coy clerk with hugging his gf when i was on the bus and they were outside paragon lol. the bus happen to passby and stop just nice for me to spot them ... 

ok yea so finally met up with kt, hl, jonathan and wk. i realised i haven seen all the db ppl for quite a long time. army screws up each others schedules... big time. well yeap back to the point where we watched "night of the museum 2". not bad. quite hilarious and also the plot was ok. 
amy adams as amelia earheart was quite cute too i guess haha.( ok life in ns makes me seem a lil too desperate, and like alex puts it, it'll make ur eyes scan way too often, which could lead to real awkward but funny situations like the one at long john's tdy hahaha) met brandon and wanyin on the way to the theatre who are both watching the same show at the same place and time lol. nice coincidence.

so after the movie, i collected the sundown mara race tag from jj. (basically i will die running the ful nite marathon nxt sunday starting at changi v. to ecp, then tampines and pasir ris. and back.
good luck to myself...) ok then i met up with the rest once agn and we chatted while walking the entire stretch of orchard, stopping at lucky plaza mac for ice cream and dinner.. so ltr just before i went home i met brandon on the way to orchard mrt agn... and we chatted for half an hr or so... in the underpass haha. such a weird place to talk haha. but well loads to catch up on anw.

yeap so the day basically ended with me getting a haircut at amk (before i fear that the camp does something nasty bout it on mon. well it was long for a trainee standard i guess. though it barely reach my normal sch days length haha) and settling my phone bill stuff with the hello! shop.

(monday mowbray camp at yew tee. interesting)
finally done. cya (:

Saturday, May 23, 2009

alas its smu acc

ok first and foremost, ive decided to choose smu accountancy. 
yep i know at first i said i was reluctant to go there due to various reasons and all. but then ive decided that in a course like accountancy, 
1. i dun tink its worth going into a economics degree just to go to the working world and worry like crap coz ur degree is a real general one.  hey every firm needs an accountant lol
2. smu's acc grads do earn more than ntu... 
3.  i can experience my uni campus life in the city in smu or overseas haha coz smu has lots of such programs (:
4. degree from which uni doesnt really matter 

ok ok. it sounds a bit contradictary to what i used to tink but wth... act now and tink bout how to cope with the crazy work load later. acc is a mugger course with loads of crap work for the first couple of yrs... including midnight oil burning.

oh and speaking of uni, i tink this yr i can say 75% of the ppl i know are gonna go nus haha, unlike last yr was ntu. and not just nus... its all nus fass...

Monday, May 18, 2009


watched "angels & demons" with bourne, jj, and tandy at j8 ytd. lol, after going to amk hub or orchard for so long, i suddenly felt j8 was pathetic haha, nothing to do or see. dunno how i even survived there for the past 6 yrs since cat high days haha. anw i went to get the 2 books (twilight and marked- house of night series) i mentioned ytd at popular too. yea, so met up, then went to eat thai express. quite funny there. 

jj: can i have a yellow ginger chicken rice
waiter:  its very very very spicy, u know. u sure u dun wanna order something else?
jj: i tink i can handle it
waiter: are u sure? its very very spicy...
jj: yea i'll have it.
------ when the food is served------

waiter( while serving to jj his meal) : good luck!

------ after eating for a while------

jj: ok i admit, its a bit spicy.
(no more water in the cup)
(waiter who was watching there the whole time, waiting for him to admit, straight away came and serve up the water lol, of course with a smile in her face. [she won] )

angals and demons is not too bad IF u had not read the book beforehand. however if u've done so, then u wld feel bit cheated or confused as some parts of the movie warped the actual character's personality/ background or even the way the carmelengo suppose to die. well, it took away some meaning from the book itself i guess. yet with that said, it was to me still not bad, as u are able to see what Dan Brown was trying to illustrate. e.g. the churches beauty or even seeing the harecters come alive. 

PS: my email add has no link with the movie lol. i rmb i created it in sec 2 i tink, before the book haha.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

leisure shopping cum book tour lol

spent the day shopping for clothes and stuff at orchard. got myself a pair of jeans and couple of shirts too (:

anw i also went to kinokuniya and borders to check out some nice books to keep my brain alive over the nxt few months/years or so. basically wanted to read the twilight series, house of night series, and city of bones series. incidentally i realised all had female main charecters and were more or less partial romance stories too haha. anyone has any of the above mentioned titles?? care to lend me haha.

ok then ltr met up with yy n zhe jun for a mac meal lol. simple meal yet still enjoyable. caught up all the lost time since god knows when... i tink was almost a month or 2 alr zzz... time really flies. bmt is still as of now the most fun place ever haha. well hope they enjoy it yea.

smu vs nus vs ntu

hmmm uni acceptance is really becoming a pain in a neck. at first u apply hoping to get what u want. then u wait... and wait... then when u get it, u either get a surprise or for my case its the "oh... i got xxxx course" or pure disappointment ( for some ppl luckily not myself). then after the stage of euphoria or emotion rollercoaster (whatever u might call it...), u have to face the reality of which one is best for u and ur future. one click of the button is all it takes. 

dilemma in front of me

pros- good reputation
cons- lack of direct honors and also a need to bid for the course u wanna take. ie. ur course is not yet confirmed.

NTU (economics):
pros- direct honors program. meaning straight away in depth study. not wasting time.
cons- not as established globally as compared to nus

SMU (accountancy)
pros: quite good in singapore. i dun mind doing accountancy for a career. 
cons: too young to be established in the world. and i hate the idea of forcing ppl to talk to get the other half of ur exam grades.

at the end of it, this whole thing gives me a major headache. too much choice can sometimes be a bad thing lol. frankly speaking i wld have just simply choose nus if not for the bidding system. 3 yrs away from books will kill u.

Friday, May 15, 2009

pop lo! MP ftw (:

POP lo!
gonna go into military police command school (:
hopefully it'll mean i can get the slackest of all vocations there
civilian attire + working hrs 8am-5pm + shift work. if not so lucky then i heard got chance go istana be ceremonial guard lol. 

all right yea (:

ok past week was quite ok with not much events going on in camp lately as it was the last week of course. e.g. monday we only had 3-5 min of activity and otherwise all slacking in bunk, while tues was more or less nights out and bit of drills in the morn.

HOWEVER, i have to say that there are pure retards in the section that are purely selfish, lazy and blur. at first if u choose to ignore all these flaws, maybe u can still bear with the person. but that was all till he decide to use his fist to settle conflicts. fine, say ppl disturb/ tell u off, but then punching the guy aint gonna solve ur prob. so now basically the whole section ostracised him completely lol. not a single word in the last week of course. pure sad.


ok on the otherhand its also quite sad that we all gotta leave each other. after all the fun and nonsensical stuff we did tgt over the past 2 mths, now the process of splitting up, making new frens in new environment repeats itself all over again. grr... sian...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

bleeding love

Closed off from love 
I didn't need the pain 
Once or twice was enough 
And it was all in vain 
Time starts to pass 
Before you know it you're frozen


But something happened 
For the very first time with you 
My heart melted into the ground 
Found something true 
And everyone's looking 'round 
Thinking I'm going crazy 

But I don't care what they say 
I'm in love with you 
They try to pull me away 
But they don't know the truth 
My heart's crippled by the vein 
That I keep on closing 
You cut me open and I 

Keep bleeding 
Keep, keep bleeding love 
I keep bleeding 
I keep, keep bleeding love 
Keep bleeding 
Keep, keep bleeding love 
You cut me open 

Oooh, oooh... 

Trying hard not to hear 
But they talk so loud 
Their piercing sounds fill my ears 
Try to fill me with doubt 
Yet I know that their goal 
Is to keep me from falling 

Hey, yeah! 

But nothing's greater 
Than the rush that comes with your embrace 
And in this world of loneliness 
I see your face 
Yet everyone around me 
Thinks that I'm going crazy
Maybe, maybe

But I don't care what they say 
I'm in love with you 
They try to pull me away 
But they don't know the truth 
My heart's crippled by the vein 
That I keep on closing 
You cut me open and I 

Keep bleeding 
Keep, keep bleeding love 
I keep bleeding 
I keep, keep bleeding love 
Keep bleeding 
Keep, keep bleeding love 
You cut me open 

And it's draining all of me 
Oh they find it hard to believe 
I'll be wearing these scars 
For everyone to see 

I don't care what they say 
I'm in love with you 
They try to pull me away 
But they don't know the truth 
My heart's crippled by the vein 
That I keep on closing 
You cut me open and I 

Keep bleeding 
Keep, keep bleeding love 
I keep bleeding 
I keep, keep bleeding love 
Keep bleeding 
Keep, keep bleeding love 
You cut me open and I 

Keep bleeding 
Keep, keep bleeding love 
I keep bleeding 
I keep, keep bleeding love 
Keep bleeding 
Keep, keep bleeding love 
You cut me open and I 
Keep bleeding 
Keep, keep bleeding love

u'll always be on my mind (:

loads of random stuff

this week in camp was rather slacker than usual considering that all key events has been cleared and in another week we wld b passing out of bslc and getting our beret/corporal rank after the 28 km route march.

however i guess in the bunk emotionally wise it had been quite rock-bottom... coz i wld say army life takes a toll on many relationships, with a toll count of about 4 ppl that i know of having either break-ups or major quarrels just within one week. rather sad eh... anw its times like these where i gotta say that bourne and loyi are sort of miracles haha [getting into a relationship DURING ns (:]

on top of that we have the end-of-course depression coz just when u got to know each other, we gotta part again... its rather irritating to have to go through the process all over again of getting to make new frens just to have it seperated again in couple months time zzz.

well after saying all that, we also had our fun and laughter this week, watching movies in bunk and also having nights out at jurong point on wed, in fact i tink i watched almost 9 movies over the week so far haha. (euro trip, star dust, harold and kuma, ip man, devil wears prada, i am legend... and the list goes on lol) cheers to nxt tues nites out again haha

well as for the weekend so far, it was quite ok so far. ytd met up with some of the 0622 peeps, bout 10 of us turned up at amk hub, not bad for our class alr haha its usually the same few ppl that meet up all the time lah, the rest always not free de... 

as for tdy, my family went to my niece, cassie's birthday party lol. nothing much to talk bout other than finally being able to see all my other nieces and nephew since dunno when haha... seldom meet my other cousin's children as their family only recently came back frm US after my cousin's pilot trng. oh and one interesting thing bout their names is...

4 children.
1. Ryan
2. Shanon
3. Amber
4. Faith

so take the first letter of each name and they read RSAF. ie. Republic of Singapore Air Force.
aka my cousin's job haha. quite cool eh. 

Thursday, April 30, 2009

tick tock

where is the letters?!?!?!? at this rate i got a strange feeling i wun b accepted to the courses i hope for... the nxt 3 weeks all i will b looking out for is uni and army posting results zzz...
so with U.O. down we are finally at the last few weeks. one week of chemical defence nxt week and it'll b home stretch (:

haha 2 more weeks till we POP agn LOL.
out of bslc and into aslc... well hopefully dun get to infantry side and stay on in Hotel coy lol. something 8-5 or at least near my hse will be real fine haha chiong sua-ing seems really messed up these days so no thanks for now (:

but then agn the entire army is all bout learning to suck it up. just like how i got confined on the last min... long story shant rant bout it and dampen my mood... my supposed 3 day weekend became back to 2 agn...

oh and jj just sold me his sundown race app... so i will b running almost a full marathon on  300509 which is like just exactly a month away. oh man, my legs are so gonna chui... furthermore its a night run so here we go hahaha.

couple things to do over the weekend:
- finally go sign up for driving lessons
- collect my specs, 
- dump all the movies in my ipod for the long sunday
- collect the sgc
- meanwhile look for tuition jobs to pay off the driving lessons so i can save my ns allowance for other stuff hehe
- and as usual go out and chill in the cv world haha.

~ woots~ wednesday nites out and fri happy hour so........ it wont b that bad. haha come out on wed evening for a breather and back agn. prolly gonna catch a movie at jp or something lol (:

Saturday, April 25, 2009

i can finally now say that im more or less no longer stressed and cursing at ns alr... for now at least haha. strange what one day of civilian life can do to take ur mind of things back in camp agn. and best thing bout it is that nxt week is only 4 days long! hahaha then it'll be 2 more weeks and we'll b done with bslc and moving on to aslc [ hopefully i dun get to infantry... the past few field camps still seems fresh in my mind lol]

oh yah as for uni app results, im now also feeling more at ease as i found out that the letters will only start coming in this few weeks onwards at the end of april till may. only those smart ass ppl who are like super high fliers ie. all the straight A's students who applied seems to b getting replies so far zzz...

well like warrant das keep telling us, life's a bitch some times but we all gotta learn to suck it up and stand up like a man. 15 more weeks till we can get 3 stripes across our chest haha! one weekend at a time and it'll b over soon... i hope :P

Friday, April 24, 2009

jungles swamps bees ants snakes... and more suai stuff...

wanderer... was what i wld say the lifetime experience so far.

lost in a swamp for 2h. knee deep. at that point of tym, wei woon said " at this pint i wished i had a live round... or blank to fire off and let people know we are here" but at the moment when he said live round a single thought came into our mind... suicide lol. amusing... we were so desperate that we almost thought we were gonna get stuck dere for the night...

then there was also zhong hong who got stung by hornets...

then later 2 more ppl had heat exhaustion and heat cramps etc...

then comes the last day where my specs gt crushed and my retainers is now missing coz csm ransacked my stuff during arms declaration zzz.......... sian to the max.

no matt

uni letters... where is ntu and nus???

lol i know i said i tink i screwed my smu inteview the last time...
but the thing is...

haha smu acceptance letter came!!! LOL
so at least now got a back up plan as smu sch of accountancy. why is dere still no news from the other 2 uni????? utterly sian...

Saturday, April 18, 2009


damn nice show. sort of like a prediction of apocalypse and also the biblical great flood in the modern world context with its own version of noah's ark. i wld say it also has a rather dark side to the story line where Man is just helpless against the prophecies...

ok thats bout it for tdy. need to go early coz tmr got COS duty. swapped with alex for 80 bucks lol. basically he paid me 80 bucks to sit in camp for one day...haha


im physically and mentally shagged from the week of outfield. 
i cant take no more immediate assault, quick attack and what ever shit they give including casevac... zzz. freaking rash/heat rash/insect bite frm i dunno where all over my limbs, my skin dun even look anywhere near healthy these days man... hopefully (or mayb not) its not an allergy reaction like Evan...

best of all nxt week got another whole set of outfield exercises. namelyEx. wanderer and Ex. grand slam. after this its more or less over for the course with little left. frankly speaking the morale is getting pretty low these days with ppl OOCing and down-pes or report sick for stupid reasons hence not participating in any of this crap... meaning u will see frens get to enjoy bit of humanity while u are in the mess...

comon man, i gotta pick myself up frm all this and try to get over the nxt couple of weeks first. good grief...