Friday, July 31, 2009

random recollections/thoughts or whatever grrr....

not really looking forward to the next 6 days or so. whats up coming is a 21km time trial tmr, trifactor 21km on sunday, tues-thurs back to back ex. thunderbolt and ex. moonlight marshall... basically one word can describe it all - shagged.

ok lets change topic, basically for the past 3 weeks or so in camp the only song ive been hearing over and over again is wondergirls-nobody. if u dun hear it after area cleaning every morning, u will hear it in the corridors where ppl wld b singing it OR dancing/clapping to the beat -.-" cant really escape from it, now on facebook i even found out tommy lee is listening to it 0.o
well if it aint that song then it wld b taylor swift's love story... lol.

i srly dunno what the hell im writing bout, loads of random things happen lately so the post is really incoherent. everyone shld go try read a book by haruki murakami. its a jap author who writes in a very compelling manner that manages to glue ppl to the book even though the plot is not exactly one of a kind. currently reading 'norwegian wood' now. its bout this love story between 2 college students whose relationship were forged in an intriging manner... the girl is the ex girlfriend of the guy's dead best friend. yeap so its basically that. still half way through the book though (: highly recommended esp if u have loads of time to burn on reading novels like me.

gah i need a time and place where i can sit down and recollect all my thoughts together. tmr at ecp seems to b one good suggestion...

Saturday, July 25, 2009


went around orchard area tdy with stanley. ate at astons cathay first (oh yah met ben and wei lun from bmt @ ps) then walked down through heeren, taka all the way till we reach the brand new ION ORCHARD. really not bad. super big and extravagant. but all i can say is that the price gradient increases rapidly as u go up to the higher floors. B4 being the cheapest, L6 being the most expensive...

anyway we later went on down to ms in an attempt to catch the fireworks display at the ndp parade. alas, due to misinformation we reached there slightly late and missed half of the show lol... though thats bout 30s or so, but its still half... yep but the part that we did caught was really quite nice. pity i brought my non cam phone so din get the pics :( oh wells there are a one more rehearsal left and the actual parade itself so if u are interested still can go see.

thats bout it tdy cya (:

ytd was his birthday. anw this week was "hard to earn" in staff terry's term. so much work for the same amount of pay lol. drills for 3/5 of the morn... with runs before that on some days or if not drills the whole day. then ytd war time ops prac which include the freaking loads of sandbags for the MG post, and the con wires that minced my otherwise perfect boots. then coz COA was coming on monday for god knows what reasons then we had to clear the whole trng bag of spoilt sandbags and change them to new ones and later hide it away... taking up almost the whole day and delaying book out. well that made yan long's birthday a total disaster in that sense.

PS: speaking of which, there are way too many july and aug babies. i think easily 1/2 of us have bdaes in jul or aug haha. this week itself have i think 4 ppl's bdae in the course itself, excluding my other frens haha

Sunday, July 19, 2009


there are somethings u wish u can forget and wash away.
but u know it can never go away...

"pain is inevitable but suffering is chosen"

harry potter

watched hp with the db ppl tdy. was not bad in terms of how they portray it against the storybook. u cld say its just like i imagined. but its more focused this time on the love life between hermione vs ron and harry vs ginny. not much action sequence. but nonetheless still quite nice.

well it gave us an opportunity all meet up again. been a month or so since everyone met up in such a big grp. haha. after the movie, we went to cartel for lunch and then walked round orchard for books and magazines to bring in to camp ltr...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

bad things never come to an end this week

oh man... how can so many bad things happen in just one week. not to me personally but around the world and my family...

first i heard that my cousin is suffering from severe depression and post-natal blues. she was crying on the phone while talking to my mum. the sickening thing bout the whole situation is that her house is in a total mess so much so that there is no space for them to buy even a proper bed for my dear niece, cass, and she is still sleeping on the baby cot with her two legs still dangling out. and note its not that they have no money, its just that my cousin's husband can spend on 6 latest cams at one go and not b bothered bout his own daughter's welfare... urgh. no wonder my mum and sis loves calling him OG... obnoxious guy lol.

second thing was the jakarta marriot and ritz carlton bomb blast. just when u tot it was all safe and sound... then a whole grp of f-uped terrorist must spoil the whole scene. its coz of ppl like them that peace can never be totally achieved, hence the army is needed... my heart goes out to all those victims and their families that is involved in these acts of atrocity.

thirdly, some middle age guy died of h1n1 in singapore, hence becoming the first infected personnel to die. this is gonna push our med condition level up hence giving us much more trouble back in camp, with so many of the trainees getting infected with the virus... urgh. i smell nothing but trouble. bad things never just end where it shld. it always spreads and cause repercussions...

timor-barat run at seletar hill camp

ytd, we had the 16km competitive run at seletar hill camp. my timing was alright personally... but in the team it was the 2nd last zzz. mine 1h23min. fastesr runner- 1h2min... imba. at least managed to keep more or less constant throughout. the worst part was the whole sand trail when we first enter the timor barat island. totally slowed down and shagged for that 6-9km mark portion.

met a couple of CE frens along the way, ben, mark, oliver, lao chen, hong qing, hyrum and a couple more whom i cant remember. this brings me to my second point... i tink i have real poor memory when it comes to remembering names... esp those ppl whom i have little contact with for a long time. on tues at the cookhouse, some guy called me by name, and the thing is... i have totally no impression who he is or where i met him from. mind you, this aint the first time it happened to me. loads of time when im walking down the street it happens, and its rather awkward that the person rmbs u, and tries to spark a mini convo with u, while u try to recall who the hell he/she is... zzz

hopefully this only ends till jc frens lol. im totally suffering from poor memory these days...

Sunday, July 12, 2009


whose birthday is tdy and ytd respectively

Saturday, July 11, 2009

running stuff...

oh shit... the 16km timor-barat run at seletar camp is this fri.


im still not performing up to par with the rest of the team... crap, thats the reason why i hate running team events. when the whole team run so fast, im considered the slow one, hence my timing will pull down the team performance. with AHM in another 30 odd days, my legs are under tremendous stress... how to run at 1h40min pacing???? it means to keep constant at a pace of less than 5min per km?!?! now im prepared to return them the 32bucks that MP command will fork out for the race reg if u can clock under 2h6min for the race. i call it blackmail. first sign u up for it letting u assume its free, then tell u a whole list of terms and conditions. lol. stresssss

PS: this yr's SCM will be sponsored by new balance instead of the usual adidas. and stan chart is considering if they shld cap the qty of ppl participating and only allow ppl who can meet a certain timing to enter. early bird 16th july. race on 6th dec. wonder if i shld go hmm...

H1N1 (a.k.a pig flu lol) scare

1745h: han shin and sandeep who were both on att c confirmed tested positive with H1N1.

1800h: course cohesion at causeway point canceled as directive was to be quarantined in camp to prevent further spread of infection.
contact tracing was done and close contact personnel to the respective ppl were placed in a quarantined bunk to prevent further spread of infection.
naturally everyone else was cursing and swearing coz we were just mins away from booking out. and now we end up eating our so called swenson's dinner in the bunk.
unsure whether we can book out on 100709

WHO announced that H1N1 is just a highly infectious flu and is not serious...
aka. we just lost a precious nights out for nothing lol
tamiflu was later provided.

hadrian who att c on 080709 was later confirmed to be the 3rd case of H1N1 positive. all the 3 case all from the same bunk...
oh wells we got to book out in the end thanks to WHO directive (:

take care.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

the weekend so far

ytd was out at settler's cafe @smu for some food and games haha. i tink its considered not bad that quite a decent no. of our class went down, though some left early for various reasons lol. jj, rk, lester, anna, melody, mp, loyi, bourne, yuan wen, myself and kenneth (who although aint our class nor school mate... but heck we all know him so it counts too)

yep the games and food was like mind's cafe style of doing things except that its run and owned by students in smu, which was why we managed to get so many discounts and freebies due to lester's fren being a co-owner in the shop. was really quite fun and its worth a try for anyone of all ages haha.

as for tdy, it was the usual ecp run in the morn, this time 12km- 1:00:12 h.
as for the rest of the day, i went out with yy and zhe jun to watch ice age 3, which was totally hilarious and is def worth the time watching (: supposed to watch transformers but in the end change of mind i guess but still good choice haha