Wednesday, January 27, 2010

ok before this blog totally sink into the abyss... i shall post up some stuff lol.

hmm another month just passed just like that. almost everyone i know, all gonna ORD and get their pink ic, haha esp 2 weeks ltr... grats to them and as for those going to NTU haha i'll be joining u guys soon lol.

well lately its been quite switch off in camp and stuff allowing me to do almost whatever i wanna do in there, hence the time was spent chatting, sleeping and exercising *gosh finally get the chance, eh but its nt coz im some crazy guy who likes running and stuff but i tink it helps improve my health, less of those irritating flu and sinus or whatever u call it *

speaking of which, tdy was a total bad day with animals of all sorts. got bitten by this mysterious bug when i was sleeping on the sofa in the office. and the bite marks are totally eeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwww............... just plain wtf scary yoz. think of mosquito bites but exaggerated into a disease form. thank god it lasted only for a while and subsided after my run. which brings me to my 2nd encounter... this time its the wild dogs in camp. during my run, i was chased by 2 mad dogs for like 50 plus meters o.o its like those cartoon scenes where the person literally runs for his life... i tink i was gonna be its dinner snack lol. as usual slurpy aint doing his job when these dogs shld have been caught a month ago....

when you are confused over something, clear your mind for 10s, you will feel better.

the most i can do for a friend is be his/her friend.

A Day - The Accidental Couple/That Fool MV. Hwang Jung Min, Kim Ah Joong

the drama that have been keeping my nites occupied lately

Thank You - The Accidental Couple/That Fool MV. Hwang Jung Min, Kim Ah Joong

Thursday, January 14, 2010