Friday, May 30, 2008

"who said dragonboaters have no life, dragonboat is my life."

this now becomes "who said dragonboaters have no life, MUGGING is my life..." zzz

so sian lah for the past week all i've been doing is chionging geog and maths like there's no tmr. done like 6 or 7 maths prelim papers and done revising atmosphere (inclusive of writing essays) and read the hydro stuff. planning to finish the hydro by sunday... i think if gotta keep going like this for another 6 months till the end of A's i'll just rot and die man. it seems like a lot to do yet sometimes i simply feel that there is more than enough time. i guess coz i only intending to focus on 2 subj bah - geog and econs. my maths just need to touch up a bit on stats and a little on pure maths and shld be ok, as for phy... see how lah. then again i think better do something bout it before sch reopens just in case yah.

well at least there are things to look forward to in the following weeks.

got adidas sundown tmr. 10km team run. hope i dun die there or sumthing lol haven run for a long time. then ubin on the 7th june. db farewell on 11th. ns med check up on 12th ( not that i look forward to it but it sure beats the books)
ppl ask why i dun like ubin
the ans:

that's scout camp in ubin + 4 days of not bathing. u can imagine lol. well it aint so much that part of camp that i hate but well all i can say was ubin was never really all fun and games haha. though there are other stuff that were quite memorable too lol shan't say too much here.

well hopefully the coming ubin trip will be fun yah!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

David Cook - Always Be My Baby Studio Version

super nice song haha. cant get it of my head. luv the lyrics too

chilling to escape the heat

went to chill out with yihe, wilson, zhonglin and yong yeh at kandi bar at clark quay. quite a nice place with a relaxing ambience. haha first time wilson and i drank so much lah made us all super red by the time we got out. all thanks to the zhong ji mi ma where the loser got to drink one shot of "sex in the beach" lol. i got once and wil got the other haha. that's on top of our individual drinks and one shot lol. ended up talking crap and taking photos for the whole night.

zhong lin and me

group photo: yong yeh, zl, me, yihe, wil

bottoms up!

yihe: must serious!

wilson lol

the leaf: yong yeh

the turkish ice cream man after the drinks. lol whole day do his lame tricks like giving ppl empty cones or snatching the cones from u just before u hold it... tad hard to explain yah but lol he was quite funny haha

Saturday, May 24, 2008


last night the ceiling light crashed on the floor beside my study table! and i was like less than a meter away from it. damn heng lah, coz i was at first online talking to diyana then moments later i got tired and switched off the com. so blah blah then went to check my phone on the shelf to realise that the time on my hp was wrong and so was the clock on my table hence i walked to the shelf. and then crash! there goes the ceiling light. no warning what so ever it just fall to the spot i was standing just seconds ago... first time i was so stunned sia. later my dad and mom heard the commotion and rush to my room only to find me standing like a statue staring at the ceiling. thank god man. seriously. luckily my bro is in cambodia too if not it could have been him that was at that spot. damn heng. wrong time on hp saved me lol.

then today my dad and i decided to fix up and tighten all the lights in the entire house. if not later really suai then... touch wood touch wood.

going out later to watch movie and prob go clark quay to chill out with yihe wilson, nick and my 2 bros (zhong lin and yy) haha. time to chill and relax so that come mon we can start mugging like hell. now to recharge for the battle with the books on mon. tmr the jnrs 1st masters. shld be cool to watch haha. hope they can do us proud hehe

Friday, May 23, 2008


gp was damn lame lah... i dun even know what i was writing. for both the essay and the compre. the whole thing was simply weird. i mean i have never done a question on war and crime before at all lah and nv read a darn thing bout it other than from sec sch history and the papers. and now i'm doing it. when i first saw the question paper for the compo i know sure die liao coz it was something like what mr ng said he hope we didn't have to do ... question 1,2,3,4 all dunno 5 maybe 6,7,8 dunno ah you get what i mean. guess this comes frm not bothering bout gp at all zzz

the compre seemed ok yet with a hidden agenda. dun know why. i felt that it was super weird that they were talking bout designer babies when i happen to watch this tyra talkshow yesterday on the very same issue of designer babies... was that a sign?

ah the hol is here and yet again we cant relax. singapore's system is utterly screwed up, having a hol aint a hol they shld just call it a study leave. but heck shall wait till mon then i start full gear. going out tmr and sunday so shall enjoy while i can i guess haha... now i'm worried that i'm not worried lol

Thursday, May 22, 2008

record breaking day lolz

broke 2 of my PB today lol. pull up now become 30 from 25 or 27 cant rmb. while gp broke my block test record from 33 to 33.5 out of 50 haha i know .5 marks aint much but hey there is still improvement lol. hopefully this can go on till tmr's gp mid yr. if not sure die liao, as usual i'm so not prepared for the essay component of it.

haha some other random stuff. MAN U won chelsea! and david giggs cook won david archuleta!
darn cook's songs were nice. but archuleta looks nicer in my personal opinion. well God sure is fair i guess. one can seldom get the best of both worlds.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


went to kallang to row with black yihe and the rest haha... it is really the senior citizens club lor
we row awhile only then feel so chui. the run to 1st bridge which was usually easy run in the past now became like fartleks zzz... later waikit and aaron who were helping with the j1s also came down to row.

after tat waikit, aaron and i went to cut hair with nick and another of their classmate. lol the poor stylist had to cut like 5 ppl in a straight row. so much so that when he saw that still got nick who haven cut he muttered loudly " haiz still got ah, i tired liao" lolz

after cutting then we went ps to eat cartel lol. damn full sia. on the menu the portion seems so small but in actual fact the plate and the portion was as long as my forearm ._." and aaron still tot sure not full de... now is like 5 plus and i can still feel the pork ribs filling my whole stomach.

die later how to eat some more sia still got family dinner with cousins later... die liao lor. i'm gonna explode soon haha

Saturday, May 17, 2008

vball finals

haha ny as usual won 3-0 against tjc clinching champions again. other than the first match which was a very close fight, the rest was nothing much to talk about lah. they managed to hold off the points by leading a 2:1 ratio in points. the poor tj ppl must have been so demoralised after losing their 1st set... pls lah the vballers are like so imposing over the net lah. they just had to stick up their hands and they can reach over the net while the tj vballers who were one head shorter had to jump like mad just to do the same...

the first match really gave me an adrenaline rush coz the match was like so tight. it reminded me of the feeling just one month ago when i was in the same scenario. just before our last race at bedok reservoir. by the waterfront where we all huddled together for the last time to have a team talk and go down for the race with nothing to lose but all to gain. we cried not because we won or we lost, we cried coz this was the last time we will row together as one team... this experience can never be forgotten and will always be etched in our hearts.

for this i respect tjc for giving the ny players a fight for their medals. sometimes winning and losing aint everything, it is the tenacity u show in that final match that counts. i bet the ny vballers will feel it really sucks if tj simply let them walk over without giving them a run for their money. though they lost, i still salute them. as for the ny vballers, of course congratulations! their efforts paid off yay!

Monday, May 12, 2008

getting too slack le. the past month after A div i realised that i was slacking like mad and just scraping through my studies and mid years are like 6 weeks to go with all j1 and j2 work tt's taught so far... slack = die... like my last maths test zzz. the marks r like wtf lah seriously. fail also cant so bad lah haiz... i guess playing and lazing around do has its effects lol

kk so tmr must start liao. mug with zhong lin like promos then can get promo type results then i'll feel safe. speaking of which tmr got econs test and fri got phy... sian

Sunday, May 11, 2008

mother's day

happy mother's day yea!

sis baked a brownie for mom while i cooked dinner for the family. lol though it was the first time cooking a full meal by myself but the fried rice was still good. at least mom enjoyed it (: haha took me one and a half hr to cook lol and now i got that garlic smell still stuck on my fingers cant get it off... dunno why... well it aint that bad and today went quite well considering the kitchen didn't burn down and the food was not bad haha


Wednesday, May 7, 2008


i finally found out what h1 tutorial meant. it meant either a time to stone or if not it will be one of those days that u laugh like mad... mind u it doesn't mean that we are laughing at the person's lame jokes but more of laughing at how another poor soul is being disturbed by the person or if not laughing at the person himself. he dun teach at all, instead spend more time suaning ppl lah... and i just found out i'm Jack zzz... dun ask why. the reason behind it is as lame as the teacher himself. if ROSE is reading this, all i can say is that it is ur fault lmao. jkjk.

aniway wednesdays seems to be the slackest day of the week lately esp without db, can go out of sch eat then come back then go for geog lecture aka half a lecture time slot actually with u know who always late or coming up with excuses why the machine doesn't like him and aint working, then later still can go out to satisfy my craving for ice cream etc. all the way till assembly.

assembly was as usual a waste of time today when the AEP ppl went up to teach how to draw manga. must say that jia qing's drawing really can't match gabriel's and sarah's drwings lol.

after assembly (though we all shld be studying esp since mid year is coming) but ah what the heck lah, the db guys went to play soccer at the netball court lol. damn tiring lah. nvm will start mugging soon, i hope...

Friday, May 2, 2008

Iron Man

nice show that saved my day(my body was under the impression that it is sunday today due to yesterday's labor day meaning lessons = torture) watched it with the db guys after geog (: super cool show and damn funny too. loads better than doomsday rofl.