Sunday, September 27, 2009

tuition not enough?

omg i tink enough is enough... my past 2 days had been burnt simply giving tuition zzz...

talk about wang zi chen long... more like kan cheong parents... all at first say wan 1 lesson a week. then come exam period tell me they wan double for this period, then ltr say they wan it permanently... wth... now i understand the meaning of opportunity cost. on one side is income from the tuition and on the other side is my weekend!!! zzz whats the point of earning so much yet having no time/no one to spend it (with) lol. 5 lessons in one weekend. nono...

haha oh yea talk about coincidence, one of the tuition kids is from nyjc! and guess what? he's my junior from db haha. chong yan. what a joke :D

now im srsly considering whether i shld let bing hao (the china kid who came in a month ago and needs to pass his test on fri) have his wish of double lessons. ytd with 3 lessons in a row i almost died teaching travelling frm bishan to hougang then to admiralty. it was like the whole day from 11am all the way till almost 5 plus in the afternoon. totally shag. at least managed to meet up with the db guys and carol in the evening. makes the day so much better (:

nvm wait till after all the sec school kids finish their exam first then we shall review it agn. gah tmr gotta go work (camp) agn... zzz

Saturday, September 19, 2009

lol family tree

just came back from a family dinner at this authentic hokkien restaurant at balestier road. ok fine maybe it aint so much of a family dinner but rather an annual clan dinner. its basically a day where our "ang" family clan gathers and have dinner tgt. so everyone in the restaurant there is related to each other someway or another through this long line of family tree. this is to the extent that the clan is planning to organise a trip to our ancestral home town in fuzhou, china, end of the year. btw i found out that we are somehow related to this qing dynasty official who helped fight the british during the opium war... his name was lin something... cant quite rmb. frnakly speaking i cant see the link but according to my parents and uncles they said that its all stated in the family tree record... haha seems rather interesting

anw so i met a couple of people whom i nv seen before in my life who are my distant relatives of sort. e.g. my granduncles (who strangely were arnd the same age as my dad)... and a whole bunch of other people who were easily 60 and above. geez, i felt like a toddler in the midst of the whole group of grandpas and grandmas lol. the only 2 other people who were not in their 50s and above were some guys kids who are still at least in their late 20s...

lols so thats basically it for the day...

PS: at least tdy's tuition was not bad, everyone was in a good mood and willing to learn. hopefully tmr will be another good day (:
PPS: anyone wanna watch G-force? lol the gineau pig show.. (haha cant rmb how to spell) :D

Friday, September 18, 2009

omg i cant believe that my weekend is gone before it even started. furthermore its suppose to b a LONG weekend. tuition on sat afternoon, dinner at nite. tuition on sunday morn and then another one in the afternoon. crap. i need to find a soln to make it all tgt on the same day or closer tgt...

november will be worst all thanks to driving lessons. zzz.

~PS: i think some horoscopes are strangely very accurate. i dread tues...

Monday, September 7, 2009

monday blues... leading to cravings-satisfying day

the more i try to ignore my feelings, the harder it hits the next time when it comes back.

shit monday blues? crap. i think its coz of the morn sinus thingy. def need to exercise more these days. i realise once i dun do that, my nose wld become like a running tap... ok tmr will start with the trng for the RPs and myself. so lets ignore the fact that i specially alighted from 169 which was a direct bus frm camp to home specially to buy junk food that i was strangely craving over the past week. choc, coke, ice-cream, chips. hahahaha.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

(B6G - ben) meet up

its really amazing how we managed to meet after so long! as in everyone including myself and marcus. clement has been teasing me bout it the whole day that i haven been coming for like the meet ups for the past year or so maybe even longer haha. kk my fault, i lost my phone that time zzz. and the tonnes of trng we had back in nyjc. its been like almost 4 years now? since all 6 of us (weilin, yihui, clement, ben, marcus and i)(fine the no. mayb slightly diff depending on who's in sch that day) last sat in that room... err crap cant rmb the name of the place. anw its the one we have our human geog and physics papers near the chem labs there... yea whole day pon lessons during 1st 3 months then play cards or go walk arnd sch. got one time uncle kwek caught us playing and we got scolded by him :D

to think back, it din feel that long ago yet, its alr 3yrs plus. we were all talking bout uni and ns stuff, then did i realise actually yea we are freaking old... lol. 20yrs old now. plus 1-2yrs of ns + 3 yrs of uni.= 24/25yrs old till we start work gahhh...

putting that aside, yeap we had a good long chat at ion orchard. took some photos and basically relaxed and walked arnd for the whole afternoon. mmm nxt week will have another one before weilin goes back to UK...

at least my week ended well. as for whatever things that happen in camp during the week, well i decided to forget it. no point getting worked up over it anw. furthermore as long as everyone else is on ur side, life will be easier to live by haha :)

cheers :D

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Coldplay - Strawberry Swing

nice animation. (:

Thursday, September 3, 2009

life's been a total joke this week. its like everything that can go wrong basically went wrong

lack of manpower, investigation of personnel, upperstudy's mc = i take over everything being fresh and new to the system, then GSOC called, being target board for rsm for the past 3 days... and the list goes on even to the extent of having my tution assignment held pending coz the parent thinks im irresponsible for changing it last min ytd as i was held up in a meeting ytd at camp and cldnt make it. some more i tot that since i supposedly have the 8-5 job, i wld b free at night to run or go out and stuff... hoho i was wrong bout that...

all i can look forward to is still the weekends these days. meet ppl, have fun, catch up, dun have to see rsm face... thats the true life.