Thursday, December 31, 2009

new year eve!!!!!

omg finally 2009 has come to an end!

time for new year resolutions! this time i swear im gonna get it done. so i guess short and simple will be good.

1. exercise more. mon wed fri - run (this camp is so gonna make me die young - stress and unhealthy)
2. save up for a long holiday to either europe or arnd asia when i ORD in nov.
3. ok read more newspapers and books to prevent brain deterioration lol.

done. 4 simple wish for a not so simple year ahead. body, mind and soul (:


oh no, no where is safe... there are spies all around!!! informants to tell the boss if we are not doing our job well... totally crazy man. nw he even uses video cams and stuff as evidence to show us we din do our job well enough. if thats not bad enough there is like 4 phases of development when he scolds. preemptive strike, Nagasaki bomb, D-day strike and finally post invasion. ok in normal words... first call me say outside nv do properly, then come down blast the person, then he call me and scold me as im e ic, then leave the place t his office or out of camp for other stuff and then call me agn to be lectured. madness man....

Monday, December 21, 2009

monday problems

whoever said people usually get monday blues on monday can nw change it to monday problems zzz...

life is so full of fucking irony and people who makes the word "plastic" seem so real... ugh...

oh heck, i tried typing out the entire story but i think its bit on the sensitive side... so shant bother. anw its just bout a case of hell or the deep blue sea. either someone cough out $780 to pay for the thing by fri, or the ppl involved will go to DB (detention barrack aka army jail). and one of the 2 people involved is one of my men... fucked up. of all the ppl in the world it had to be him... the one who is amongst the better few yet is quite blur and careless about stuff at times.

so now we try to get the other people indirectly to chip in so as to prevent them from being indirectly sent to the gallows... sounds simple? fat hope man. with a fucking retard who always acts up-there when bosses are arnd who wants to make life freaking difficult for the rest and just insist on being the bastard who is willing to see a nsf LCP who is earning 470 at max to pay for something that is twice his salary or go to DB. fucking hell. well, all i can say is that he has totally lost all my respect. when i first came in, i placed him in high regards... but nw all i can say is just stfu and get lost. if u wanna say no that badly, then just do it, dun need to go freaking round the bush and try to blow matters worse than it already is.

phew, with that off my chest till tmr morn, i can talk bout other stuff...

1) i saw yi zhe (my platoon mate at bslc) just nw at yishun interchange on the way home.... and he was still a CPL. i was like staring at him for quite a while coz i distinctly rmbed his face but tot he wld have became a PC or 3SG at the very least. i mean he was the freaking platoon best in bslc who got selected to crossover to OCS!!! wtf man... and now here i am as a spec and he as men level when he cld have became a 2LT or something... apparently he OOCed as he failed his JCC FFI then he got posted t sembawang camp as a tpt sup trainee... wth man.. life's totally made a mockery out of him lor...

2) i tink im totally feeling jealous... of xxxxxxxxx. i cant believe till now i cant swallow my ego over a matter which i tot had already passed... fucking hell, its totally horrible. weird dreams and sometimes even fb totally aint helping. gggggggggggggggggggaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh i need time out man...

Sunday, December 20, 2009

pre-xmas shopping for myself ? or has the shopaholic side of me taken over?

went for retail therapy with clayton on fri. was at lucky plaza first for dinner at the indo store there. taste-wise not bad, however bit too dry for my liking. then we went to shop for men's perfume/cologne (depends how u see it). omg we spent like half an hr in the shop testing so many kinds of perfume... it was like the test paper they give was almost a stack haha. so much so that the lady kinda got pissed with us being unable to make up our mind. lol. " i let u all try so many scents alr, and its impossible for me to know what u like. so u all must make up ur mind on what type u like before i can help u all and let u try new scents." haha so finally, after like millions of sniffs ( i felt like a sniffer dog looking for drugs haha) then we finally made up both our minds and made our purchase. (mont blonc starwalker for me and hugo boss for clayton). hmm i can imagine the face of the lady if we had just thanked her and walked away without buying anything muahahahaha :D

then part 2 was my turn again. got 2 pairs of jeans from levis as i wanted to trade in my 2 super baggy pair of jeans and i had a discount card haha. very nice (: luv levis material n cutting. just my type. nw left a couple more items on my shopping list till my nxt retail therapy which wld prob b a sony ericsson satio and a laptop... omg im totally spending like crazy these days haha. need to save for a post ORD holiday! damn... earning more just meant spending more too not saving more :P

note to self: get a seperate bank account for spending. so i dun see the other one. and can save that amount seperately... oh wells wait till end of dec then talk hahahahaha
my life has totally been turning topsy turvy lately with quite a bit of changes in camp, lifestyle and stuff.

rsm changed from crazy chinese ex-gangster who picked on totally ridiculous things to fuck ur life upside down with u actually wondering wtf u did wrong to a super efficient indian work machine whose idea of regimentation and work can drive u totally up the wall, and one small mistake can risk signing the punishment book like its an autograph book. there i tot with the old man gone, life wld b slightly breathable, but guess not, this new old man is totally imba... i've totally had enough ext security spot checks this week to last me till i ORD lol. 4 in 3 days??? wtf man. made the old man squeeze me till i got nothing left in my guts zzzz

another thing is the fact that i went from fit to fat in a matter of 3 months. way too much junk food way too lil exercise. im like eating mac almost 2-3 times a week? and exercising mayb once in 3 weeks or a month?? totally flab-ulous. not to mention the occasional drinks and stuff during the weekend... how to maintain my ippt gold??? 200 bucks leh...

then of course there is my driving licence which i have yet to get. TP is on the 5th and i only have 1 more lesson... sian din manage to plan for the other lessons as i tot cld have booked it earlier. hopefully its a simple one time pass thing. im def not gonna waste my money learning in school.

then there is the issue of basically losing contact with way too many people simply coz of everyone hving their own timetable, own schedule in camp... everyone has their own life to live. so naturally meeting up and finding time to do so is totally difficult. yea well as they all say, time flies and a year has passed, but so did a lot of people. be it bmt, sispec, nyjc, cat high... whatever man. it just goes...

ok something totally random here... have u ever tried going to a dark area at nite and looking up into the sky and see all that shiny stars? i tink its a pity that with all that light pollution from the city, such simple natural beauty just fades away too. haha something i realised everytym i walk through the neighbourhood playground late at night.

shit im always typing the same old crap lately... ok nxt post will b bout more recent stuff