Thursday, April 30, 2009

tick tock

where is the letters?!?!?!? at this rate i got a strange feeling i wun b accepted to the courses i hope for... the nxt 3 weeks all i will b looking out for is uni and army posting results zzz...
so with U.O. down we are finally at the last few weeks. one week of chemical defence nxt week and it'll b home stretch (:

haha 2 more weeks till we POP agn LOL.
out of bslc and into aslc... well hopefully dun get to infantry side and stay on in Hotel coy lol. something 8-5 or at least near my hse will be real fine haha chiong sua-ing seems really messed up these days so no thanks for now (:

but then agn the entire army is all bout learning to suck it up. just like how i got confined on the last min... long story shant rant bout it and dampen my mood... my supposed 3 day weekend became back to 2 agn...

oh and jj just sold me his sundown race app... so i will b running almost a full marathon on  300509 which is like just exactly a month away. oh man, my legs are so gonna chui... furthermore its a night run so here we go hahaha.

couple things to do over the weekend:
- finally go sign up for driving lessons
- collect my specs, 
- dump all the movies in my ipod for the long sunday
- collect the sgc
- meanwhile look for tuition jobs to pay off the driving lessons so i can save my ns allowance for other stuff hehe
- and as usual go out and chill in the cv world haha.

~ woots~ wednesday nites out and fri happy hour so........ it wont b that bad. haha come out on wed evening for a breather and back agn. prolly gonna catch a movie at jp or something lol (:

Saturday, April 25, 2009

i can finally now say that im more or less no longer stressed and cursing at ns alr... for now at least haha. strange what one day of civilian life can do to take ur mind of things back in camp agn. and best thing bout it is that nxt week is only 4 days long! hahaha then it'll be 2 more weeks and we'll b done with bslc and moving on to aslc [ hopefully i dun get to infantry... the past few field camps still seems fresh in my mind lol]

oh yah as for uni app results, im now also feeling more at ease as i found out that the letters will only start coming in this few weeks onwards at the end of april till may. only those smart ass ppl who are like super high fliers ie. all the straight A's students who applied seems to b getting replies so far zzz...

well like warrant das keep telling us, life's a bitch some times but we all gotta learn to suck it up and stand up like a man. 15 more weeks till we can get 3 stripes across our chest haha! one weekend at a time and it'll b over soon... i hope :P

Friday, April 24, 2009

jungles swamps bees ants snakes... and more suai stuff...

wanderer... was what i wld say the lifetime experience so far.

lost in a swamp for 2h. knee deep. at that point of tym, wei woon said " at this pint i wished i had a live round... or blank to fire off and let people know we are here" but at the moment when he said live round a single thought came into our mind... suicide lol. amusing... we were so desperate that we almost thought we were gonna get stuck dere for the night...

then there was also zhong hong who got stung by hornets...

then later 2 more ppl had heat exhaustion and heat cramps etc...

then comes the last day where my specs gt crushed and my retainers is now missing coz csm ransacked my stuff during arms declaration zzz.......... sian to the max.

no matt

uni letters... where is ntu and nus???

lol i know i said i tink i screwed my smu inteview the last time...
but the thing is...

haha smu acceptance letter came!!! LOL
so at least now got a back up plan as smu sch of accountancy. why is dere still no news from the other 2 uni????? utterly sian...

Saturday, April 18, 2009


damn nice show. sort of like a prediction of apocalypse and also the biblical great flood in the modern world context with its own version of noah's ark. i wld say it also has a rather dark side to the story line where Man is just helpless against the prophecies...

ok thats bout it for tdy. need to go early coz tmr got COS duty. swapped with alex for 80 bucks lol. basically he paid me 80 bucks to sit in camp for one day...haha


im physically and mentally shagged from the week of outfield. 
i cant take no more immediate assault, quick attack and what ever shit they give including casevac... zzz. freaking rash/heat rash/insect bite frm i dunno where all over my limbs, my skin dun even look anywhere near healthy these days man... hopefully (or mayb not) its not an allergy reaction like Evan...

best of all nxt week got another whole set of outfield exercises. namelyEx. wanderer and Ex. grand slam. after this its more or less over for the course with little left. frankly speaking the morale is getting pretty low these days with ppl OOCing and down-pes or report sick for stupid reasons hence not participating in any of this crap... meaning u will see frens get to enjoy bit of humanity while u are in the mess...

comon man, i gotta pick myself up frm all this and try to get over the nxt couple of weeks first. good grief...

Saturday, April 11, 2009

SMU interview...

omg i tink the smu interview was screwed... there is almost no way u can prepare for the qn they asked lah... almost no acc related qn. let me give u some eg. they asked, " what are the 3 most important value to u?", "what is the greatest lesson that dragonboat has taught u?","how did u impact ur fellow teammates during ur db days?", "if u were forced to choose between compromising ur values and friendship what wld u do?"... and the list goes on. 

wtf man... i might as well be going for a morals/values questioning session... there was only one qn that was related to the course being "what is ur future career path that u had planned?"

well all in all i tink i screwed it up. srly. what type of qns are those??? to hell with it. currently im still hoping that i get to ntu or nus, smu is not my key choice in that sense lol.
first thing first... all the birthday wishes.

happy birthday to calissa whose bdae was ytd.
happy birthday to yy whose bdae is tmr.
and last but not least happy bdae to zhong lin whose bdae is on mon.

long weekend this week. with the impending smu interview later and also the following 3 weeks of outfield and chiong sua-ing in the jungle. oh yah and this week all my money comes in again lol. $200 from ippt gold and $600 from my sct allowance haha. i guess it pays to be fit in the army (:

anyway im currently still considering on whether i shld register for driving lessons now or not... in fact actually i wanted to do it ltr, till i saw the test dates for basic theory is on a weekday -.-"... as usual the army spoilt my plans again as there is no way u can take leave as a recruit... outstanding... 

got so many shows i wanna watch this month too haha. confessions of a shopaholic, x-men: wolverine, shinjuku incident and 17 again ( my sis ask me to pei her watch lol), watched leap years and emporer's new groove ytd for the first time too... ( i know i know, those shows are so over... but what to do.)

well thats all for now. oh yah and i srly tink i need to catch up with some ppl badly, haven met so many ppl for so long...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

met the latest member of our family today...

claire chen ee hsuan (:

born on 030409. hahaha. so that makes me an uncle of 6 nieces all tgt alr lol.
sounds so old rite... anw yea wee lin gave birth to claire on fri, sadly claire's gt jaundice and some rashes thingy now so she look rather patchy and raw... urgh. well but not to worry it wld be gone in 2 weeks time. yep. so we can pray for a speedy recovery and healthy little baby girl (:

thats bout all i gt for the day, other than qin ming in the morn with my aunts. till nxt week then.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

time flies i guess... 2 weeks into bslc and it had been rather great so far. but the next month all so will be quite shag with 3 outfields... sian. but after that its home free. for the course.

well the last 2 weekends was also rather eventful (:
finally went to the singapore flyer with yihe and stanley last sunday evening. the view was really quite awesome and we were also quite lucky haha. coz that day it poured just before we met. so at first i tot sure gonna go dere waste time, not waste money coz i got a free pass for 3 (complimentary from my aunt), but in the end it cleared up just after with left citylink and ms haha

meanwhile tdy was a more family day bah. went to imm with mum and dad after they had the tour around the camp (family visit day) then later came back for the bbq at the roof terrace. haven had such a nice long meal for quite a while alr i guess. like i said time really flies in ns. though i hope it flies faster lol.