Sunday, January 25, 2009

CNY eve!!!


haha, here comes all the new yr goodies, bak gua, soft drinks, good food and well whatever sinful  indulgence dere is that comes with the festive season. this year it will b even more fun, and i will make sure of it (: 

enjoy now suffer later. can already smell the reunion dinner mum's preparing alr lol. nice (:
mayb go down to chinatown later to see the firecrackers and countdown too haha. 

well today was nothing much other than swimming with mel and alvin in the morn at tpy. then later doing a real last min scrambling for my new year clothers which gt much more diff as a botak well has limited choice in terms of casual outfits without making himself look like an ex convict or ah beng lol. anyway decided to wear formal tmr so got a shirt at bugis and as for pants i decided to use the prom one. lol 

yep and the rest of the afternoon is spent doing the current affairs thing that we need to hand in on tues evening... and btw thanks for all ur encouragement bout ns ppl haha. to qing, no im nt emo bout ns, im just as sian bout it as u are lol. but im gonna chiong too. yeah jy all the way man (:

so XING NIAN KUAI LE to one and all, have a wonderful new year ahead (:

Saturday, January 24, 2009

went out today to watch inkheart with jj and tandy. nt bad plot and animation was great too. on the way there met yongkit and a platoon mate whom i forgotten the name lol. apparently sergeant jeremy was spotted with his gf on the bus by another fren. so awkward sia... yep so anyway went to eat ajisen with jj and tandy then later went off to meet james, yh, ks, tm and mao. so basically hang around and talked. also had ben and jerry's ice cream to satisfy my craving lol. 

at first supposed to eat that ytd aft we booked out at pasir ris. then apparently the ben and jerry's dere closed to become 'the little ice cream shop'... man white sands really sucks. the whole place is literaly packed with nsf booking out. esp the macdonalds. dere will b fresh batch of ppl coming in by the company level every hour. and well thats basically the highlight dere. coz dere's nothing much to do or eat dere... man white sands need an upgrade soon lol

well thats bout all for today (:

Friday, January 23, 2009


omg im back. back to civilisation with no one to shout at u, force u to do drills, able to lie on the bed when u like, having time for urself blah... the list goes on... srly namely its just to say freedom to do things i want even simple things like dragging of boots etc...

in army 99% of the things u do have the risk of getting charged, confined or punished. utterly fucked up. esp my commanders. shant say to much here if nt later get charged agn... FYI, charged = jail ie detention barrack.

well yah at least my bunk mates are more or less quite fun to b with. nt to mention my platoon ppl. of course will have a few weirdos or ppl who mess around too much but well, its still quite fun. lost 16 days away from the outside world but gained many friends in camp :) also got lots of stories and stupid incidents too lol. will b fond memories i wld say.

oh yah whoever said army makes u dumb can take it back. coz of that statement, we gotta do current affairs hmwk everytym we book out. zzzz...... just like gp type except in presentation form. and i also have a 3 pg profiling to do.... sian.

ok. put aside all that army talk. have fun for 3 days man. so....


Wednesday, January 7, 2009



i really do mean it.


catching up day wif everyone (:

esp huyang, hui rong, calissa, sze ying, nadiah, and dorcas. brandon and even mr ng kim teck lol
and also jiajia and kristine who sent their early well wishes (:

ok met up with the class ppl (ppl above) tdy at ps for breakfast. basically spent the morn at mac talking and catching up.or if nt it'll b taking pics tgt lol. then we head down to huyang's workplace at manga kissa (though nad had to leave early. and btw nadiah, thanks for the card ). such a nice place lah. true that the traffic is rather low and it can b quite boring alone i guess, but well its a nice peaceful environment haha. shall visit agn if i can nxt tym haha. yeah so hang arnd in the shop till arnd 12 plus liddat.yep then left me, sze ying and calissa. ended up walking round ps, and at the same time getting some of my last min ns stuff. lol well the whole day was more of a chatting session... so we talked even more at mos haha

yep so after that hop by orchard mrt to find brandon. talked even more agn... haha his job really reminds me of the hp job. everyday stand and offer help. tiring and quite boring lol. yep so talked bout an hr ( see what i mean by slack... he's still supposedly at work...) then went off to thomson plaza. and u wun believe who i saw....

yeh saw his wife and daughter too lol. what a small world haha. amazing how i get to see my form teacher on the day before i enlist lol. oh yah to whoever who is free this january, go visit him lol. Mr ng says hes free and get to drink kopi at the canteen the whole day frm nxt mon till 2nd feb coz he's taking a new j1 class. and he ask us to come visit him lol

well this basically wraps up my list of things to do/ ppl to meet before i enter tekong tmr (:
and yep i'll prolly miss everyone lol. we'll keep in touch yah. with the limited time i get in dere. ( which btw reminds me i need to change my phone to a sucky non camera phone... tsk mafan all the contacts must shift over too. 0.o). err yah thanks for everything nt just tdy but also for whatever frenship we forged over the past years.

aint gonna bother for last words coz it wld seem like im gonna die. so yeh time to grow up from a boy/ teenage kid to a man lol. bye and cya in 2 weeks haha. cny can also have a gathering lol :)

ps: pics must wait for hui rong to upload...

Camp Rock: Demi Lovato

another nice song

Taylor Swift - Fearless - studio version /w lyrics

this one's more for yi he, elvis and shel who are going in tmr morn and afternoon. yeah yihe says secret mission to an island lol. mission to earn stanley's pathetic clerk pay of 2 yrs in the 1 yr or so (:

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

run at seletar.

the rocket shape tower (:

heard sounds of artillary fire that way
must be from khatib camp whr tandy is lol
other than that moment it was a peaceful and breezy morn (:

what seems to look like a harmless golf course.
so serene and peaceful. 

yeah rite. things are never the way it seems.
beware of flying golf balls

Monday, January 5, 2009

say goodbye to pink and hello to green

by thurs, my dear pink ic wld b taken away for 2yrs and i will b seeing a new green ns card.

all i can see now is march 11/18. pop dates. hopefully its the earlier one. nthg much to say other than seeing the papers report an nsf who went to court sueing his superior for beating him up. this is real nice to see at this point of time. ST still bothered to make it such a big issue haha. oh hell, blowing up the case to such proportions... 

guess i can expect to see every type of ppl in dere. life is never the way u want it. so learn to deal with it (:

pray no screwed up idiots in the same platoon. its worse than having a screwed up sergeant. i rather have the latter than the former. we shall see life will officially change as of 0930 at tekong. need to be at pasir ris so early... 0830. 

ok thats all. off to bed. cya

Sunday, January 4, 2009

zzz my sis was rather evil today. she couldnt help reminding me that tdy was the last weekend i wld spend at home before thurs enlistment. actually i totally forgotten bout it temporarily during the course of the day listening to music, sleeping and basically slacking arnd. but then just now while watching tv, my sis straight away pointed out to me all the shows that were nice starting on thurs. then even when i was subconsciously touching my hair, which by the way is terribly long, haven cut since weekend before A's... so i ve been trying to neaten it now and then. yah anw so my sis says im taking my last few chances to touch my hair before its gone. frankly i dun really mind the hair thing. botak is nthg new... the only reason why i din cut my hair for so long was simply coz at first it was short enough, then when it grew out, it was alr left with 2 weeks or so, and i simply figured no point cutting. 

ns is on my dad's mind too lol. this morn when i came down for breakfast, the first thing he did was pat me on my back and said. " ah, my son is finally going to ns." and the rest of the morn was spent on trying to prepare me for what i need to bring and look out for... mum on the other hand use a different approach. her cooked meals lately are getting better as the day draws nearer lol. 

at this point of time, considering that i have done more or less everything i wanted to do, meet up wif everyone, entering army seems ok. here comes a new phase of life thats all. 

Saturday, January 3, 2009

keeping a pet dog?

mum was being really random during lunch tdy. 

she suddenly poped the qn. 

mum: wldn't it be nice to keep a pet?
me: what pet do u wan?
mum: a dog wld b nice
bro: i prefer keeping a cat... 
sis: coz u are scared of dogs rite? and nt that scared of cats rite? haha
me: why do u suddenly wanna keep a pet dog? i dun mind but taking care of it will b quite troublesome...
mum: err... coz liddat can bring it out for a walk mah. and nxt few yrs the hse will b so empty in the afternoon. judi (my sis) will b in jc, randi (bro) will also b in sch. u'll b in army liddat whole hse only left me mah...

lol i srly dun mind getting a dog, and mum i tink is lonely... whole day at home also nobody to talk to. ah well if she really do wanna get a dog, then she gotta get pass my dad first. he do not hate animals and pets but he dun like them in the hse as it spoils the furniture and well craps whenever and wherever it likes...

mmm a dog in the hse...

Taylor Swift - Love Story.

nice song. and i din realise she was the same age as me?!?! 20 this yr haha. luv her songs (:

white horse and fearless are nice too.

Friday, January 2, 2009

brain dead...

damn it, my brain is zoning in and out of focus the entire today. dun wanna do much and also cant tink at all. seems lyk its alr dead... had to literally take up the calendar to see how many more days to that wonderful island. cant even count it mentally. im srly losing track of time... 

at this stage i really cant be bothered with anything. nt even the impending enlistment which is on thurs ( feels surreal, as if i was watching some tv frm the back of my mind. and my body is just doing things for the sake of doing it.) did some packing for ns... so that i can get whatever i need tmr at beach road.

one more thing to clarify: i dun hate ns lol. its just that tinking of it makes me sian. its like cat high scout camp 24/7 for a long time, where push ups can b a currency. yes, i agree it makes u think more maturely and dere is a need to serve ns. but it doesnt mean i like everything bout it haha. i have alr accepted fate and duty.

ok forget it, i cant even tink what i wanna say nxt so lets use pictures.

this yr will b loads less of this. 

and way more of this minus the shack and add more of the jungle.

so the post after thurs we wld expect it to b rather boring lol. last yr's theme was bout mugging this yr will b bout chionging mountain. unless if i gt posted to something real slack aft bmt haha

Thursday, January 1, 2009

movie day.

gonna be a long post.

SBS, u liars lol. conned me into believing that the bus fare for today was still at student rate... this morn when i boarded the last 167 bus after the fireworks at 1am 01/01/09, it still recorded as student price of 45 cents. and just now when i went to take the bus at 2pm, it records as adult fare with a single beep when i tap the card. tsk gave me false hopes by thinking on the first of jan i could still pay student fare zzz. so it cost me almost 2 bucks just to go to town??? meaning if i go out to town and come back without doing anything it wld b almost 4 bucks. i had 8.80 in my card this morn now im left with arnd 4.83... nw i see what they mean by price discrimination... 5x difference crap

anyway spent the day watching movies. caught 2 different movies with 2 diff grps of frens. first one was with yy and zl. watched 7 pounds. show featuring will smith. really touching story. though the plot was messy at the beginning, when u watch through till the end u really feel very sad for the charecter. was bout a guy who accidentally caused the death of 7 ppl including his wife in a car accident coz he wasnt paying attention when driving. so he felt real bad bout it. and to make up for this, he decide to find 7 kind ppl who needed different things for eg, one was a blind guy, another needed bone marrow transplants, another a heart transplant etc. yah so he basically checks out their background to make sure they are truely pure hearted and kind towards evryone... so once he made sure of everything, he commited suicide and donated all the organs to these beneficiaries. eg, eyes to the blind guy, heart to the heart failure woman ...

then after that movie went to meet jj, mel n tandy at amk hub to watch yes man. haha quite funny and comical as usual. jim carreys' good haha. zooey deschanel was pretty good too. haha all agreed that she was quite nice too esp her eyes (: 

oh and before i forget, cheers to zhonglin for his cd filled with songs just bout frens. haha some were pretty emo, but heck its nice. guess everyone's getting sentimental before ns. darn. i tink for my new year's resolution this yr i will make it real simple. 

keep in touch with everyone. the class of 0728, 0622, my cat high frens, db peeps, and all the other frens whom i may have left over the past few yrs due to studies and whatever nt. thinking back i srly hate graduation. some ppl just phase out of ur life simply coz of lack of contact and lil effort to get tgt...

something frm the note zl gave tgt with the cd. 
dont be dismayed at goodbyes. a farewell is necessary before you can meet up again. and meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends. - richard bach

happy 2009! and goodbye 2008!

spent the whole new yr eve eating. first went to chinatown to eat tim sum for lunch at the hong xing restaurant with my family. the food was nice though service was rather bad. some ppl resorted to taking their own food instead of waiting to b served as it was really slow at first. BUT i wld still say its worth coming as the food quality is really authentic and great (:

after that went home and went out agn to meet some db ppl at 530pm, wai kit, nick, alex, and hl for steamboat at bugis. so we spent like 3h plus seating chatting and eating till arnd 9. and  it was 3h nt 4h coz we gt lost finding the place lol. left frm the wrong exit and walked round the entire bugis.... yah so later went to ms tgt to meet yy. hl left early coz gt countdown with other frens. anyway yah then we met the db guys 06/07 ppl dere too. they went to watch movie while we go watch the fireworks haha. 

really quite nice but quite short too :(
mm yah then ltr wai kit, nick and yy came my hse to play cards and talk.
damn heng we caught the last bus lah, if nt the cab fare will b imba lolz. oh and i realised that the bus is still student fare so far! as of just now 01/01/09 haha. so i can still spam mrt and train at least for tdy. dunno bout tmr haha. ok... time to sleep alr. tmr still nd meet zl, joey and yy agn coz joey going in on fri lol. my nxt 3 days seems pretty much booked as of now lol meet up wif ppl for one more time before i go into army... 

i know the yr just started but 2009 better come and go as quickly as 2008. and i will try to have as much fun as i did last yr even with A levels in it.