Sunday, June 29, 2008


it will begin in 5h time. and we'll know in another extra 2-4h time.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

sudden urge to watch it.

witch yoo-hee. i know its quite an old show but well...

EXAMS... lol

exams make u indulge in unnecessary food and tidbits. for this MYE it is...

jack and jill chips haha

lots of them... though i think its more for the euro handphone chains than the food lol

first there was only one... then it slowly got to two then six and now 8 lol

ps: whoever with portugal or spain pls tell me coz bran and zl wants it badly lol

so now i got turkey, austria, croatia, netherlands, russia, poland, GERMANY lol and one retarded jack and jill one. that one was totally random lolz

today after dinner, i saw the air force practicing their aerial moves for national day parade from the window. haha damn cool manuevers. but then there was this very unexpected aerial performance... they formed a heart shape in the sky lol

hmm picture here may not be so distinct. oh well anyway that was their "stage" lol. now off to try to cram in some geog. shan't bother with econs. i always fail my case study anyway so... luckily maths was a lifesaver.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

after today's exams, the ranking i posted before in terms of possibility of passing is:

sharing 1st place... maths. geog and econs!
u wanna know why they are all ranked first?

simple coz there can be no last place when all have no chance of passing

maths is screwed by parametric, vectors and complex. half the marks came from there.

econs... i nv passed once cept for promos which till now i believe it was a miracle and i dun believe today will be another.

as for geog... !@#$ wtf. it is screwed beyond recognition. whatever i did not study came out. if not it was those that i studied came out with another fcuked up part. hence i did all the questions that i read like 3 weeks ago while browsing through my notes. those that i mugged recently and bother to go through thoroughly all went to naught. dun u just luv the geog teachers yeh? made my day perfect.

even with all the paper 2s coming either this week or next. i think there is really no hope liao. only can pray for the best yah. and work for prelims soon with zl. i think the promos plan now seem very tangible. stay in sch everyday till 9 plus to mug for the rest of the year... did that last year and the grades were good. shall try it again this yr hmmm...

Monday, June 23, 2008

de javu all over again.

why do i have the same feeling i get from my block test...

maths brought me one foot into the grave. tmr another foot will be in after econs. geo gg

Sunday, June 22, 2008


one word: die.

when was mid yrs ever good. tues is the best day of them all. geog and econs ESSAY. econs practically untouch :)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

this is interesting. the closer it gets to any exam, the more slack i become. dun know why too haha. i think i shall bank on the usual 2 subj for MYE again and leave the rest to fate. i mean for one think i'm pretty sure those 2 subj have a high chance of passing and well as for the other 2 one of them aint that impt for the moment and the other have not been promising with a total of i think 1 pass out of 3 major exams.

GeoPhy ranking order of poss in passing
GeoMathsEconsPhy h1... in ranking order of importance

5 more days to MYE... which means 5 days of cramming geog and econs into my brain.

on the bright side, there is the EUROCUP 2008! quarter-finals on thurs. portugal vs germany. planning to go out and watch with zl and the rest haha... MYE and EURO dun mix at all haha. all the late nights and dawn matches lol. but then its once in 4 years. exams is all year round haha. GO GERMANY! HOLLAND TOO!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

dad posted to indonesia for 2 yrs. to a pathethic village called jambi. will be leaving on mon morn 10am. aint coming back till 4 july to go to korea with mum a few days later.

For Him. love. sacrifice.
For Me. maturity. do well in my studies to make him feel more at ease.

gonna miss him... the last time he was gone for 3 weeks, the whole family feels like something is amiss. though he dun say much and we have little interaction with each other, there is still a special connection. without him at home, its like a chair missing a leg. still workable yet odd...

Friday, June 13, 2008

this week

PS: sorry bout the long post haha...

this whole week in terms of studyingwise is a failure haha. basically wasted most of the week away due to the db farewell and also the ns checkup.

tues morn was spent playing table tennis with dorcas and yingxi :) the afternoon well was suppose to be studying with wai kit they all but in the end we all no mood coz of the weather and the farewell the next day.

needless to say, wed was spent the whole day at ecp with the db ppl for the farewell bbq. we had telematches in which my grp lost all 3 matches to dina's grp lol for a simple reasons coz we were then all dry and really had no intention of getting wet and dirty. but... in the end everybody in the guys team was dunked and soaked in the sea by the end of the afternoon. then we continued with rugby with the enormous beach ball lol. that one was damn funny coz the j1s got owned by the j2s haha all thanks to elvis.

the evening was more solemn as we had the hand over ceremony of all the exco positions including their ceremonial items. like the golden paddle, the vice cap dog tag etc. yah pretty cool. haiz but that meant that we are officially nydb alumni. as xue wei says, once and ny dragonboater, always a ny dragonboater. makes me think back of the times we had in kallang haha. then the gift exchange lol. wenhao's expression was priceless when i gave him his fake gift: a xxxxxx :P haha cant say what it is here lol. that's bout it for the farewell.

chao chao's card. really nice. sad he gotta leave early though

the next day was the ns checkup. super long and boring. turns out that my partial color blindness was quite bad coz i could only read the 1st 3 pages of the test book. the rest were all dots and very vague numbers. damn sian after that still got some aptitude test done on com. that was the ultimate killer. had maths, phy, sequence, english, patterns etc. i think its an IQ test. lol spent like 2h doing it.

guess who? lol

random: eurocup! why germany lose croatia 2-1 zzz they better qualify and later beat portugal out of the quaterfinals. tonite also another exciting match. france vs holland lol. damn i think i;m addicted alr. and the finals is on the day of geog mid yr at 245am... hmmm

another really random thing found when studying in sch. this was near the sch lib... nice art piece lol. any aep ppl care to explain? haha must be abstract art where u cant see the painting rofl

Monday, June 9, 2008


kungfu panda was utterly hilarious lol. the panda was such a joke lah yet he still won the snow leopard. haha in this case he trained using food as his objective coz somehow only with food can he do all the stunts if not he becomes a total klutz haha

after that the movie the db guys we continued to shop for our jnrs gifts lol. everyone damn budget lah all must under 20 bucks lol. seems so typical for guys somemore we all in the end just anyhow find things within budget and usable as their gifts lol. but i wld say it's still not bad lah yeh.

smething really random while packing my file earlier.

in this case i seriously dun think i'm the ah long here...

dorcas is the real one lol and i'm the victim. if u can see the fine print yeh

Sunday, June 8, 2008

ubin yesterday was surely a different perspective from what i usually get in sec school haha. for one thing we were cycling lol! another major diff is that instead of doing all the rugged outdoor stuff with guys like camping, outdoor cooking, survival killing etc it is done with a class of girls lol.

grats to avril who managed to go through the whole thing unscathed despite it being the 3rd attempt cycling lol. the irony being tat dorcas wearing the helmet and all fell down and got cuts zzz... all thanks to ho kok lol dangerous rider BEWARE! jkjk haha well it was quite a short trip but quite fun too lol other than the rain which continued through the whole morning till we left the place zzz. haha saw my jnrs aloysius, zhong rui and royston too! they were having the very camp that i was talking bout earlier haha.

watched narnia the other day and watching kungfu panda tgt with getting the jnr gifts tmr too for the farewell on wed. why must put at ecp lol so far... and nothing to do. oh well they organising a bbq so i aint complaining.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

adidas sundown run

finished 10.5km in 1h 02min. quite slow as compared to before but its alr not bad considering that we were talking and joking along the way for like the first 6km plus. and what's more is that we had fun :)

the finisher medal

the team run

the shirt front view

dunno why they gave me the 42km shirt... hmmm how bout maybe coz a team of 4 each ran 10.5km to give u a total of 42km lol

all of us got the wrong shirts other than solo. bran and wil got the corporate one instead of the team shirt while i got the 42km de lol. luv the red haha

another pic