Sunday, March 30, 2008

A div

A division men's 20 crew- gold. perfect set. better than A div.
that's all i desire. i can ask of nothing more

god bless

Thursday, March 27, 2008

chilling out.

A div coming alr... just 16 days away. must keep body in top form. i think everyone is feeling the heat alr, even mr hee. i realised that every time near A div, he'll stop smiling and joking so much and start scolding or at least get easily agitated de. haha but i think so far so good lah as me hee always puts it. this year got high chance in getting chocolate ie. GOLD! (cause chocolate gold coin lol ) it is now or never dudes. the MR 500 was just an exposure, april 12th is the day we show our full potential to the world! must beat those nj ppl and show them that they train so much also no point haha. i had quite enough of seeing them own every race for both kayak and db, this year the odds have changed. it is ny's turn...

went out to fish and co yesterday after trng with the 0622 ppl. lol this time got like almost 10 of us sia... first time leh. usually got like maybe 4-5 peeps only lah. rare chance haha. that outing was quite impulsive as jj had nv been to fish and co b4 so we all went there to enjoy lol... esp the food before they all go into NS and enjoy the army catered food for the next 2 yrs

then today, went swimming with jj and melvin at my place. borne ps lah. ass lor. i bet u coz he late and also my house quite far from his, on top of the fact that only got 4 of us including him then he give excuse dun wan come lor. lol. then after that we went amk hub to eat new york new york lol also another thing they all nv eat b4 so must try haha.
ps: next time go there i think i only wanna order the dessert sia. though a bit ex but NICEEE.... lol

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

ecp to changi village

went ecp cycle the whole day with jj loyi and borne yesterday...
but b4 that while walking to the bike rental, we saw this grp of police at the pier doing something. so being the curious ppl we were, we went to check it out. turns out that some 25 year old guy drowned there and the police was there to pick up his corpse -_-"
was reported on today's papers...

anyway other than that we cycled to changi village just to eat nasi lemak lol. it was like at least 24km there and back... that's less than 1/8 iron man yet my legs and ass was all numb after that haha. nvm gd trng too haha. other than that it was rather uneventful as the route was seriously just long straight and boring. btw it is the same route as the sundown marathon... having second thoughts now...

Friday, March 21, 2008


haha finally over... let's not talk bout how horrible it was yah? anyway i didn't study much out of it, so what i get would also be quite expected. i think it would be a miracle to get a couple of C's and D's as compared to all B's for promos haha

but the true gauge would be mid yr when i got all the time in the world to sit down and mug. but put that aside and let's play for the whole week 1st. yah so the plan for nxt week shld be biking at ecp, gym, run swim and chill, kayaking and rock climbing haha. liddat can keep fit and have fun. A div coming le so weekends will of course be for db yeah! woohoo forget bout exams and studying for the whole of nxt week. till the end of nxt week, must play and enjoy! haha for those still mugging out there, jia you and dun give up yah... just a couple more days


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

block test so far...

gp ok
econs die
maths high chance of dying
geog ok

as for phy, i'm starting now for thurs paper.
overall block test sure fail lah. only a miracle can see me through. hope dun get my j1 mid yr results that bad can le. 4 U's was the days man... and no, U is not ultimate. it is ungraded hor

lesson learnt: 5 days to study 3 subjects is definitely a no-no... haha

Sunday, March 16, 2008

d-day tmr

block test sure die le lah...

econs 50% done
geo ??? started but just read through...
maths 75-80%
physics-0% :D wait till tues nite then study for it since it is on thurs

must be a miracle if i pass. frankly speaking i dun even know whether i have truely studied each subj... lol at this point, who cares. cant do much now anyway...

Saturday, March 15, 2008

tough entry to university

today's headlines say that those '88 batch of poly students are snatching up places in the uni competing with this year's batch of A level grads... on top of that it featured an article on rj ppl with full 9 distinctions worrying that they cant get to harvard/princeton blah blah as they dun have other non-acad qualifications to back it up. yet there we have in NYJC that if u get like 5 or 6 distinctions and u are god-like. in RJ, 3/4 of the school gets 3 H2 A's and half of the pop gets at least 4A's. rofl can't imagine if the whole school goes on stage just coz u get 3A's... i guess that's what seperates us from RJ. no fight. they beat us hands down lol. i mean it is like 59 of them get perfect scores and they are worried?!?! then shouldn't we average students be in hysteria by now hmmm....

oh well, that's life i guess where no one is ever satisfied. off to mug again lol. block test on mon...

Thursday, March 13, 2008

adidas sundown? block test?

after all that mugging, i suddenly have this urge to run the adidas sundown marathon... dun ask me why. but suddenly i wanna put on my shoes and run again. run because i luv it not coz i have to. anyone interested? check out for more details.

anyway as for block test, i dun see anyway i can memorise 3/4 of my j1 work and all of my j2 work in the remaining 3 days as of tmr which is like half an hr away. no way. only hope is to use the notes from this website: seems to work wonders for what nkt and william yeo lack (ie. organisation or substantial notes). i mean how am i suppose to study for an exam which spans across mainly the 1st 2 days of the exam week? mon. GP, econs. tues. maths, geo. thurs phy... the way i see it, even the weather is crying for me. raining like no tmr lately.

hopefully i can run tmr morn... haha nice fresh air makes me think better. that is if it doesn't rain lol.

Monday, March 10, 2008

first post since last year

haha moved here at last! the last time i blogged was like a yr and 3 days ago lol. so many things happened. haha anyway pls tag yah while i try to set things up and running hehe