Saturday, August 29, 2009

u know when they give u a half day off. work till 12.30 ( fine maybe it was just 5h before we gotta go for the battalion dinner), u think u got so much tym to do the stuff u need to do... BUT i found out thats utterly rubbish. at first i was thinking how much tym did u need to register for driving lessons and collect ur a level cert then go home and put down ur stuff and head to safra jurong haha? 2h? mayb 3h max? yea rite... din expect the queue at ssdc to be so freaking long... waited for like an hr plus to get the pdl and ltr to reg... btw i tink the lessons are so gonna burn a hole in my pocket. 25 x 80bucks = 2k O.0... at least i got till mid october to start full gear, so before that must start saving...

yea after that long reg, it was like 3.30 alr... then i straight away rushed to ny via circle line. first time i took it haha. the bishan interchange look just as huge as the one at the airport haha. ok, its been open for so long alr, i know a bit sua gu... anw the train seems to b flooded with only ny and rj ppl all the way haha. hmm when i went to ny, it felt so strange. like a foreign place alr which i have nv been before. no, its not that the place changed a lot... i din get to walk arnd due to the tight schedule but i din see much changes anw... 9 months away from sch and it makes u a stranger when a yr ago its like ur 2nd home.

ok then last of all was ytd's battalion dinner. had fun with the rp section throughout the night, their performances were also quite attention grabbing too lol. got one part was quite funny. involved 3 err babes lap dancing with some of the "volunteers" from the floor to the music of wondergirls-nobody. and then there is this magician show that involved quick change of costumes and some other illusions. well the entire night was quite nice (:

as for the pics, gotta wait till cheng yi uploads it on facebook

Thursday, August 27, 2009

grr dunno whats wrong with the whole blogger system and my internet... so cant put up the photos. ah heck its all on facebook haha. anyway ... ive finally POP lo! from SCT rudi ang to 3SG rudi ang haha. got posted to semabawang camp ie 1 tpt battalion as an mp spec. i wld say the job scope is seriously err... mundane? meaningless? or just to put it plainly its boring. im basically paid to sit in the guard room from 730-6 just to watch over the rps when they need to draw ammo and send ammo, check arms and at times do a bit of work here and there. thats considered the bright side since i haven really taken up full responsibilities yet. on the downside, this camp is messed up. ppl coming in and out like free, lack of manpower both rp wise and spec wise hence we gotta do loads of sk... then every single small issue is brought up to the mp's to do ie camp pass issueing, car parking, pt for the rp etc...

i have utterly no idea how much my brain will rot over the nxt yr haha.

oh yea, i finally went to take and pass my BTT. now its to find 2.5k or so just for driving lessons in the school or to find a private tutor. man i def need to provide more tuition to support my driving lessons. haha.

tmr half day! battalion dinner at 530, so we are released early (: can finally collect the a level cert which is lying in the office for ages haha...

Friday, August 21, 2009

err... im 20? and 3 days shy of a 3SG...

first and foremost, a great THANK YOU for all the sms and well wishes on my 20th birthday. seriously, it really made my day. otherwise, it can be considered one of the dullest birthdays i had lol. srly. its like those years when my birthday was during my exam period. oh wells, at least we managed to get to go out to northpoint for nights out/ ojt. irony that i cant go home even though its so close. lol.

ok anw now that im 20, i srsly feel old haha. there is a big starting digit 2 in front... no more 1 :(
lolol enough nonsense. yep, so im 3 days away from POP-ing. finally after 7 months of being a trainee, we are finally going to b a full fledge junior commander. yea posting is also out. im going to sembawang camp with a job working hours of 730-1800h, leaving me to be free to do what i wanna do for the rest of my ns liability. which brings me to the nxt point of giving tuition haha (:

tmr will be my first tuition assignment. teaching science to a p4 china student who came into SG only 6 mths ago. challenging thing is the language barrier and his understanding... 15% for p4 sci seems quite a feat to overcome lol. nvm we'll see how tmr eh.

so many things that i wanna do now. learn to play a guitar, train for SCM, learn driving, teach tuition esp econs or maybe maths. haha. anything seems poss now (:

ok really tired now. goodnite! looking forward to tmr's gathering at timbre @substation.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Chen Wei Lian~ Chu Mo MV

err saw chen wei lian at sembawang shopping center just now. yep so basically reminded me of this song...

Marie Digby - Avalanche

Friday, August 14, 2009

Every Avenue - Think of You Later (Empty Room) Music Video

This might be my last chance,
So maybe I should take it.
I just hope your listening,
To everything I’m saying.
I miss the long drives, the car rides,
The bad fights, the good times.
The way you make me feel
will never leave my mind.

Think of you later in my empty room,
Where I, I will fall asleep alone.
Think of you later in my empty room,
Where I, I will fall asleep alone.

So, quit your crying
And wipe the tears from your eyes.
‘Cause this is “see you later,”
I’m not into goodbyes.
Watch the brake lights
as I leave your drive-way,
The warm nights, will stay beside me,
No matter where I go! (no matter where i go)

Think of you later in my empty room,
Where I, I will fall asleep alone.
Think of you later in my empty room,
Where I, I will fall asleep alone.

So this might be my last chance.
So wipe the tears from your eyes.
'Cause this is "see you later"
I'm not in to goodbyes
Watch the brake lights
as I leave your drive-way,
The warm nights, will stay beside me,
No matter where I go!

Think of you later in my empty room,
Where I, I will fall asleep alone.
Think of you later in my empty room,
Where I, I will fall asleep alone.
Think of you later in my empty room,
Where I, I will fall asleep alone.
Think of you later in my empty room,
Where I, I will fall asleep alone.

tdy is totally one of those days where u can say " u've gotta be kidding me... " . on the way back home after booking out, i took the wrong bus zzz. instead of taking the usual 169, i took 969. so at first i was just 15min away from home, then the next thing u know it, i was all the way up a highway with no stops till the end .... which leads to tampines. blame it on my usual habit of either playing with my ipod games or sleeping on the bus even during short trips, missed the stops just before the expressway, din realise i was even on the wrong bus till i felt that the trip was way too long and looked up to find myself entering SLE... can u believe it, i was lucky my grp booked out way earlier than the DB (detention barrack not dragonboat lol) attachment yet i caught the wrong bus and end up reaching home bout the same time as i wld if i booked out ltr.

bah, bout the last couple of days, it was basically on job training at the DB and MPEU (mp enforcement unit) where we were attached to the units for exposure sake. firstly for DB, all i can say is that its claustrophobic. cages everywhere and the overpowering smell of soap mixed with sweat and whatever crap... it gives u the feeling of an animal in the zoo and also the feeling of a cemetry ie. i felt like dying in there within half an hr of entering lol. lets not talk bout the detainees eh... with some staying up to 2yrs. and JW 3yr3mths... anything goes. it was a real eye opener for people like us who have proper homes and families.

as for MPEU, tdy was the first day, where we raided sispec and some ammo supply base. sispec ppl quite sad lah, tdy POP, pack finish everything, then gotta empty all their stuff to be checked... no wonder some ppl hate MPs lol. cant elaborate more in here. but the week was otherwise quite interesting (:

1 more week till we all POP lo! to become 3SG haha. anyone interested in coming? camp's at yew tee btw (:

Sunday, August 9, 2009

smashing awesome 080809

first and foremost...
biing yih,
jun wei,
fang kang.

whose birthdays were ytd.

happy birthday to

and of course,

yep ok so now that's done, we'll go on to the highlights of last week.
finally ex. moonlight marshall is over! no more field camp, no more FBO,SBO or whatever outfield shit. haha. the BASIC men were fucked up, making the whole mission damn shag for the specs. as clayton mentioned, he say we can watch x-men during moonlight marshall - u'll see cyclops, xavier, magneto, nightcrawler and juggernaut. (the first 3 all share the similarity of either staring and not doing any work done)while the last one can be used to described those that bother to chiong. oh and we shld all get CSB badge, where CSB aint combat skills badge, but instead carry sandbags badge... stupid MG post. now all we are left is to wait till 240809 then POP lo! [anyone interested to come? haha]

so naturally after a really crappy week eating combat rations and doing loads of SK with fucked up ppl who complain and whine yet do nothing but slack, we gotta FEAST and PARTY! feast coz ytd was my dad's birthday so we went to shangri la hotel for their buffet promotion where one gets a discount of the person's age on his/her brithday, eligible for up to 8ppl. ie. ytd was my dad's 51 bdae so we get 51% off from the bill, meaning we pay arnd 27 bucks for a buffet which usually cost 60 bucks haha. cool rite :D

then party was the night part, where some of the platoon guys went to zouk and party our asses off. met up with them ( sam, sandeep, yihe, shawn, guan hua, charn, clayton, zhi lun, wei xiang ) arnd 1030 liddat... yep so we basically partied the entire night away. half way a couple of shawn's frens also joined in lol. 6 full hours of partying :)

a more or less perfect day to end the not so perfect week haha.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

TIME FLIES... not like hawk or like a plane, but more like a rocket

its a funny thing how time works eh...

it was just not too long ago that we were all in j1 1st 3 months and during then i was still wearing the catholic high uniform. during then there was still the gang of clement, marcus, benjamin, weilin, and yihui. then that short and worry-free days were over, when sch really starts after PAE, then of course there is the whole 0622 class, where we had all our nonsensical days and also the mugging period before promos and the dreaded PW...

now fast forward a couple of months and i've retained, quit from kayaking in an abrupt manner, joined dragonboat for god knows what reason, went into a class with 21 girls and only one other guy. now that whole period of the nxt 2 years wld then be caught up in dragonboat training, classroom, library and the food court outside sch... not much of a life huh...maybe it explains why almost all my frens then were DB ppl and not the class. BUT strangely although it was tough work, but it was also gratifying. some points mayb i regret not interacting with the class a bit, ah but well those days are alr long over... *note that its already been 9 months since the A levels* now lets fast-forward a lil more.

so there we are, when i entered BMT on 080109, got my head cleanly shaven and into gryphon plt 3 section 2. made a couple more frens there and chased the common dream of entering OCS then. went through field camp, sitest. POP-ed 9 weeks later. told i was to b posted to SISPEC. couple of us had our dreams flushed down the toilet, others cldn't care less either way. then came SISPEC where by life was totally different from BMT, this 8 weeks again flew by rapidly, where new friendship was forged.however as time goes by, we start to forget or at least stop talking to ur other frens frm BMT or even frm sch... then come MP spec course, another new course with new ppl to meet and befriend. spent so much time in the auditorium listening to lectures after lectures on law, enforcement, war time ops, leadership roles, sect commanders responsibilities etc. so there goes another 10 weeks and before u know it, its AUGUST. calissa left for aussie to further her studies while the girls are all starting sch soon as in this week or the week after. as for the 0622 ppl, about the same just that the guys are left 5 more months to ORD...

yep, now who says time is crawling? oh and the big digit 2 is gonna b on my age real soon too...

all these coz i met clement at north point just now and we talked bout the good old days and how i have been uncontactable due to the change in hp no. and how i ran past him at ecp every sat without noticing him run past in the opp direction. strange how frens can turn to passer-bys with one agent called time.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

21km time trial.

finally hit under 2h today. 1h53min for 21km. haha PB for me. but can be better due to the whole mess up at the osim triathlon area before our actual turning point. but then as usual im still considered slow amongst the rest. aaron ran like 1h23min (din exactly do the full run down, missed bedok jetty to come back earlier, but even so its at most another 1-2km plus) while heider and prejeet were around 1h45-48. damn... i'll always feel slow running with these ppl lol. oh wells, still good run. must try to be able to hold my pace even after 18km... (: