Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Life is a/an

challenge. meet it.
gift. accept it.
adventure. dare it.
sorrow. overcome it.
tragedy. face it.
duty. perform it.
game. play it.
mystery. unfold it.
song. sing it.
opportunity. take it.
journey. complete it.
promise. fulfill it.
love. enjoy it.
beauty. praise it.
struggle. fight it.
spirit. realise it
puzzle. solve it.
goal. achieve it.

then there is one last one which i like best.

Life is a bitch. fuck it.


Saturday, November 14, 2009


shit ORD season is here and i gotta wait for another 4 FREAKING LONG seasons before its my turn. 1 more yr to go and all i see and hear these days be it on fb, msn or in camp is ppl talking bout them getting back their pink ic and freedom...

a lot of things happened recently... my bro just finished his IB exams and now waits for his turn to have his brain turned off to hibernation for the nxt 2 yrs, im half way through my driving lessons. left bout the last 10 subj, i became from a GP tutor to an econs tutor... just had the first lesson tdy... was a srjc gal called fonteyn (err as for the other 2 ex students... yea one just embarked on his A's the other stop for hol break), as for in camp stuff, been thinking of how to implement new ideas for the RPs... oh and i almost died running the NB 15km real run. (guard room syndrome: grow fat, slack, eat and just rot till CSM aka slurpy comes by), new RSM coming tmr for a visit before he takes over on the 25th.

haha anw tdy my DL was a total failure lol. it was the first lesson i only passed one subj for one lesson... stupid u-turn. i think i was half asleep by the time i finished the first hr. zzzzzzz. gosh to think i slept at 10 last nite and woke up at 7 yet i still feel so tired... haha. i cant last pass 10 these days lol.