Sunday, May 31, 2009

not just complete, but survived haha

i survived.

a 42.195 full marathon in 6h 22 min.
frankly speaking the timing is crap due to the 2nd half which took me almost 4h to complete due to the massive run and cramp period starting from 26km onwards. so it was run then stop/walk for till the end... zzz well i deserved it since i din really trained for such a long dist at all... at least i did it before the sun really rise.

thanks solo, for running with me all the way haha. oh and kaiyu for playing the cat and mouse game with us from the 21km mark onwards haha. all in all, its a mental and physical challenge to complete the whole thing i guess. timing wise hopefully will improve by the time it reach SCM if im going. (:

Friday, May 29, 2009

run run run

i tink its fated for me to start running again...
my PS is some crazy guy who ran every single running event there is... SCM, AHM, aviva, OSIM tri, not to mention sundown 84km (mind u, its 84 = 2 x full marathon of 42.195km, which so happens to be the one that im going for tmr.) utter madness... and i went to his table that day and happened to see all his certs and medals... way too many to count and their timings were really good too haha.

well yah, so yihe who is also in my platoon ( whole course only 49 mp spec trainees so one platoon only) so happily told my PS that i was running on sat... this well sort of got me roped into the whole running for AHM prolly as a competitive runner thing. so im basically gonna have to train harder than most ppl which to me aint such a bad thing either as it helps build for SCM in dec too haha.

well thats bout it for the day i guess, back to 12 more weeks of tonnes of lectures and nothing else (1 outfield and more running at most) haha. best of luck for tmr's sundown

pride. discipline. honor.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

better stop lazing around too much

time to pick up my running shoes and start exercising decently.
cut out all the unnecessary junk food and kick up a proper trng routine... i haven been really doing much for the past 5 months in the army in terms of physical fitness i guess. true that my running and chin ups are still maintained some what at a decent level but i feel totally unhealthy and sickly these days.

ok sat's sundown will kickstart the whole program lol. and i will prolly go for SCM at the end of the yr [most likely it'll be on 061209] and see how far i improved ( i hope... and if i can survive saturday's race first haha)


PS: twilight still suck. usually the book will b better than the movie. but then to me, its still bad. too draggy and no motivating factor for u to continue reading... mayb coz ive only read till page 170+ ... and its barely starting to show that bella finds out edward is a vamp. and way too many unecessary bella tinks of edward and is head over heels bout him. aka girl's book

and house of night really rocks way better. very harry potter feel. but still nice. may buy the nxt book haha. cant say the same bout twilight.

err really long post. but well a rather eventful day too haha

 this week though was absolutely boring even though i din have to go to camp due to the one week leave. even if u wanna go out, there was no one available as most ppl are in camp or at work lol. anw yea went to watch "night of the museum 2" today at cine.

before i forget, i realised today that a long bus trip to and fro town and home may not b that boring after all haha. ok first i was on 167, then this really ancient old man boarded. and mind u, when i say ancient i do mean ancient. its like those fantasy books where they say talk about this old hermit that stays in some secluded side off town, where he has silver hair, wrinkled all over, totally pale and well to me, he looked like a person off the grave ( srly no insults meant, but u get what i mean).

yea then when the bus reached novena that area (near this hotel, forgotten the name), a really erm... pretty/gorgeous girl boarded. (think magazine cover girl type) srly almost everyone turned and looked at her as she walked by ( i do mean everyone, not just guys but also the ladies and aunties too haha). furthermore she was dressed so elegantly, prolly for a wedding event or something. too bad she alighted off at far east... where i saw she made a few more heads turned too as she alighted lol.

i tot thats enough bout the ppl, but i also happen to see the coy clerk with hugging his gf when i was on the bus and they were outside paragon lol. the bus happen to passby and stop just nice for me to spot them ... 

ok yea so finally met up with kt, hl, jonathan and wk. i realised i haven seen all the db ppl for quite a long time. army screws up each others schedules... big time. well yeap back to the point where we watched "night of the museum 2". not bad. quite hilarious and also the plot was ok. 
amy adams as amelia earheart was quite cute too i guess haha.( ok life in ns makes me seem a lil too desperate, and like alex puts it, it'll make ur eyes scan way too often, which could lead to real awkward but funny situations like the one at long john's tdy hahaha) met brandon and wanyin on the way to the theatre who are both watching the same show at the same place and time lol. nice coincidence.

so after the movie, i collected the sundown mara race tag from jj. (basically i will die running the ful nite marathon nxt sunday starting at changi v. to ecp, then tampines and pasir ris. and back.
good luck to myself...) ok then i met up with the rest once agn and we chatted while walking the entire stretch of orchard, stopping at lucky plaza mac for ice cream and dinner.. so ltr just before i went home i met brandon on the way to orchard mrt agn... and we chatted for half an hr or so... in the underpass haha. such a weird place to talk haha. but well loads to catch up on anw.

yeap so the day basically ended with me getting a haircut at amk (before i fear that the camp does something nasty bout it on mon. well it was long for a trainee standard i guess. though it barely reach my normal sch days length haha) and settling my phone bill stuff with the hello! shop.

(monday mowbray camp at yew tee. interesting)
finally done. cya (:

Saturday, May 23, 2009

alas its smu acc

ok first and foremost, ive decided to choose smu accountancy. 
yep i know at first i said i was reluctant to go there due to various reasons and all. but then ive decided that in a course like accountancy, 
1. i dun tink its worth going into a economics degree just to go to the working world and worry like crap coz ur degree is a real general one.  hey every firm needs an accountant lol
2. smu's acc grads do earn more than ntu... 
3.  i can experience my uni campus life in the city in smu or overseas haha coz smu has lots of such programs (:
4. degree from which uni doesnt really matter 

ok ok. it sounds a bit contradictary to what i used to tink but wth... act now and tink bout how to cope with the crazy work load later. acc is a mugger course with loads of crap work for the first couple of yrs... including midnight oil burning.

oh and speaking of uni, i tink this yr i can say 75% of the ppl i know are gonna go nus haha, unlike last yr was ntu. and not just nus... its all nus fass...

Monday, May 18, 2009


watched "angels & demons" with bourne, jj, and tandy at j8 ytd. lol, after going to amk hub or orchard for so long, i suddenly felt j8 was pathetic haha, nothing to do or see. dunno how i even survived there for the past 6 yrs since cat high days haha. anw i went to get the 2 books (twilight and marked- house of night series) i mentioned ytd at popular too. yea, so met up, then went to eat thai express. quite funny there. 

jj: can i have a yellow ginger chicken rice
waiter:  its very very very spicy, u know. u sure u dun wanna order something else?
jj: i tink i can handle it
waiter: are u sure? its very very spicy...
jj: yea i'll have it.
------ when the food is served------

waiter( while serving to jj his meal) : good luck!

------ after eating for a while------

jj: ok i admit, its a bit spicy.
(no more water in the cup)
(waiter who was watching there the whole time, waiting for him to admit, straight away came and serve up the water lol, of course with a smile in her face. [she won] )

angals and demons is not too bad IF u had not read the book beforehand. however if u've done so, then u wld feel bit cheated or confused as some parts of the movie warped the actual character's personality/ background or even the way the carmelengo suppose to die. well, it took away some meaning from the book itself i guess. yet with that said, it was to me still not bad, as u are able to see what Dan Brown was trying to illustrate. e.g. the churches beauty or even seeing the harecters come alive. 

PS: my email add has no link with the movie lol. i rmb i created it in sec 2 i tink, before the book haha.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

leisure shopping cum book tour lol

spent the day shopping for clothes and stuff at orchard. got myself a pair of jeans and couple of shirts too (:

anw i also went to kinokuniya and borders to check out some nice books to keep my brain alive over the nxt few months/years or so. basically wanted to read the twilight series, house of night series, and city of bones series. incidentally i realised all had female main charecters and were more or less partial romance stories too haha. anyone has any of the above mentioned titles?? care to lend me haha.

ok then ltr met up with yy n zhe jun for a mac meal lol. simple meal yet still enjoyable. caught up all the lost time since god knows when... i tink was almost a month or 2 alr zzz... time really flies. bmt is still as of now the most fun place ever haha. well hope they enjoy it yea.

smu vs nus vs ntu

hmmm uni acceptance is really becoming a pain in a neck. at first u apply hoping to get what u want. then u wait... and wait... then when u get it, u either get a surprise or for my case its the "oh... i got xxxx course" or pure disappointment ( for some ppl luckily not myself). then after the stage of euphoria or emotion rollercoaster (whatever u might call it...), u have to face the reality of which one is best for u and ur future. one click of the button is all it takes. 

dilemma in front of me

pros- good reputation
cons- lack of direct honors and also a need to bid for the course u wanna take. ie. ur course is not yet confirmed.

NTU (economics):
pros- direct honors program. meaning straight away in depth study. not wasting time.
cons- not as established globally as compared to nus

SMU (accountancy)
pros: quite good in singapore. i dun mind doing accountancy for a career. 
cons: too young to be established in the world. and i hate the idea of forcing ppl to talk to get the other half of ur exam grades.

at the end of it, this whole thing gives me a major headache. too much choice can sometimes be a bad thing lol. frankly speaking i wld have just simply choose nus if not for the bidding system. 3 yrs away from books will kill u.

Friday, May 15, 2009

pop lo! MP ftw (:

POP lo!
gonna go into military police command school (:
hopefully it'll mean i can get the slackest of all vocations there
civilian attire + working hrs 8am-5pm + shift work. if not so lucky then i heard got chance go istana be ceremonial guard lol. 

all right yea (:

ok past week was quite ok with not much events going on in camp lately as it was the last week of course. e.g. monday we only had 3-5 min of activity and otherwise all slacking in bunk, while tues was more or less nights out and bit of drills in the morn.

HOWEVER, i have to say that there are pure retards in the section that are purely selfish, lazy and blur. at first if u choose to ignore all these flaws, maybe u can still bear with the person. but that was all till he decide to use his fist to settle conflicts. fine, say ppl disturb/ tell u off, but then punching the guy aint gonna solve ur prob. so now basically the whole section ostracised him completely lol. not a single word in the last week of course. pure sad.


ok on the otherhand its also quite sad that we all gotta leave each other. after all the fun and nonsensical stuff we did tgt over the past 2 mths, now the process of splitting up, making new frens in new environment repeats itself all over again. grr... sian...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

bleeding love

Closed off from love 
I didn't need the pain 
Once or twice was enough 
And it was all in vain 
Time starts to pass 
Before you know it you're frozen


But something happened 
For the very first time with you 
My heart melted into the ground 
Found something true 
And everyone's looking 'round 
Thinking I'm going crazy 

But I don't care what they say 
I'm in love with you 
They try to pull me away 
But they don't know the truth 
My heart's crippled by the vein 
That I keep on closing 
You cut me open and I 

Keep bleeding 
Keep, keep bleeding love 
I keep bleeding 
I keep, keep bleeding love 
Keep bleeding 
Keep, keep bleeding love 
You cut me open 

Oooh, oooh... 

Trying hard not to hear 
But they talk so loud 
Their piercing sounds fill my ears 
Try to fill me with doubt 
Yet I know that their goal 
Is to keep me from falling 

Hey, yeah! 

But nothing's greater 
Than the rush that comes with your embrace 
And in this world of loneliness 
I see your face 
Yet everyone around me 
Thinks that I'm going crazy
Maybe, maybe

But I don't care what they say 
I'm in love with you 
They try to pull me away 
But they don't know the truth 
My heart's crippled by the vein 
That I keep on closing 
You cut me open and I 

Keep bleeding 
Keep, keep bleeding love 
I keep bleeding 
I keep, keep bleeding love 
Keep bleeding 
Keep, keep bleeding love 
You cut me open 

And it's draining all of me 
Oh they find it hard to believe 
I'll be wearing these scars 
For everyone to see 

I don't care what they say 
I'm in love with you 
They try to pull me away 
But they don't know the truth 
My heart's crippled by the vein 
That I keep on closing 
You cut me open and I 

Keep bleeding 
Keep, keep bleeding love 
I keep bleeding 
I keep, keep bleeding love 
Keep bleeding 
Keep, keep bleeding love 
You cut me open and I 

Keep bleeding 
Keep, keep bleeding love 
I keep bleeding 
I keep, keep bleeding love 
Keep bleeding 
Keep, keep bleeding love 
You cut me open and I 
Keep bleeding 
Keep, keep bleeding love

u'll always be on my mind (:

loads of random stuff

this week in camp was rather slacker than usual considering that all key events has been cleared and in another week we wld b passing out of bslc and getting our beret/corporal rank after the 28 km route march.

however i guess in the bunk emotionally wise it had been quite rock-bottom... coz i wld say army life takes a toll on many relationships, with a toll count of about 4 ppl that i know of having either break-ups or major quarrels just within one week. rather sad eh... anw its times like these where i gotta say that bourne and loyi are sort of miracles haha [getting into a relationship DURING ns (:]

on top of that we have the end-of-course depression coz just when u got to know each other, we gotta part again... its rather irritating to have to go through the process all over again of getting to make new frens just to have it seperated again in couple months time zzz.

well after saying all that, we also had our fun and laughter this week, watching movies in bunk and also having nights out at jurong point on wed, in fact i tink i watched almost 9 movies over the week so far haha. (euro trip, star dust, harold and kuma, ip man, devil wears prada, i am legend... and the list goes on lol) cheers to nxt tues nites out again haha

well as for the weekend so far, it was quite ok so far. ytd met up with some of the 0622 peeps, bout 10 of us turned up at amk hub, not bad for our class alr haha its usually the same few ppl that meet up all the time lah, the rest always not free de... 

as for tdy, my family went to my niece, cassie's birthday party lol. nothing much to talk bout other than finally being able to see all my other nieces and nephew since dunno when haha... seldom meet my other cousin's children as their family only recently came back frm US after my cousin's pilot trng. oh and one interesting thing bout their names is...

4 children.
1. Ryan
2. Shanon
3. Amber
4. Faith

so take the first letter of each name and they read RSAF. ie. Republic of Singapore Air Force.
aka my cousin's job haha. quite cool eh.