Sunday, November 30, 2008

nw that i think about it,
it feels like months since A levels had passed, yet it was barely 2 weeks ago.
yet each day seems to fly by ever so fast. everyday being busy wif something and always moving on so fast. my dad says its because im moving on to the nxt phase of life away from all the structured schooling into ns and then to tertiary education...

i guess life do pass really fast and unexpectedly. this is esp so in light of the mumbai tragedy where a singaporean woman was killed. she had everything. a family, just gt married, a sucessful career, wonderful grades, always partying... yet all was taken away in a flash that faithful night though she was staying in a 5 star hotel thought to b safe from all these threats. its just really sad to see a budding wonderful life just taken away like that, yet at the same time one really wonder wth these terrorist really want to achieve. its utterly ridiculous to kill innocent lives and claim that u are some hero or martyr... radical thoughts. really contradictary, isnt it?

oh well thats just some food for thought... cya
6 weeks to ns...

PS: if anyone gt those really temporary jobs of lyk 2-3 weeks, call me lol. or if u have any siblings who nd tuiton for maths english and geog also can :)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

spent the last 2 days shopping for prom clothes. from this experience, i realised how troublesome guy stuff can get. i mean girls just need to shop for one dress and heels and its done. guys need to find shirt pants jacket shoes... nt to mention belt and whatever nt. so much so that its driving me nuts. coz hw many ppl wld have a formal shirt pants shoes or belt for that matter :( tmr will b round 3 of shopping and hopefully the last round. shopping is sooo a girls thing and i really wonder hw they can do this everyday. just one afternoon is enough to make me feel traumatised lol. jkjk haha

anyway was at sitex wif zl and yy ytd. and omg there were like so many ppl!!! just to eat a dinner at bk, yy queued for 30min -.-"....
was looking for a cpu/desktop while yy and zl was finding lcd monitor and earpiece respectively. meanwhile saw a couple of ny ppl working along the way. kristine, yh, piper and one other indian guy whom i dun know the name :P

tdy is cousin renee's wedding :)))
went to aunt qun hse this morn for the tea ceremony. ltr gg for the wedding dinner lol. this wedding makes all the aunties and uncles all so excited. they keep saying that in the nxt 10years all of us will get married by then and they can all carry babies and be grandmas and grandpas lolol. there is lyk 17 of us and that makes it like every year about 2 will get get married -.-"""

oh wells gotta go soon. meanwhile ive got 4 goals to settle by end of dec or this week settle prom stuff, go overseas either hk or bali wif zl and yy, get started wif driving lessons and settle my army necessities ( phone, specs, stuff to bring blah and of course fitness). so much to do in so lil tym....cya!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

ok its 3:20 pm and i just woke up lol.
had db chalet ytd. super fun lol.

all thanks to mr lee's brilliant plan of drinking water for black jack instd of playing with money. basically instd of losing money one drinks cups of water as replacement. soooo.... in the end aft 2 rnds, most of us drank like at least 14 cups of water. hey dun think it sounds very little. go try it urself if u dun believe. u'll feel water really is gross. right yy? hahaha luckily i only had to drink 5 cups lol :) lady luck was on my side haha another lesson earnt is that gambling is really a losing game lol. if u dun gamble u alr win :)

oh yah the forfeits for all the games were really OMG. too explicit or gross to say it here esp when i was one of the victims who did nt nd to do the forfeit but was still part of it.... 

oh and drunk ppl DO spurt out nonsense lol (cats lay eggs???) haha. anfd getting a hangover really suck. do eat and drink loads of water before drinking lol.

Monday, November 24, 2008


swam ytd at hougang wif alex and gang. tdy was soccer at cage lol. seems like its really sports everyday haha. 

oh and im finally BRACES FREE! HAHA 
gt it out tdy and will have to wear retainers on aft nxt week. lol finally after 3 yrs since 1st 3 mths in j1 till tdy 24th dec 2008. nw i will nt have any problems wif food or veg stuck in the braces agn urgh... yah. and i'll have a beautiful smile agn :D haha

Saturday, November 22, 2008

ytd and tdy lol

ytd went dim sum buffet at chinatown with bran, zl and yh. ate until super full haha. food nt bad and the service was quite ok bah. we ate so much that we all got a stitch just running 20m for the bus ltr when heading to orchard lol!

the bus ride was super funny lol. bran fell asleep on e bus, so we all decided to b damn mean and leave him on e bus LOL while we alight... then call him aft we came down. his reaction was classic lah haha super funny lol. anyway ltr met up wif yy at lido to watch city of ember. DO NOT GO WATCH IT FOR UR OWN SAKE. ITS SUPER LONG AND DRAGGY. nice storyline but super super draggy. u'll get pissed watching it lol. oh yah also saw calissa at lido dere while waiting for yy to come who conveniently gt himself lost at orchard -.-"
aft that we went arcade to play some racing games and a retarded mario game which was utterly LOL. cool man, haven had such fun for a long time esp with bran that joker arnd lol.

ok as for tdy, it was pretty much a joke. river regatta. we won the j1 guys for the heats timing but din qualify as we gt 4th in our heats they gt 2nd in theirs. nt that we wanna come tmr either too haha. mixed we gt owned by them they 1st we last in the same race haha. well the feeling of racing was quite cool though and we had our fair share of fun and laughter :)

nw tym to go out again to meet darren james and gang. cya!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

ok prom officially suck. to bother so much bout what to wear is a total hassle. decide to put it off till nxt week after the chalet to settle it. so troublesome must think of shirt, pants shoes and jacket or blazer whatever... last time in cat high no one really cares bout what to wear coz its like all guys and there is nothing much to bother. but nw wif girls in the pic it makes the whole thing so much more troublesome as everyone all want to look nice lol.

omg im nv gonna go to bedok by bus ever agn frm home... it took me almost 2h (ok maybe 1h45min to b exact) to reach bedok reservoir! compared to 50min last time this really suck... made me late for trng today :( was late by 20min lah. i hate the morn jams. even wif the bus lanes. it really irks me esp if cars cut into the lane when they are nt suppose to... irritating.

well anyway trng today was considered nolstalgic in some sense. got to see ah hee, then row in the boat wif the rest of the guys and feel the wind in ur hair haha. quite cool. BUT...  due to the absence of any exercise over the past 7mths we pretty much died out really quickly lol. we cant even get our starts right haha this i guess wld more or less predict our performance on sat. realistically we go there only to row one race haha.

ok. that pretty much sums up my day. other than my sis frens coming over and doing stupid things lol. tym to find something to do for tmr

Tuesday, November 18, 2008



went to play squash just nw in sch wif yy, jason and ben lol. tmr will b db! haha seems like a sports weekend too with regatta on sat and sun. 

nxt week will b db chalet first and then gone wif my braces all on mon and tues.

7wks more of freedom and fun lol! im so gonna do everything i can and want to within this time frame!

Monday, November 17, 2008

time is srly crawling away pathethically slow lately. it blazes by when u need it most and when u want it to pass it doesnt even inch pass u, instead think nanometer(10^-9)  or something... gosh

comon i cant wait to sit for tat bloody mcq ppr to get over with this A's. my effective work for the past 5 days was zero. nothing seems to go in neither do i bother trying to make it go in lol.
ok time to rot away agn till tmr 9am :)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Its over! NOT!

Woo! its finally over! haha 
or at least unofficially over for me. and officially over on the 18 nov lol

well i tried to do abit of phy u see, but my concentration is like 5 mins each time. so i did the most obvious thing... that is nt bother and just relax haha. its a stupid mcq and i dun see why i have to be tortured just to endure this 5days pretending to study lol. oh yah since we are on the topic of A's, i tink h2 econs was screwed. esp the csq. totally writing bull, on the other hand human geog was cool. came out all i studied for :) so nw hopefully i pray... ntu biz or nus biz lol and no more maths phy blah for me. 

today marks the start of my intense FTF (flab to fab) trng lol. nd to get back all that 7 mths of couch potato/mugging fats fast. if nt SOMEONE will start saying im fat to distress agn... jkjk haha

went to swim today at bishan. haha did about 2km or 40 laps in an hr. pretty slow i guess considering i used to do 2.4km in under an hr during kayak days where ms choong was dere yelling/ mocking at us if we were slow. ok so nw im really shagged. after my 8th lap i was pretty much breathless and my shoulders were sore lol. * this means this hol aint gonna b a real hol lol gotta make up in 2mths* budden sports i think will make this rather fun. 

btw river regatta nxt sat at clark quay lol. hw m i sup to row a 300m sprint category lol... do come down and show support or watch me die haha... yah lol

okie nw off to relax and slack haha bb!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

ooo.... maths is over! luckily it was pretty ok. 1st time my p2 went so smoothly :)goodbye to the 2 prelim books, complex, vectors, blah blah and all that A lv tys. into the box where it'll not see daylight till my sis opens it 2 yrs later haha! u have served ur purpose and im sooo not gonna touch u ever :)

ah finally i can start counting down to the end of A's with my fingers! LOL. 10 more days to go!
cant wait till it all ends! all the activities are already slowly being planned haha though it haven really end yet :)
not to mention im sooo gonna dump all my ny sch uniforms away. haha

left with geog p2 econs and phy :) considered the much lighter subjects to me coz less memory but more concept wif the exception of geog p2. but well im alr in a hol mood lol. darn... 

21st nov river regatta, 24th nov remove braces! and every other day wld be play, train and have fun with nothing to do with books for the nxt 2yrs or so haha. (for a long time i haven got to play w/o a nagging conscious saying u shld be mugging )
and hopefully gg to bali or some short trip wif some of the guys b4 i enlist. nt to mention meet up wif the 0622 ppl once more aft the guys come back frm their jungle trip lol. so many things to do within one short month but well it seems all so worth it esp after this A's. 

bball, soccer, tennis, cycling, chalet, movie, pool, bowling anything haha all set to enjoy (even or esp those things i nv do before! must try before i sign my name in for life...) YAY! collect A's result in army fatigues lol.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


ok... A lvl's is not as bad as i tot... gp geog and maths p1 down and out :)

discretionary warning:

having said that and seeing myself, i tink i fared ok so far :)))
- gp was coz got migration and another life saver opt which was so geog...
- geog was pissing coz all those i wished came out for essay instd came out in drq... but luckily i prepared back up essays just in case it din come out. trust in a certain someone is obviously not totally wise in this case *phew* however i din finish my hydro essay the way i wanted it... seems mediocre coz my last few lines were super rushed through...
- as for maths, i cld say im rather safe aft checking my ans wif ppl arnd and this guy who posted all the ans on stomp... pm me for the link if u want it or u can simply google it :)

but on a whole most ppl are saying that all the papers are hard like bio, chem, gp, maths blah so im counting my blessings haha as long as i dun screw up the rest it wld be otherwise not bad lah

ok now for the nxt half of the fight. wif econs and the other half of all geog and maths soon. jy to all yah, and dun giv up no matter how sucky u think u did, miracles do happen in these exams :)

oh yah jj, stop making me even more depressed wif all ur sucky army life blog post lol. esp since u were once an army siao-kia and for army to make u change ur mind makes me really wonder haha...

Saturday, November 1, 2008

its quite amazing how 5 stupid subs are making everyone all afraid... when we were taking like 8 subs in the past and it seemed like a breeze then. 

now every moment is super precious just to squeeze in any bit of info in ur head... geog is a nice sub to read but it so aint mugging frenly. i mean can u imagine doing 6 topics with each topic split into 10 sub parts?!?! thats like 60 parts in all! wth... my greatest worry now is my phy... all my j2 topics are in a mess. and i dun have tym to settle it...

thanks to these A's ive been spending literally half a day mugging everyday ending only at 12mn everyday. 16h awake with 12h mugging the rest is travelling or eating with an occasional break... not to mention having unknowingly lost 3kg over the past month or so and loads of sleepless nites. even the last 2 nites i was dreaming and it was bout econs and geog respectively 0.O 
ok this really seems bad... i need to get back my life soon.


cant wait to get this heavy load of my back... cya then!