Monday, September 29, 2008

haha can see u all spent loads of effort on it, esp the "ear phone" and the "gingerbread man" on the card :)

yesterday was the inaugaral F1 race in sg. damn sian lah, ferrari was like 1st and 3rd then in the end 5th and 13th i think.. massa was like damn suai lor... it was def a technical fault by the pit stop semi auto green light system...then he left with the fuel tube stuck on the car. wtf lah from first and leading pre game fav to dead last all due to a simple mistake... life is just unfair in that sense i guess. ended up fernando alonso bagged the championship though he started at 15th pos, partly i believe if his other partner din crash and the safety car had to come out, i think he wldn't do that well. 

this thing is like the china tainted milk incident. it doesnt matter how well u perform in the past, when the world looks, they only care about ur current position whether is it first or not. u are either famous or infamous. no one can imagine that it was just a month ago that beijing hosted its olympics with such awe and splendor with this current incident which affected 53000 infants in the country alone. 7 years of work just went to the gutters due to some unscupulous greedy idiots... 

贪婪, 懒惰, 怨恨, 

these things cause innocent lives and unecessary probs...

Friday, September 26, 2008

happy belated birthday to tandy!
 happy birthday to jia jie!

met the 0622 ppl yesterday at novena for dinner. lol the class gathering as usual became more of like less than half the class only with the usual few ppl minus a couple more. aka. jj, roy, bourne, daph, mp, loyi and me. considering that some are stuck in camp its alr considered quite good alr haha. it was lyk so long since i saw most of them lah... i tink was like in april before they enlist... haha at least we still keep in touch aft so long lol.

today was utterly horrid... stupid flu. spoilt my whole day. i was lyk a walking zombie for most part of the day... though admittedly lessons was also quite boring too. got back econs too :) for the first tym in the year i passed it! woot! lol. got a C somemore haha. could have done better but chose the 2 25m qn and screwed my whole thing up. 

so my prelim grades are as of now B(phy geog but i tin will become at most C coz of old man), C, D,U, D. passable but not acceptable at this stage i guess. 

oh yah mr leong today was damn funny and also damn -.-" 
he was lyk saying something lyk ppl get distracted when they see certain qn types and jump into it without tinking or something... then being his animated self he jump and jump... till he almost fall on dina lah! damn funny lol haha he always so cartoon de.

as for the -.-" part is coz he ask we all to stay back for extra lesson after econs at 130. so we waited till after he had his lunch/breakfast... then when he finally came up at arnd 215 he went to book consultation slots wif all the ppl who din do well... and at first i tot later still got lesson. turns out he cancelled it. ie . i waited for 1h in the rm for nothing lah coz i din hav to book wif him consultation -.-"

to think i could have slept an extra hr or go watch movie wif jj they all... lol btw in the end i was so sian that i went home and slp all the way till 730..

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

best and worst papers so far

geog p1 only :)

phy whole thing :( 

but then again its rather expected anyway considering the amount of effort placed.
also regret neglecting my human geog paper. waste my decent geog grades for p1.
pray can get at least a decent E grade for human and i can get a C for geog :)))

terrence was imba for tat paper lah. 71/100. even beat the usual top scorer. i think sure overall top for this paper liao. but then he also say p2 sure screw liao lolz. but then again he only needs 49 to get a B lah...

oh yah my sis got this nyjc pamplet to ask them to join our sch (see she is in sec4 this yr). and i think its crappy. lol. looks like some health brochure u giv pri sch kids lol. will upload it another day. and... the sch is totally siding the db girls team lah. got like 4-5 photos on the girls team n the front page the cartoon also girls team de. and no sign of the guys team existence somemore... wth lah. lol. but then again it also almost neglected most of the other ccas too. haha.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


this is the first tym i see mr leong so sad giving out the maths prelim results man...
usually he'll be lyk "comon class i know u all can make me proud for the nxt exam. my wish for the class is that all of u pass. " this tym he was more lyk, " your class is ranked 36 out of a total of 36..." *shakes head* 

our class had only 5 who passed out of 17... that's real sad lor... its lyk i can see ppl put in effort, but still fail... haiz well the world is harsh. well jiayou ppl... must keep on practicing and try to rmb key mtds k? last month alr and we'll all nv have to touch maths again :)

for me i passed though. got 52 liddat. im not saying anything but all i can say its quite disappointing in some sense that my pure maths din't do as well as expected and my stats needless to say was worst coz of the regression and some conceptual error...
this is lyk prelim alr and yet still scraping through gosh. i mean im relieve that i passed *thank God* but lyk my dad would put it anything below 60 is red zone. only 70 plus is green. this month is crucial i guess. 

tmr will be fun. see how i come back from h1 lesson. sure die de. he sure kb coz my phy is badly done... oh well cya all. and just keep working and dun giv up. one more month and even if u wan to work hard then also no chance. :)

Monday, September 22, 2008

mobile love story and sense of home!

the eye of the storm is leaving us and now we are dumped back into the area of torrential rains strong winds, this time left to battle it all out till nov 18th for me... while some are earlier and the others later. before school officially start we are alr piled with work to do alr. geog and maths... great signal to get back to work soon.

watched mobile love story and sense of home last nite. both locally produced but overseas filmed. like to applaud mediacorp for finally coming up with decent shows on both channel 5 and 8. sense of home was nice prob coz i get to see the european nations and the little short stories about how singaporeans live their lives there. and then there is a mobile love story... another rather nice show considering that the plot seems rather fresh and we dun have to see the typical neighbourhood auntie charecter in the show :) i srly cant stand such shows, makes it seems so.... erm typical? lol cant find another word for it... but one of the reasons why i hate some of the local dramas is that the plot always seems so predictable and unoriginal lol. guy meets girl, then like her, girl dun like him at first, then always bicker, then from hate to love... unoriginal lol. furthermore this show was filmed in shanghai which i stayed for 3 wks aft my pw exams then, so i could also sort of relate to the place more. was like ooo... " i was there before! " type of thing haha

now back to finding my mojo to kick start my engine. as yy always say: laziness kills. i agree... stop work for 4 days and it totally kills any mood to do anything else.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

watched "the step brothers" yesterday. super hilarious but also quite crude in that sense too i think.i guess it has its reasons for that being M18  haha. srly speaking i haven watch an M18 show that is worth the money lol. its either too much gore or too much sexual content to the extent it devalues the whole show. then again i guess these shows do have little meaning in the first place lol.

the weather lately has been blistering hot in the day and freezing at night... utter madness. effects of global warming? meaning in the morn i would try to go swim or something to burn all the exam accumulated fats and at night i'll be shivering like mad in my bed even with my blanket on :'( 

 prelims is over and its time to pick up the scraps from the massacre lol... with A lvls less than 40 days away i dun believe i still played my entire 3 days away lol time seems to fly when u are having fun eh...

come on pull urself tgt for the last 2 months. to think of it  30 plus days for 4 subj meant one week per subj... LOL. horrible JC syllabus...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

False Hopes

got pawned by this week's exams especially the 2 subj i pinned the most hopes on both got pawned...

first maths, then geog... ahhh global just left the 7mk combine qn blank not to mention the first 12 mk was obviously rubbish... population was hard too or at least i'm sure gonna fail it coz i wrote more social ec issues than prox effects for the essay Either qn. all hopes lie on urban. all my marks assured today comes from there and the other pop drq and part a of the pop essay. the rest is just a lost cause. nothing much to say for the prelim alr other than all the first week papers are just false hopes.

whatever hopes last week papers gave all got washed down the drain and the only subj which damage din seem so bad was strangely econs... but then again its hard to say for it all depends on the marker...

by the way 3 more weeks of sch and we are officially out of this sch hmmm....

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

as usual i died at stats again. now i'll be happy if i just passed that paper considering i stupidly lost loads of marks from the last 2 qn which i think is worth 20 plus marks... not to mention my prob, p n c is also another cmi topic... pure maths pls save me!

i believe it will pull my p1 grades down by at least 2 grades so there goes my hopes of getting a decent grade for maths. pray that p1 i did fantastic enough not for yest p2 to kill me and still get a decent grade... 

later econs shall be another test of faith lol. csq. another portion which i hate doing...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

i know i shldn't be saying this when i still have one more week of prelims left, BUT I'M IN A FREAKING HOLIDAY MOOD ALR!

no mood to do maths, geog or anything. the bed seems nice and my fridge full of chocolate is tempting me haha, had ice cream on fri, yesterday was hershleys yesterday and let's see what i'll get today hmmm....

watched this channel 8 movie last night, "too young to love".  was bout this teenage pregnancy between some poor 18 yr old guy,Fu, and a 16 yr old rich lawyer's daughter,nam. was pretty touching on how they decide to run away from home together and live their so called utopian world in a village in HK. Fu had to find all sorts of jobs to make ends meet, while Nam was a housewife. they had to really live off the land, by planting their own potatoes, catch fish from the river etc, while Fu who worked in odd jobs, sometimes even resorted to stealing just to feed his pregnant girl. on the other side, we have their 2 way different parents worrying about them, Fu's parents were also like them, who had a shotgun marriage and loved each other and did not want to see their son follow the same path while Nam's parents are the well off type, with the father making all the decisions in everything Nam did, making her feel constricted and unhappy and yearn for a proper family like Fu's. hence the 2 vastly differing reactions to the entire pregnancy issue. in the end of course, Nam's dad who initially pressed charges on Fu for raping his daughter whom he falsely claim was underaged (below 16) finally softened and accepted the fact that Fu and Nam really truly loved each other and finally decide to act as the defendant of Fu in the court case which he initially pressed charges on lol.

was a pretty nice show. though too mushy for me to really like but well, i have to admit it was touching. haha damn i think this is one of the passive effects being in a predominantly girls class had done to me. in the past i wld nv even bother to watch such a show... not to mention like it lol (effects from an all boys surrounding for 4 yrs) fine maybe coz my sis wanted to watch it instead of SWAT on channel 5, but then again i wld have just walked off to my rm and slp in those days then watch the whole length of the show.  :)

Friday, September 12, 2008

i once told myself physics is ok just a matter of pressing calculator and putting figures into formula. now i changed my mind.

i hate physics
i hate physics
i hate physics
i hate physics

set such a difficult h1 paper for what lah. give the h2 ppl lah zzz
i did the paper in 1h 30min, not because i know how to do all the qns but i skipped so many that i had so much free time =.=

i could even think of what to eat for lunch or whether i shld just raise my hand and waste some time by going to the toilet...

i srly think that i'm just fated either to do ok in my h2s or do ok for my h1s not both tgt. mid yr last yr h2s ok h1's suck , promos h2's ok h1 suck, block test h2 ok h1 suck. last mid yr h2 suck h1 ok. see the alternating trend? and based on the exams so far i think the pattern is gonna continue... see the maths in it? lol

A levels's better be an anormaly where both do well :p

bottom line: i still hate physics

Thursday, September 11, 2008



Wednesday, September 10, 2008

why do i hate taking geog papers... coz mr yeo always make me feel like whatever i studied for is a waste. if not for wx telling me to study chpt 10, 11 i think i will just die there. din even understand or know how to do the hydro qn part b partly coz nv study. then litho only know how to do the mass movement one. the OR part is screwed (looks like a trap) so din bother.

even the DRQ was irritating. aint difficult but super tedious other than 2(i) and 4 last part whiich in my opinion can go and die. but still had to spam writing. strangely i wrote till my leg was numb -.- dun know why.

if u are wondering what's the ans for 2(i) it is....... convergence.


i'm gonna hate nxt week more. all my weakest link in each subj
maths stats.
geog human.
econs case study.
phy mcq.

out of which i have nv really passed any of each segment everytime an exam comes...
fine with the exception of human geog but i always scrap that one due to old man...

i heard miracles do happen. i pray this time will be one. my papers so far are still in the acceptable std range. dun let it fall and i think promo grades wld be attainable :)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

i hate globalisation. i hate global warming.

econs can might as well go kick to the drain again...
yesterday i still tot i had the whole morn today to study for my intl trade. i saw the timetable wrongly and mistook nxt week's paper as this week. luckily i double checked last nite before i went to slp. and to my horror its in the morn! so din study the entire intl trade at all... and my macro btw was considered skimming and browsing not even read not more revise.

and guess what... i decided to do the globalisation qn just now. as i was in need for time, and was practically scribbling every last word onto the paper by the time i finished the 2nd essay i just picked which ever that was freshest in my mem which btw is intl trade coz i read it just before assembly. screwed.

at least the other 2 qn wasn't as bad as i tot maybe other than qn 2 which seem very risky coz its on patent and monopoly and patent aint really in detail in the notes. but well i did manage to smoke 4+ pg out of it though. like heidi klum from project runway puts it, u are either in or u are out... from the point i see it, i really think so. coz not sure whether write correctly. pros and cons analysis of setting up a patent. why patent leading to monopoly is gd and why it can be bad hence we shld shorten it. as for the other qn, its the typical market failure qn on public and merit gd so that shld be safe.

now for geog tmr. hopefully it will be the true lifesaver. but wx says global warming impt according to W. so sian...


Monday, September 8, 2008


maths aint that bad but it aint that fantastic either. super tedious and almost everyone had to use up the max 3h to barely finish the paper. i think it shld be ok bah considering i made meticulous effort to make sure those i know how to do had no careless mistakes and so far all the ans i checked arnd seems to be the same as others so i pray can get a B or if God willing even an A *cross fingers* haha ( B seems more likely but A is a glimmer of hope. slim chance but hey if poss who doesn't want an A) but then again must n't keep hopes too high. for the higher u aim, the harder u crash. lol. we shall wait and see yah... based on stats it seems very possible for a B yet that was what i say all the time before seeing my grades crash due to carelessness zzz... well its over and no matter what the results, nothing can be done to change it. other than brushing up on paper 2 to secure the grade pfft...

tmr the fengshui paper. econs. hopefully this time got feng got shui (lately rainy and windy, ok this is really bull lol) then can do decent. just let me scrap a D or E and i'll be satisfied. market structure, market failure, and macro. no more dd/ss for me. i scared alr. that one esp the elasticity concepts damn troublesome. yes easy but too much to write and too little time. so no way. ok now back to econs... market failure and a bit of macro before dinner and the rest by tonite before Heroes! destress a bit haha. 2 more months and it'll be over and all that books can burn to hell for all i care

Sunday, September 7, 2008

why do all difficult maths questions only pop out on the day before the exam?? hate it when ppl ask me qn i dunno how to do... it wld greatly erode the confidence i took pains to build up for the past month. strange isn't it, how one qn can make u feel like u will fail though u had prev done hundreds of qn and got them correct in the end.


now i'm srly having doubts... wif everything 'ban tong shui'

frankly speaking i only wish those 2 do well, the rest can screw up for all i care. coz econs depends on feng shui de while phy haven even touch zzz...

i pray for strength and courage. not to be put off by these small little obstacles and focus on the big pic :)

i think this is literally "lin shi bao fo jiao" lol.

prelims tmr. wonderful life.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

the irony

that u want time to pass faster, yet u want more time to study.

that's life.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

101 things i wanna do and the 1 thing i dun wanna do

let's go with the easy one. the one thing i dun wanna do is...

now the more tempting one. the 101 things i wanna do. fine maybe not really 101 but u get the idea haha. these are just the top 10 on my list. in no specific order...

1) burn up all the notes and not see it for the rest of my life. i think i have enough of F=ma (fine maybe not really phy coz i didnt touch it at all but i'm still quite sick of it ) , complex no. AD/AS curve for a lifetime. fine maybe geog aint that bad but i still hate reading the global notes mr ng gave. not planning to do the essay on global for prelims and A's. catch no balls out of it.

2) learn a musical instrument. pref a guitar :) said that since sec 4 but nv really got the will power to even sign up for classes org by e sch. this however is gonna be a real uphill task coz i was nv really musically incline since the days of pri sch. i cant even get the hang of a recorder :P was always a sports person since young lol.

3) compile all the photos, cards, small little momentos of my life and either put it into a photo album or display it nicely on a shelf

4) go overseas with frens or even alone. just wanna explore and see the world a bit before entering army to become a bush man living in the jungle

5) finally get my own room at the new house :) personal space haha

6) start to exercise. run, swim, gym, play some sports etc i realise that i'm allergic to a sedentry lifestyle. ever since db and kayaking stop, i will have this running nose thing almost every alt day. however its not that i dun wan to exercise but lately its more that time dun permit...

7) learn wakeboarding. seems cool also another unfinished dream this time since j1 where i always hated the wakeboarders who made the waters so choppy always making me feel like capsizing on my pathetic kayak. this time i wanna be on the other party hehehe

8) finally sit down and read a book for leisure. something i dun remember doing ever since i read finished harry potter and the deathly hallows.

9) meet up wif all my old frens and just chill out. haven seen a lot of them in ages.

10) get a job and then use it to buy myself a new ear piece and up-grade my ipod. too little mem to fit all my songs. and i've been living with only one side of a ear piece for like a month now... though it doesnt really affect me that much but yah its nicer to have to listen to a song using BOTH ears haha

well now back to reality. yah i know it hurts but we cant be dreaming of all the things we want to do in the future and forget that there is an impending prelim and A level in 3 and 54 days time respectively... must 先苦后甜 as my mum always puts it. then again to think that i gotta be stuck in that ugly swamp uniform for 2yrs aint really that pleasant too. but i sure am looking forward to the period after A's and before NS haha. FOR FUN AND BLISS!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

ms ho

"ms karena ho was pleasantly surprised when she read the newspapers yesterday to find half a dozen well wishes splashed across the ST teacher's day edition."

" you are an A star teacher!" commented one of her students.

guess what lol she used to be my form teacher in p6 at ai tong pri! that's like 7 years ago lol.
really great teacher man. she was the one who encouraged me no matter what my grades were. always guiding me and helping me esp in my maths :) i was always super careless hence my crappy prelim grades then haha not that it changed much now lol. but i was this normal average kid in P6D '01 then when we recieved the PSLE results that day not only did i do well but i topped the class with 257! lol as compared to 226 during the prelims haha it was really all thanks to her with all that afternoon remedials and extra practice that i would do so well then.

i would still occasionally see her on the bus some days as i go to sch and she still remember me as the boy who surprised the whole class by topping the class... yet i cant bring myself to tell her how my results crashed and burn from sec school onwards. lol.

well at least its good to see that she's still impacting the kids in Ai Tong and doing well haha. this time i will make sure i dun screw up my A levels and end my formal education on a good note. this is in a way to live up to her expectations and dun "gu fu" her.

haha tmr going to sch for derick lee's mass remedial on intl trade. last ditch effort to do something about econs before the prelims. jia you ppl!