Saturday, June 27, 2009

ahm prac run

another morning spent at ecp, this time for a 21km run.

sian... 2h 12min. super slow can... how to reach 1h40min in 1.5mths zzz
anw at least the beach and sea tdy was really beautiful, different shades of green and the sand was a pale yellow in the morn sun. some times u wont believe its in singapore haha. sounds bit exaggerated but i tell u it really is quite serene (:

Friday, June 26, 2009

ppl reality

scenario 1. im on close terms with both A and B. but the thing is that B dun like A, while A who has no idea bout it, A thinks B is his fren... u think third parties are fun, wait till u see a whole section of such thing or even platoon. this whole thing is super weird and awkward.

scenario 2. i do not really like B, but dun dislike B either. i see A who do not like B, just totally hints sarcasm all over B, and B has no clue bout it. in fact takes the sarcasm as well wishes instead. so keep watching or say something?

gah then of course there is the usual whole grp of SCB's around, wayang(act) like mad just for best trainee... urgh. life sure gets complicated with so many types of ppl arnd. u cant even tell who is actually ur real fren at times lol.

"Come on Get Higher"

nice song. srly. not a joke this time haha

relaxing car ad. nice background music too (:

i know u will like it.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

without knowing it, half a yr has almost past. 6 months into ns, 8 months out of school...

changed a way of life, lost contact with a few ppl here and dere, maintained with a couple, gain and lose loads almost every couple of months ...

months. week. days. passing by. just as people fade and appear. we all just need to make a lil effort to keep that contact. but whats holding us back?

excuses like work, ns, studies... whatever. well at least only melvin has gone to the extent of dreaming bout everyone in such a weird manner haha. def need to meet again i agree. life here is too monotonous haha. too much time to reflect haha

Saturday, June 20, 2009


sadly her new album aint really nice other than for the hit song 花蝴蝶 which was only ok... sian


ecp run tdy. 18km in 1h46min!
my leg is dying and yet its still not fast enough... need to reach 1h30 for 21km?!?!?!
anw need new shoes and running stuff, mine is so gone haha

in 2 more months time we shall see how (:
best of all is that it falls on the weekend before my bdae/pop week. lets make it a good AHM.

after that went for a swim at bishan with jj, and later met stanley for lunch at astons. so now im really shagged... run swim window shopping on one day is def a no go nxt time haha.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

omg anymore of teddy bear's lessons im gonna die of laughter...

whole day kb ppl, if not say super lame/random stuff's... can fight with yy liao. except its funny lol, not cold haha. pumpkin, cheese bun, lunch box, famous w/o the amos, pulau briyani, tom hanks castaway... way too many haha but basically internal jokes. not to mention acronyms.. SIB, SCB, IBM, BSB lol these are the more common ones... still got too many. i tink im gonna get wrinkles from all that laughing for the whole week hahahaha

9 more weeks to go haha (: cya
u will never believe what a group of 10 ns guys wld watch on their nites out

ok a hint... it starts with 'H' and is made up of 2 words.

if u haven guessed it by now... its


LOL err well coz some ppl watched girlfriends past while no one wanna watch land of the lost. so that leaves us with... hannah montanna. yes, its a chick flick. but well a grp of 10 ns guys watching it is indeed an exp that u dun get often hahaha

oh yea and ntu accepted my accountancy appeal so there i go (: off to boonlay in 2 yrs time

Saturday, June 13, 2009

the week

the past week was not bad in terms of lessons, though the mid week fever dampened the mood slightly... urgh highest temp at 38.1 degrees and yet i cant get att c coz p226 is a req to pass the course. was the first time in 6 mths i had to see the MO... of all places in mpts where the course is the slackest lol. anw at least p226 was super fun to shoot haha, its pretty cool to be using something seen so often in the movies haha. budden agn its always after such weapons handling that makes u feel movies are purely rubbish lol. they exaggerate things way too much, not just the range and "unlimited" rounds part, but also the weight recoil and accuracy part haha. this seens esp in "wanted".

as for the weekend so far, fri was spent with yy and zl at changi airport straight after both zl and i booked out. made use of the 16dollar voucher at waraku so the individual meal was much cheaper than usual haha. after that we were still unsatified so we went for icecream at swenson's (:

as for today, we celebrated feng yi ma's bdae at this chinese ala carte buffet called "zhou juang" in far east square... ate till our hearts content again haha. btw i tink that was the first time i went to far east square in easily 10 yrs lol. luckily it renovated recently and was rather nice. got the "xin tian di" feeling just like in shang hai...

yep thats bout it so far. nxt time i guess

Saturday, June 6, 2009

amusingly, i heard this exact sentence twice in the same week by 2 diff ppl. 

" only single people go out in grp outings."

lol. ns guys are desperate. nothing else to be said esp since what u see ppl bring into bunk every week or what they do to photos with any hints of estrogen in it  haha. jj and mel so happened to point out that almost everyone in the gang is attached, with the newest one being mp haha. oh wells~~ life's like that...


school in ns???

the feeling of being in sch yet in camp at the same time.

8-5 lessons in the auditorium.
after that usually up to u what u wanna do... ie sleep, gym, study.
(lol i've been quite a pig this week having a record of sleeping at 8pm on wed and on most other days max 930pm. )

so thats school part. in camp part is just simply not being able to go home everyday and whatever regimentation they have. GAH CANT THEY MAKE IT AN 8-5 COURSE!!! lol.