Sunday, October 25, 2009

the weather...

is a bitch... make up ur mind. either u remain nice and sunny or u just pour all the way. dun have this half fucked mind of oh lets rain, then change ur mind and say nvm lets bake the ppl on Earth. hot, cold, hot, cold, humid, whatever... all it does is breed the flu bug and piss ppl off zzz


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Flash Mob at Raffles Place 23.10.09

omg i so dun believe its happening in SG! hahaha things like this def brighten up the days of the busy working people in the area (: haha and i wld say its well done and brave :D

Friday, October 23, 2009

i srsly have nothing much to blog bout these days other than army stuff... man im in camp like a good 75% of my life with the rest of it is spent sleeping or loafing arnd somewhere.

recently someone showed me a video bout guys having a brain made of many different separate compartments that work individually and cant mix while girls brains are made like a wired sponge where each and everything connects to everything else which also includes emotions... anw the guy giving the talk also mentioned bout the nothing box which guys have and girls will never understand. its just a space in our mind that has absolutely nothing, explaining the fact that we can stare into space doing absolutely not thinking of anything aka stoning... hahaha. well that explains a fair bit bout what i do in camp some days when its more relax.


stone and rot away for a while till someone bothers u with more work lol.

haiz in camp every single problem becomes ur problem. it really taught me skills that i dun tink i can learn elsewhere. its not the hard skills but the soft skills. the people management skills. MSG henry and a few of the nicer BOSs taught me a whole load of stuff bout everything all through their past experiences. and i guess it helps in the working world next tym... srsly. at least im glad i find something good out of this entire ns life. but then agn its prolly coz of my vocation which entitles me to do admin work rather than typical warfare trng...

damn it, scold the RPs... then they start crying or scolding u behind their back. treat them nice, they may climb over ur head... fucked up sometimes.

ok that aside, dad just got a new car. nissan something cant rmb the name lol. haha seems just in time for my driving lessons which start on tues :) just kidding. woo excited! haha i pray i can get the whole course/driving test done before xmas... pretty pleaseeee :D

then there is the upcoming new balance real run and the SCM 42.195km run in dec and nov respectively. i tink im dead. haven been srsly training the whole while ive been in this camp. last time i can still say its a breeze. now i tink its a life threatening hazard lol.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

been surfing the net just now checking out the lonely planets website (click here).

yea, u can say this is a follow up for my last post. but well, it doesnt harm to check it out. haha one other idea popped up as i was browsing... overseas internship. that wld be something nice... and an experience of a lifetime. imagine going overseas to study/work for a short stint and still be able to explore the place like a tourist lol. and it has another big plus point. it adds to ur working resume in the future. okok admittedly when i first thought bout it, i din tink of the resume part... but well it came eventually.

BUT... (YES, SADLY I GOTTA ADD THIS BIG BUT ) its mostly only for undergrads and grads only zzz... so it means i cant do it before uni starts... sian.

shit too many ppl ORD-ing now or soon. get me thinking of the endless poss i can do if i wont in the army now :D

haha nvm. we alr have a ORD trip awaiting nxt yr or the yr after where sx and wy will be my tour guide round china since they both are from there haha! comon 1 year 1 month to go!!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

if i had the cash now...

i wld ...

get a car? (yea rite not for another 5-6 years later haha)
get a macbook? (to replace my current relic of a laptop)

go on a long vacation round the world? (after ORD! inspired by my mum's cousin hehe)


china - promised to go there tgt with wy and sx after ord haha they be my tour guide (:


angkor wat


when i heard this, i almost fell out of my seat. all thanks to aaron for posting it on FB lol. wtf... MJC imba...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Kiss [Because I'm A Girl]

beautifully touching video. dun cry over it

control time and not be controlled by it.

Friday, October 2, 2009

9 months in the army

its been bout a month in sembawang camp alr. and say 9 months in army?

i tink i finally understand how they say army can change a person. in a way im quite glad that im in sembawang camp. yes i know ive been complaining bout all the problems it has and the crappy rsm. but... on the other hand this short month taught me a lot. i learnt a lot from all the different duty BOS, and duty personnel about the army, the camp, leadership and dealing with people. this is especially from the BOS, as they are all regulars who have seen the world longer than u, and handled diff sort of people and situations and coz they treat u as equals, its much easier for me to talk to them and hear bout their diff exp. i learnt to do things independently and think maturely in some sense i guess. but the best thing bout the camp is that at least most people i work with are SUPER NICE. haha at least it makes the place bearable. work is less painful yea... although a lot but there are a couple of ppl u can talk to and laugh tgt (:

its just like working life just that we have no motivation for promotion and pay rise...

Thursday, October 1, 2009


gee... im tired and now totally confused.

one side a very good student, on the other side is well simply put it... cash.

so what happened was that the agency told the parent that 04x 1.5h =$100, or 08x 1.5h= $200.what i was told is $200 for 04 x 1.5h. so what happened to the other $100? fuck. the agency even sent me an sms to tell me that its $200 a month for 1.5h each. so who am i suppose to believe? now on the other side the parent showed me a receipt issued by the agency saying her story is true. fuck. i wanna teach that guy coz of his good attitude towards learning and he's nice to talk to. BUT. now with this situation i dunno what to do. what if she says my price is too steep, so let him go or shld i carry on? money or the heart. life sucks.

im a victim of the case where the heart is willing but the mind is not.

the other occasion where this happen but im on the other side of the story is... in camp.
csm whole day give off to all his men at s4 and hq branch like free liddat. then when it comes to his MPs (aka me and shaun) well all i can say is that the heart is willing but the mind is not. he damn stingy when it comes to us coz all our offs must apparently seek approval from rsm (equals impossible) dun understand why its even so. he's the guardrm ic leh.... so now the only source of off is by doing duty which is like wtf sia

sian. GG. someone. any advice?