Saturday, February 28, 2009

lol the past week had been utterly hilarious. haha the sgts are all getting damn funny or if nt slack and well in bunk we are all goofing arnd doing nthg for most of the week or start gossiping bout each other or if nt then talking bout each others' gf and classmates etc lol. all we had was some bcct assault course, live grenade throw and the fucked up 16km route march just now. the rest of the days were spent slacking in bunk haha. 

the route march was utterly fucked up in most aspects. one of which was the end result meant blisters and abrasions all over at places u wun wanna know. the other aspect was the part where the pace of march was so freaking fast compared to hawk coy (gabriel's coy) and then to come back and see hawk coy getting to bathe first and relax before dinner nt like us who were in the drenched uniform miserably eating or doing shit. in fact we marched and extra 2 hard court rounds more than them just coz the OC felt that we weren't shagged enough... another reason is that a mission nv always ends at the checkpoint. Charlie. Mike. [(CM) continue mission]. (a claim which was totally nt true at all. PS: i srly think the reason was more coz he wants us to go in front of hawk coy and show them we are stronger lol). the only thing i felt allowed all of us to complete the whole thing tgt, was team spirit and the close bonds forged... there were bout 4-5 of us having fever so we helped each other lug their field pack or if nt support them on our shoulders. yeah so even though we were all shagged, such scenes and encouragement allowed us to pull through it tgt (:

all in all it was a really relaxed week if nt for that last ending  killer before book out haha. goodnite all time to recuperate frm that 16km march and prepare for a day of fun tmr (:


Sunday, February 22, 2009

yet another weekend

ytd was the 0728 'class' bbq in which at most 10 plus ppl came. it was at  mr nkt's hse at grande vista (:
as im really lazy to continue blogging bout it, i decide to leave u guys to read gabriel's blog/fb haha.
meanwhile tdy i went to run 2.4 and swim with jj and mel. aft that went to play pool. all done at tpy. yeh. both activities were all chui. nt up to standard at all...

somehow all rather my body feels numb in relation to time and everything that's happening around. ns, brief civilian weekend life. the impending A level results which is prolly in 10 days time or so. the prospect of going to ocs/sispec aft bmt. 
argh i just wanna sleep all day and wake up to find that everything was just a dream lol. for one thing it sure feels like one. things seem to happen so long ago and u feel like u are watching a tv show of ur own life playing in fast forward when u try to recall. doing things for the sake of doing it does nt show any sense of purpose. in fact to a certain extent some things feel more of escapism ie. doing things to escape reality.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

just wrote a whole load of crap but decided it was too whiny so i decided to delete away haha. well came back last nite and going in tonite 1955. the past week was ok i guess with SITEST, IMT and IPPT. which were all nt bad other than ippt where i din get gold coz of sbj... crapz haha. 

the weather lately have been blazing at tekong on some days while rare occasional thunderstorms poured down on other days. hence with such irratic weather i caught a cold -.-" so now im coughing with a block nose... and it aint just me. 1/3 of the bunk are sick alr and everyone is feeling unwell or nt in peak form. at least im glad that mine is considered mild alr :) so no worries.

i need to take a breather into civilisation man... going t town to walk arnd awhile later yah cya :)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

well im bout 2h 40 min away from going back to that pathetic island for another long week again. 
budden life's been great so far i guess in terms of both army and civilian. just pray i dun mess up the SITEST.

oh and to all those ppl out there happy valentine's day in advance haha. since the army locked us all up in camp for the weekend, sat's valentine's day will b quite gay in the company where the only people u get to see on valentine is ur buddy and platoon mates nt ur gf or whatever nt. this point was emphasized clearly by our PC just to make us feel like crap haha worse still for those who are attached. now i know realised why fri is a bad day too. Fri the 13th lol. no wonder we are so suai to get stuck over the weekend. hahaha. (shit im resorting to cheering myself up. man thats pathetic zzz)

yep breeze through this week and i wld have more or less cleared everything needed for the whole bmt with live range being the last hurdle with the 24km route march. then POP le! 1 more month to go. 

Saturday, February 7, 2009

went out for lunch wif wk, alex, jon, shel and nick today.
was at cafe cartel at ps. had hawaiian pork chop ;p good to taste decent food again. combat rations though are ok, but they dun give the same feeling as a normal meal. yep, so spent most of the day sitting around chatting. and ioh yah we also went to mac to try the new cadbury choc mcflurry lol. NICE haha. i always like anything with choc so this pretty much hit the spot.

ooo and i finally gt a replacement for my long lost nano... with a ipod touch! haha

lol i like touch screen  and i decide to get the 32gb one as knowing myself with the habit of getting music albums at a time anything lesser seems to fill up rather fast :)

well that wraps up my day cya (:

Friday, February 6, 2009



hui rong for ur cute lil cny mandarin orange shaped card :)
really thank u for all the effort put in haha and i realised its still cny period :) though ive been out of touch with the world for the past 10 days  
so happy cny again!

PS: din wanna put it with the prev post as it seems very out of place with all the army talk lol
aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh im back again for another short weekend to be stuck in dere for another weekend till prolly the following mon or tues on the 17th or so. the schedule been a real bitch lately wif my company having to be confined for 4 out 8 of the bmt weekends... the coming one will b the last of such with SITEST, IPPT and IMT as the main highlights.

well field camp was considered rather fun packed with experiences and incidents i wld rmb. it also showed me the true colors of some fucked up ppl in my platoon/section. also did something i wld nv do again in my life.... cover the latrine area at the end of camp... that was the most gross and disgusting crap (literally) i have ever done in my life. urgh...

puting that aside i also saw wildboars and monkeys hanging around the shellscrape area where we were on stand2. damn funny coz they all seem attracted to arnold who was like just 2-3m away frm me, then this wildboar crept up to him while he was asleep and then gave him a shock when it snorted and aroused him lol. luckily that one was the smaller one. earlier that day we saw one the size of a study table... then ltr that night monkeys also visited him on the tree above his shellscrape haha. 

yep one good thing bout the camp was that the commanders were rather lenient on us so we din really suffered that badly, and the platoon bonded well :)

oh yah almost forgotten to mention luv the urban ops and jungle ops battleground. quite cool. jungles ops was not as nice coz of the constant need to prone and leopard crawl... yeh UO was the best. like swat teams seen in movie liddat haha.

as for all the fucked up ppl i grew to detest over the 10 days, i decide nt to mention it here as it will spoil my rather happy mood today. time to enjoy the weekend again cya :)