Saturday, May 8, 2010

finally there is a glimmer of light at the end of a stormy week...

so the week has been tremendously horrible.

wasnt able to run due to sunday's duty, then tues COA visit, wed workplan seminar, thurs mega bad news day and fri totally moody day.

ok fine that doesnt look much like bad news to most ppl. but to me it was rather messed up. nt running was just one of the minor bad symptoms of the week, showing how busy/ depressing it was in camp this past week.

main highlight:

reason: my men often come late to work.
why even im involved? ans: ??? how the hell would i know?
dude im left with exactly 6 months minus one day and u want me to stay in?? for something i din do wrong? dun waste my tym... fine fine, it aint really tt bad considering we got nites out everyday when it really takes effect, however, if given a choice i rather not. it doesnt really save much money anw.

result of this news:
mass colateral damage and more reasons why i dislike (hate seems to harsh) that person ever so much more. yea yea he does his work and stuff... im nt complaining bout tt, but i hate it when ppl talk without thinking of the long term consequences involved and lacking utter respect to the person he is talking to. srsly... if my nxt 6 months is hell coz of him, im def gonna heck care my work and just let him take it. FML.

wells at least ytd and tdy was way loads better than having to see/give ppl (lian se) everyday at work.

witnessed a wedding proposal last nite at timbre substation. hahaha so romantic :D
was the first time i saw it live lol. and was quite cool. basically the guy had it all planned out a month ago with the live band performing last nite. he made it seemed like he was sabo-ed by his frens to go on stage with his gf (who was rather cute :P) to sing a love song written by the guy himself. yep so after the song, the guy proposed on stage in front of his gf (who was on stage with him) and the entire audience... aww how sweet...

yep then tdy went to watch ip man 2 at cathay with some of the db guys. the show was a whole lot better than iron man 2. iron man had way too much convo and cheesy jokes and was saved only scarlett johansen. was so long where we gathered and chat bout old times and army stuff. haha ip man was totally cool. nice fight scenes lol storyline nt too bad too

oh and i decided to learn something new tt u wun believe it. i will tell u when i finally get the hang of it hahaha :x